Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If you want beef, go to the shops get me// if you dont like me dont chat to me// air me when you see me turn your back to me//

Much love to Logan who thinks i should get a job! i love you too sweetpea!

Radio Rip of Juelz Santana Feat Skepta - We dont give a F*ck remix
For all those who think they know WHEN matey.. YES YOU!... YOU KNOW NOTHING!

Poomplex is officially out today although Hyper hasnt got a copy because she has bills to pay so my little thoughts about it will have to come later.. knowing my luck... in a year!

While im here id like to just state that i never have to my recollection called Crazy Titch a rapist! i was refering to people who put up FREE imagery on their myspace etc... not just Titch, but other artists who are in prison! allow spending all my time wasting away putting FREE blah blah when they deserve to be in there.

*touches round glittery ball*
"i see .. i see... a man, a man with a mic.. being released on .. on ... friday... he .. lovesssssssssss it"

EXCLUSIVE : Danny Walker on Live Tv!
(second guy with stripy top)

That bum action is BACK AGAIN! (Watch Logan in the pink shirt going for it)

About he'll bring out a nine milli Lego brick stupid child

The only testing that little boy knows about his S.A.T's when your like 7!

I saw the most beautiful tracksuit jacket hoodie thingy bob at the weekend i need it i want it! i may sell my liver (which would make me go yellow) hmm the shade might go well with this sexy adidas jacket! and if i see anyone else with it on i will ... jack you! i may be skinny but i know kung fo... well i dont ive only like listened to the song 'EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FO FIGHTING' like twice but yeah im lethal. Without the B, and minus the excessive screaming & basic flow.


  1. I've had enough now!!! It was jokes at the start. Get on over to Myspace I've just posted your addy via a bulletin as revenge.

  2. or am I joking that I'm joking???

  3. hmmm... i gotta say... you shake that bumpa ohhh soo good

  4. LMFAO....hahahah thats a joke that little ginger kid "mc'ing" about 9 millys live on my estate.....it's a small world boy.. I might have to get him up on one my sets (joking).........


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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