Sunday, October 29, 2006

You're Simply the best.....

I got hold of Guns and Roses Vol.2 and Slix Vol.1 the other day, and to say the least some
of the tracks really touched me. 'Parenthood' (Slix Vol.1) is a track which focuses on Slix thanking his parents who have helped him throughout his life and supported him during
his hard times (Guns, drugs, girls). It made me reflect back to when i was a bit younger
and how i regularly took my parents for granted. Maybe not as bad as others but i still stayed
out all night, done drugs, hassled them for every penny they had. Despite this, my parents
still provided for me, looked after me and loved me even with my flaws.


This friday, it will be 4 years that my mum passed away and to this day i still regret what a little b*tch i was. Like we all do, we all don't recognize that life in its self is precious and you dont realise what you have till its gone from your reach. My mum was the most genuine, kind hearted individual i have ever come across (I know people always say that but in this
case i promise you it was true). She become severely ill due to high levels of cancer taking
over nearly every organ, day by day i saw a humourous woman turn into a weak old lady.
The last memory of my mother was of her resting unconscious in a quiet empty hospital
ward, eyes shut and peacefully dreaming. With me sitting by her side, still not realising that
this would be our last moment even though it was obvious she would never arise from her 'sleep'. It was only that day that i told her how an amazing mother she was and how ive
always longed to make her proud... I just hope she heard. It truly rips me apart inside
knowing that i can't even tell her how deeply i loved her or even call her up to let her know
what kind of day i've had.

I don't even know why im sharing this, but sometimes the only way you take notice or
realise an issue is when people just put it right infront of you. Some of you are lucky
enough to have your mother, father or even a special someone in your life supporting
you through whatever comes against you. So why ignore that fact and neglect, hurt and
punish the people that love you because as soon as its taken away from you
Believe me everything will be layed out and become so clear. People used to
tell me this same story, how they had lost someone and how they wished they hadnt took
them for granted. I just sympathized and then got on with whatever i was doing, seeing as
i had everything i needed and thought it was invinsible. We're all rapped up in our own little world and don't realise whats right infront of us. So while you're doing your daily duties,
reading my blog? watching Eastenders? eating the whole fridge? just remember tomorow
is a new day and anything could happen. Have fun while you can... Laugh, because it gives
you wrinkles and once & a while let them lovely people in your life, that make it all
worthwhile know just how thankful you are.

I love you Bobby,
I love you Mum,
I love you Dad,
I love you Nanny Nell & Ken,
I love you Grandad Patrick,
I love you Grandad & Doreen
I love you Baldy Patch (you know who you are),
I love you Laptop,
I love you Grime Scene,
I love you Pat Butcher Massive,
I love you all the people at rwd (even though i cuss you regularly),
I love you all at Dominos Pizza, (My old branch)
I love you Charlotte,
I love you all of my entire family,
I love you KESH/ZEZI's dress sense (its Fab),
I love you Patty Patrick,
I love you Adam,
I love you Shan & Aman,
I love you Lily ( i didnt forget you )

Sorry for the quick adjustment to the blog the humour will be back.... i promise.



  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Hyper i always took you for a joker, over excitable Grime Groupie with a mad bad talent for photoshop, sarcasm, an writing. That remains but I have to say that whilst reading your little piece to your mum I burst out crying. You see I too am a secret deeply sensitive, sentimental Shower gal, who loves her family, peeps and Grime. But most of all I miss my brother (he tragically took his own life) and I daily wish " I could have just one more moment wid him to tell him how much I love him an what an inspiration he was/is to
    me. I wanna tell him "drugs don't work bruv and its ok for a 6ft 2 black guy to cry, to be soft, to be intelligent, to be sensitive". I wanna tell him "yes bruv your a showerman, but firstly your just a man a human being", "your our beautiful Boy" not just "Man on Road". Yep I love my brother, I love my family, I love my little girl, I love dis at times fucking crappy Life and Mi love Grime and Bashment

    Push out ya chest piece Hyper and Slix for helping maby just a few "Hard face Shower People" get intouch wid what matters most in life, Family, Friends, Love and standardly Grime

    From one "heartbroken Showergirl" to another, its all Love at

    p.s Your Mum must be proud of you
    pps spread Love and Grime

  2. Thanks for replying.
    Groupie? i recon im in a commited relationship anyway!!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your lost. I didnt know what kind of feedback id get from writing what i wrote, im glad you did reply because it just shows that we're all human. No matter how people front, go on rude... we all love our parents or siblings & friends. We've all got a bit distracted, little things like smoking, drugs, getting rude to the wrong person, walking across the road kill us off, ...

    i think alot of people take life a bit too easy going. I mean especially in grime, people spit like they kill off/shoot people every 20seconds like its nothing. THATS SOME DIFFERENT TOPIC THOUGH!

    and all of this has made me love off my nan in some next way. MY NAN IS AMAZING! shes become like a mother to me. She knew my mum inside out even though shes my dads mum.



  3. Anonymous1:45 AM

    boi... this post was truly touchin and i cant even imagine what it took for you to write it let alone experience it.

    on the same note i want to say thank you for sharing the experience as stuff like this helps you appreciate the frivolity of life and the significance we place on things that on reflection are insignificant. (note to the javine/harvey/alesha-gate scandal)

    continuing along wit the same sentiments shared by anon, im sure ur mum is definately proud of u!


  4. Big up Hyper Frank making me burst into tears in the office in front of every1. mascara all over my face!!

    I'm glad to have met such a genuine person as thats hard to find nowadays....

    Made me think about treating my mum a bit nicer!

    You know mummy frank is proud of the moves your makin and so are we!!! bare love and see you in the dancefloor to simultaneously buss the gunfingers!!!

    Kesh xxx


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