Monday, June 19, 2006

Huhhh Hurrr.... YEAH! what isit good for?... Absolutely Nothing! Say it again now...

Natalie Does... Stevie Wonder
What fool said that Wiley & Dizzee was featuring on Logans show tonight. Shhh D*ckhead!
Had one madddd SUNDAY, which involved going to everyside of London.. Went South to Greenwich and climbed a hill i was out of BREATTHHH.. sweaty forehead and everything.
Went North to Camden Town where sarah (my bestest friend ohhh yessss) and me got shouted at by some crazy tattoo pierced woman. No lie she had piercings in her forehead & neck! so we got told to "get out the shop were closing".
Then i got a little too hyper because of downing a bottle of Orange n Peach Volvic (no not volva Are you DUMBBB) and had some mad african man on some transgender vibe with a huge hoop earring in his nose... Then got people laughing on the tube due to me thinking it was funny sticking blank stickers all over my friend saying "Hi i'm Bob" she sure is!
Then went East to Stratford, missed Food servings at Carribean flavours (I swear Flamin works there) so we just sat there where we bluetoothed " PASS THE DUTCHY on the Left hand side" to nearly everyone sitting outside.. while being entertained by some HENCH man being chased by 3 men with rolling pins!.............
Now .....

This is just Randommmm Telesales Vs Garage/Grime

So seeing as my GRIME LOOKALIKE of the month is getting more attention than Grace and her elmo head. I'm gonna start a little -BACK WHEN- feature on the blog... which will include imagery and maybe a little feature on what artists used to do before they got to be doing what their doing now..
I wont be slipping and yes it will be funny... who the hell do you think i am... Peter Pan this isnt a Mature thing.. well actually it could be... hmm let me just stick with NO COMMENT... *dont hurt me*
All this Gun and Knife crime is apparently on the rise and dont you just wonder where the influence for it is all coming from?

P.R.O.. thats Zezi So Shut Hut Yuh Mout
Watch that girl on the bottom right! Shes a blatent Spy!
The Top 3 sheeps >> whats with the 'L' shape ..
Your a straight up Loser... ill LENG YOU down with my Pritt Stick
Oh yessss Jammer... Looking Sexxxy
Logan Baby, you got a little competition there!
Big up Ashman! With his sly dropping of my name in one of his bars! and Congrats on the little baby boy! Now Ceazy must realise how painful it is for me to hear sovereign... *Ears Bleeding*
Seeing as i have an extreme hatred towards Lady Sovereign, iv been put into an institute under the Terrorism act seeing as i tried to pull down a rip down a big landmark in the country... Sovereigns dutty side ponytail... So Ashmans taking me under his wing and hes got some easy top 10 tips to like lady sovereign. Lets Hope it works otherwise ill draw for the Photoshop. (too late)

Dizzee Rascal....Are you ever going to drop Maths and English or are you waiting till England win the world Cup.. Because im sorry to burst everyones bubble but that will be 3070.


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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