Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just blaze your zoot// Or pretend your on the phone if you need to// Can't jack me// Can't rob me//Cant' Screw i think im a badgirl just like you //

These two are running things Differently

So now, Poomplex is out.. Boy better know tshirts are out! so for all those who arent able to get down to their local record shops let me hook you up with the ebay auctions:


Boy Better Know Tshirts in Uptown Records

Theres going to be much more stuff up on ebay from Jme so come back for more info on that!

Thanks to all those individuals who helped me out with the Toney the Tshirt Jeweler Competition : Thanks to...

Queen Passion
Lily the side ways lady
Terra K-I-D
Shantel loves it
Mike from
Natalie Ferrol (who didnt do anything but shes great sameways)
Denise the biggest badgirlWoman

-& if i missed you out its because you asked too many bloody damn questions or you just done it without me knowing!Thanks you x

IRIE (who without her rudeness/violence & threats i wud never be talking) Love ya x

Scorchers out tomorow! i wonder if he dropped the soap... hmm we'll have to see! if he walks with a constipated look on his face... we'll know!

I've got some serious funny things happening soon just for my blog! Reviews & Interviews! and ive only told a selective number of people! Seeing as theres some SLY people out there who think they know & can copy my wavelength! Suck a Jamaican Pattie!
I've also been working with, Who are more fabulous than a 99 ice cream with a flake & chocolate sauce! So keep locked to that site they got some sick (aids sick) interviews/reviews/events on there

My blogs Got nearly (well quite far) to 10,000 views so when i do hit 10,000 hits i'll set up a sexy little competition! so hopefully that will get you all eager to spread my link about to all your buddies & random crazy net people. i do also like a bit of feedback about everything that im doing!

I was talking to knucklez earlier and he mentioned that him and the whole of neckle camp will be performing tomorow in Berlin,Germany so if we have any international Grime lovers make your way there! Our conversation then moved to eating! listen to a little clip here

We all get a little too Hyper sometimes! (watch how scared maximum looks, like hes an old granny about to get mugged *draw for the handbag*)

These are SEXYYY

I have this thing, like alot of blogger's do where you can see who refered you to the site. A couple people found my site by typing 'WHAT DOES POOMPLEX MEAN?' hmm so i thought if thats what you people want.. ill get the main man Jme him self to give him the definitions for you...

Waisman Derrrrkhead
Oh my Diddy
Oh my flippin.. oh .. blood.. nahhh.. shiiit
Shut yuh mout
Boy Better Know
Everybody knows
Das what i said, Das what i thought



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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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