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Interview with Mr Slash

Hyperfrank meets Mr Slash

While this young Mr isn't stuffing his face with fried chicken, being in the hood like the back of your neck and pushing his records on every damn illegal and legal radio station known to man. He finds time to twiddle his nobs, press down them keys and bash them buttons silly. In a style that is similar to an Orchastra hooded up high on E's, an elegant flow but still has a bass that wouldnt let anybody take them for a shitzu.

Mr Slash, is by far one of the biggest up and coming producers in the grime scene, he's about to 'Make his mark' on the album shelfs and is also about to drop several EP's before we can say OH MY SLASHY! With his Kidset Anthem supplying the vocals of Darkboi, Vortex, Tempa T, Flirta D, Terminator, Scorcher, Fuda Guy, Rapid, Mega Montana & Desperado. Mr Slash is certainly showing off his skills and bringing the new talent through. I hooked up with Mr slashy to ask the real questions we all want to know! "Where oh where are the best chicken shops in london?" and "Are his skills so fabulous that his beats could make any weak mc a toppa top showerman?" oh and the usual.. what you been up to, how did you start out baloney.

What area and crew are you representing?
Erm, My area situation is long, I live in Peckham/Dulwich with my Mum, and then Brockley with my Dad, but I'm moving to Ilford for a month this week so I can put my head down and get some hard graft done. But the ONLY people I'm representing is In Da Hood, Boys/Kids, Crazy Titch etc...

How did you get into Producing?
But I got into producing about 3 years ago, I've always had music around me from my Dad, He had a turntable and loads of old school rap records, and 80's music, so from when I was little I used to sit in the room with it messing about with the tunes, playing them and spinning them backwards and that, and then he had keyboards, so I was always mucking about on them playing off key melodies and that, but then when I was abit older he bought me decks for a birthday or christmas with my mum, and I started mixing on some belt drives, then I realised I was spending too much money on records, and I got bored of mixing other peoples music and wanted to make my own, so I sold the decks and then I got bought a PC. Started off with Cubase cos it came with the Keyboard I bought, but that baffled me so I didn't make even 1 tune on it, then I downloaded fruity loops and realised that it was me. I started making bootlegs first. I've been on Fruityloops for about 3 years, however the 1st year of that was spent making bootlegs. Making bootlegs/remaking tunes is a good way to learn how to use a software, It's how I learnt anyway, but after I had learnt abit more about fruityloops I decided to start making my own music. Started off being swag, and then I just upped the levels some how.

What projects have you been working on lately?
I've been mainly working on my EP's, I've got like 5 or so ready to drop. Apart from that I've been putting in the work on my Production Album "Make My Mark," But the thing with that is, I'm looking to make it good, so It's not going to be available until Jan 07, cos really I haven't got a big enough fan base to be able to easily sell 1000 copies, and I want to do alot more than 1000. People in grime don't use their head, they don't realise that you can't just make a mixtape and expect it to sell. I've got hype and that building around my name, but I haven't got a fan base, selling 500 vinyls and doing 3000 units of a mixtape are totally different and people don't understand that. Aside from that I've been working on the Kids In The Hood "Hood Tape" which is basically like an Album. Aswel as working with other people on their Mixtapes, I've got about 10 tunes on Devlins mixtape. and I've been working with others such as Ghetto, Scorcher, Faction G, Frisco, B-Live, NY, Syer Bars and alot more, but I don't like giving away too much.

Who and what is holding back the grime scene?
A lack of business minded people, and people that use their heads properly. I've spoke to alot of people about this, The main thing that annoys me about grime, is that people make tunes for no reason, that will probably never come out, and if they do it wont be any time soon, and they expect DJ's to play them. People don't understand that DJ's playing your tunes isn't just air play, it's advertising and marketing of your product, so why waste time in advertising a tune that's never going to come out. If you're making music to show your "bredrens" that Logan or Cameo was playing your tune, Give Up, and learn a trade. People may say I'm tight by not giving DJ's tunes, but I don't give DJ's my tunes until they're on an EP or Mixtape that needs promoting. There is no need to promote a tune that's not going to be available to the buyers of your music. Also "Exclusiveness" is a load of bollocks. Giving a DJ a tune 2 years earlier than everyone else is only going to benefit the DJ's Ego or "exclusive collection" People get bored of tunes very easily in Grime and the shelf life of tunes is like meat. You can't leave chicken on display for 6 months, It will go off, and that's peoples attitude towards tunes in grime, If it's been in your recieved files for a month, yet is still not out in shops to put it bluntly "it's old blud" The attitude of grime musicians and fans are what's holding it back mainly, people wont support their own.

What charector in eastenders would you say you are most similar to?
Err. I don't really know, I'm a big Eastenders fan though, but Hollyoaks is most definitely the one.

