Monday, October 16, 2006

The Movement took over Dirty 'Sweaty' Canvas

Grime and Good vibes arent usually words you would see together, but when Dirty Canvas is involved then you're set to have one hell of a night.

Dirty Canvas, is a monthly Grime night which always has the hotest names on their line up.
This month saw The Movement, Logan Sama, L. Man, Kode9, Magic and Zezi taking their skills to the front. They received a room full of skanking, head bopping and gun fingers to say the least. Grime virgins won't find it too hardcore so the vision of Grime raves being attended by crazy children high on crack flying their arms about on some mad skankin vibe will sadly be demolished. Everyone is extremely welcoming and the ICA is a decent venue to introduce you to the new sounds of the scene. On the other hand if you're a true grime head, what could be more inviting than alcohol and up to date artists spitting uncensored bars!? Please note anyone whos afraid of fast moving smelly objects should refrain from approaching the front, its the equilavent to an indie moshpit.

What i thought:
It was a fan'f*cking'tastic night, i met chantelle fiddy yeah shes got a new look. Dyed her hair red and its obvious whos been eating all the pies. She greeted me at the front, but started searching my bag, touching me up like rubbing her hands all over me telling me to "put your arms out girl" i thought i was getting jacked! well i wont lie i enjoyed it. When i got there LATE i just saw L dot man walking out the long white hall, then i was told that none of The Movement were going to turn up. i was literally ready to go home....

DSCF0190 (Large)

They were Wrong!!!

Alot of the front crowd were getting pushed from all the skanking and literally falling on top of the decks, Logan even stopped the set, crossed his arms and said step back or im not carrying on. It took me back to them school days... all that was missing was the cane (Ohh yesss logan bringggg that cane, Bend me over oh yeahhh)

I Dance like a pigeon whos spotted a chip! *Bops head and swings arms*

DSCF0199 (Large)

While Logan was chating me up dropping all the lines (hes smooth)
Ghetto took to the Deckles and was dropping the next beat in like a P.R.O!

DSCF0185 (Large)

Scorcher drawed for the Wiley Slewing bars but received a mixed response...
everyone kinda went a bit silent like OHHHHHH NOOO HE DIDNT!

DSCF0215 (Large)

Ghetto tried to Dutty wine up against one of the turntables, He got bwoied, the Technics werent having none of it i heard them say "What do you think i am some kinda cheap easy decks from Argos, NAH BLUD"

DSCF0172 (Large)

Big up Dva and this next random chick who kept beggin to be my friend! for the last time
stop trying to hold my hand i dont KNOW YOU! (Shes a big girl really) she knows Pat Butcher there tight like this *Crosses fingers*

DSCF0162 (Large)

What kinda night would it be with out KESH, and her multi-coloured bumbag!

DSCF0210 (Large)
"Its Wretch Yeah and im gonna flow like Wretch Yeah!!"

DSCF0200 (Large)

I asked Ghetto did he use colgate?
Response "Coure i do star" *I take picture*
Noddy is that YOU!!!!!............ ooh sorry nah its Wretch

DSCF0197 (Large)

Too be honest i think lightning was given the mic too much. I would of prefered to of heard more of the main three because he kept spitting the same bars about ears. Even Scorcher looks like hes fed up of him grabing up the mic.

DSCF0180 (Large)

This guy with the white glasses is some kind of LEGEND! he skanks like crazy... a true professional. If this is you please send me a message on myspace i think im in love.

DSCF0187 (Large)

If you are thinking of going don't , DON'T wear to many layers inside and take some body spray i stupidly forgot mine and its not a big look when you're puting up your arms and that.

Oh yeah i have a copy of Guns & Roses Vol.2 to give away and also a copy of Voice of Grime Vol.1 and ill run some questions on my next posts so all you cheap people can get hold of it. Keep a watch out...





  2. I saw u there skankin sweet cheeks!

    Hyper, ur batty looked kinda firm still.

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Big pics... Hyper is your batty really firm? I can imagine it's as firm as peach...

    Three years after the use by date!!!


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