Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sometimes i feel like saying "Lord i just dont care" But you got the love that i need to see me through...

HOLD TIGHT FRISCO (what am i lieing for iv never said "Hold tight" in my life, but puts on a rudegirl attitude to cover the hesitant voice) who im hooking up a little Painting of his beautiful face!

So after a hectic week of witnessing two friends throw glass bottles at eachother (True stories)
it was terrible! i actually NEARLY got beer on my top from the bottle! i KNOWWW! what a cheek! o yeah i think the guy who got hit was ok .. i think

I have to say a bigggg thank you to WWW.HECTIC.TV who are big in the game like Tempa T's high top! Hectic Tvs like music tv on your computer... SICK IDEA! We all know how waste Channel U is getting these days.

Safe also to all those individuals giving me AIR on a regular..


Big up Ears for showing me his little Dingle.. (in the circle)

Watch how he looks bare proud of his 'short comings'

Oh yeah also watch out for the Neckle Camp mixtape

Which i hear that Knucklez has already gone Solo.. ( apparently, Big up my secret source.. Knucklez msn name)

Another thing.. RYDER... please..... oh please... give it a break with the bulletins.. This boy would put a bulletin up if he dropped his lipstick on the floor.. and talking of lipstick.. whats with all the girly I LOVE MYSELF pictures.. Ryder you couldnt slew a wasteman if you looked in the mirror.

AHHH riko u shouldnt have.. hes holding me a party on my birthday! (29th is actually my birthday, logan you gonna take me to this?)

This looks Heavy like weights..

Out on MONDAY... and most record shops like Rhythm Division

Big up.... Cookie,Knucklez Logan n too many other people that think im Male!

and lastly Hattie collins.. for repping the TATTY trousers


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  2. Riko's B day bash?

    hmmmmm. I might attend. I dont think I've seen any one being shanked for a few weeks, so it should be fun.

    Hypes, i told u that u cant send for grime mcs. didnt chantelle 'stack chips' fiddy warn u about that? They'll come to your yard, drag u off ur lap top and dash ur sexy little body in the thames!

    that would disrupt our wedding plans!

  3. Oi this is off topic yeh, bt hw du u mke ure blog heading a pic could u send me tha html code
    heres tha pic i wunna mke my heading
    Any1 if u cud set me tha html mad propz on that

  4. Aahh another Leo I see...

    My birthday is on tha 29th
    aswell but be sure I will
    not be celebrating Riko's
    brithday...or your's come to
    think of it Hyper loolz...

    Get your own freggin' birthdays
    nd stop teefin' myn...{",}


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