I reckon I'd have to say Minty, He's one of my favourite characters. and I'm always on the chase for females and the meaning of my life, and I'm lazy and a big footy fan, so I'd have to say I'm minty, plus I asked my partner in Grime "Vortex" and his reply was;
"Me and u are like gary and minty"
So I'm definitely Minty.
Hair colour doesn't count for personality so anyone who trys to say Bradley can Shadapa their whole face.

If you werent Producing what would you be doing?
If I wasn't producing, I'd probably be playing football, I gave up Football to make music, I was a good baller. But seeing as it's hard to make it in the football game I'd probably be on the roads making money, cos I'm not really designed for the 9-5 grind.

Where and how did the name Mr slash come about? Does it have any relevance to you regular taking a slash in the street or getting shanked on a regular?
Only I really know why I have this name, Afew people have a vague idea, but no one properly knows and I'll probably never tell anyone, So I'ma just say School init, cos you always have stupid names when you're growing up, No one really knows my real name, as everyone calls me Slash, I've even had links that have known me as Slash, It's nuts.

As for the latter, fuck that, Like Scorcher says "I've had many wars on the road but I aint got a grazing.."

How would you Describe your style?
I don't really see myself as having a style really, cos you can't always tell a tune is a Slash tune, the 5 kick thing is something I got going on, aswell as the whole orchestral thing, anyone who listens to my music can tell me what my style is. Nothing seperates my music from anyone elses, apart from the people who aren't making good music, cos that's what I make.

Being an up n coming Producer, do you find you get people who beg friend you more to get on your tracks than an mc would?
Yeah, but I'm not one of them snitchy kinda guys, that's not me, so I'll leave the naming of names to them kind of people.
Anyone who does music will find you get bredding going on. Especially from females.

Are you looking to visualise any of your track to a music video?
I was going to make a video for Kidset Anthem, but where it hasn't really got a Concept and it's a sampled tune I decided to leave it. I've got a video with B-Live for a track I produced called "The Music" I don't know what's going on with that though, and I'm also looking to film afew videos off of my production album, aswel as a video for the vocal of my instrumental 1999, It's going to be Kids In The Hood follow up single to "Kidset Anthem" featuring some big names.

So your soon to drop 2 PIECE CHICKEN, CHIPS, NO DRINK the EP, Wheres your favourite Chicken shop in your area? and why no damn drink?
I eat alot of chicken, I like to try out chicken from every area I go to, I'll tell you my favourites from the 3 areas I'm in alot.

1. Dulwich - Maxin Chicken (Near The Station) - Their Chicken Burgers are the ones.

2. Brockley - Morleys (Near Hilly Fields) - Can't go wrong with a Morleys in South.

3. Ilford - Dixy (Gants Hill) - £2.20 - Chicken Fillet Burger, Chips & Juice, That's what's good.

And the no drink thing, come from being in South, It's the only area where I've seen people order meals with no drink, Must be cos we're all broke. Me myself I always get a drink, but I'm a funny person init, and As a producer I can't exactly write funny bars to amuse my listeners, so I thought I'd start letting my personality come out in EP titles. This one was made up at about 5am with Plastician, MSN Banter.

In your opinion what is a MUST when producing a grime track (for all the virgin producers who are just starting out -what does a basic track need) ?
A vibe, Grime is Dance music I suppose. Cos it can come in Instrumental or Vocal form, and is made for playing out in clubs, so It's dance music in my eyes. So if you're making music for people to dance/get hype to, you need a vibe. Don't sit down and make a tune if you're not in a vibe and sitting all straight. Loosen up, get an idea and do some little skanks in your chair. You gotta feel the music you're making, if you're not moving when your making the tune, I doubt you feel it, so why should others?

You're also on the Tshirt Venture like other 'serious' Grime artists... Where did the design ideas come about and what do you think the new different business ideas are doing to grime?
I wouldn't call it a venture for me, I'm a producer, I make music not clothes, I'd just rather wear my clothes than someone elses. The designs come from music I listen to and things I live in. but all these ventures can only be good, there's not alot of money going around in grime, anything that's bringing in money that can be re-invested in the money is a good look.

If you had the choice of ANY 5 mc's to drop bars on one of your beats who would they be?
1. Wiley
2. Prez T
3. R.A
4. Skepta
5. Hyper

That's off the top of my head/the people I haven't worked with or planned to work with.

How do you go about promoting yourself? and getting artists to drop on your beats?
I dunno, I'm a natural networker and I've known people from before I was known, like Purple and L-Man and I'm making new connects everyday. I'm lucky enough to have contact to most people I want to work with. I just let my music talk when it comes to promotion.

What do you say to those people who say Ginger people shouldnt produce?
*laughs* I would have anything to say to them, I'd just laugh.

Do you think one of your beats can make any wack mc decent?
Nah man, my musics powerful, but not that powerful, if anything a good beat makes a shit mc sound worse. In my opinion anyway, plus I don't work with rubbish mc's. has become so popular with Grime artists, why do you think that is?
Cos it's so easy to draw chicks off of it.
It's like a gloryfied face-pic with a music player and html.

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