Thursday, June 15, 2006

im H.A.Y cause when i got P's im HAPPY// These Mc's are happy with a G// But i'm gonna keep billing up P's//

So the weathers all tropical but what about the Boy Better Know exotic movement? well i got on to Jme, and he tells me apparently the Tropical Mixtape is in the process now, about to be vocalled! but how and who would you choose to vocal such a calming relaxing dance vibing sound? well apparently this could be a joke or not but maybe a miss Adenuga might be adding to the sound.. who knows , but make sure you check here for further info.. and to hear more.. check out ... TROPICAL MYSPACE

Is Chantelle Fiddy dead or something?... hmm she could be plotting against me thats why her blogs so quiet.. hmm...

Girl better know

No wonder Jme aint got on to making them Girl Better Know T-shirts these girls dont do us any good do they...

So there i was last night sleeping! and what happens hyper's GRIME DREAMS are doing it again, yeah its hypers grime dreams n their doing it again. Well Jme and skepta showed their shower selfs! Skepta was going on raw like usual and giving me more air than Slicks new brand of Grimey Asthma pumps. Jme was outside of my house chating to me about how big Poomplex is doing, and i was trying to convince him to get these Girl Better Know tshirts done.. like cuddling him... corressing his manly breasts.. kind of convincing .. he was loving it! but yeah .. i suggested that maybe if he made up like 2 or 3 tshirts and put them on ebay and see how they rockit like Nasa. Then my nan came round my house and gave Wiley a race on her OAP scooter while my dad told skepta to get on his skates literally, cause his hat was fluffing everywhere!

Theres a few people that cant wait for carnival! But for me personally this is why i cant wait:

Danny has the rhythm of a Whining alley

Watch Danny doing the classic DAN DAN moves

"Badman from day.. Bringing ballet to the street, ya c me bredrin" Sure Danny.. sure

Have i lost my touch Danny?

Today i am mostly Hyper about:

It was only the other day the i got to see Kidulthood i know, i know im slow! but it was off the cinema QUICCCK! so i had to wait for the stupid dvd! it was ok uno! but i swear when that girl was getting beats at the beginning that was ahhh that was just... HARSH!
Also when that random ------ girl was doing her rounds! lol ITS BAITLY BELIEVABLE ,we all know girls like that! DUTTYNESS!!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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