Monday, December 04, 2006

Love Music Hate Racism - 30.11.06


Music in its simplest form, an instrument, decks and a microphone is not
exactly one of life's most powerful forces against such racist political parties
like the BNP. Although visualise a mix of the UK's most popular Grime and
Indie artists performing in a venue, lets say Fabric (London). Then envision
an enthusiastic swarm of fans, media individuals and music enthusiasts
gathered together, ready to crowd in to see their favourite acts from the vast
variety of Grime & Indie acts. Now you can begin to figure the energy,
the mixture of cultures, races, religions and the exciting proportion of talent
present at Love Music Hate Racism.

The venue itself had 3 main rooms, Room one had alot of the main acts in like
Baby Shambles, Virus Syndicate, Fire camp (Minus Lethal B) and a Grime set
with Skepta, Jammer, Nasty Crew and Gully Gang. Room two also featured
many main acts such as Heartless Crew, Faith SFX and a variety of Indie bands.
Room three was dedicated purely to Drum and Bass, which although was the
smallest room, was packed out till the end with DJ's Andy C and L double.


While the night was still developing and the crowds of people still pouring in,
packing out the mini room raves. I decided to spend a little time in the VIP
Lounge (Thanks to James aka Hooker) and bumped into Napper of all people.
I interrogated him (literally), "I've been really busy, not sure about bringing
out a mixtape but I'm definitely bringing out an album next year, bringing it
out by myself NO Label, Check out my myspace".
I forgot to ask him if he was a wasteman, because my neck and arm was hurting
too much from looking up for too long.

Heartless Crew

I bumped into my fabulous pouting skanker in the crowd.

Someone must of let some air out because i turned round
and these 2 were there.

I knew you wouldnt believe me when i told you Logan was
doing Raj's Pouting skank while Djing, now i have proof.

"I expect if I'm walking down a road behind a girl and for her to look at me
because, I'm black and I'm wearing a hoodie, and think I'm going to rob her
handbag. It's naturally inside her and she doesn't really want to be racist,
if we were in a safe house she wouldn't be scared of me..." was a snippet of
something Skepta said throughout the night which made me think about the
whole thought of racism and its links with judgement.
I got to talk to many Artists throughout the night mainly Grime mc's and most
said that the concept of the event was much supported and was a good way to
get groups of different people together. Although "I don't think they're getting
the point across, they're just putting loads of artists on stage and if it wasn't for
the name then i would of thought it was some kind of Sidewinder..." was another
point that Skepta made clear about the night. They had gathered many different
people together to share each others love for music, but Skepta's point was proved
when half of the crowds in the venue left after all the Indie bands had finished and
just before one of the sickest Grime sets began.


Although what was planned was many separate performances one after
another, Grime came differently and held its own mini Sidewinder in room
one. Packed on stage was Skepta, Jammer, Gully Gang, Doctor, L Dot Man,
C Gritz, Several Nasty Crew members including Stormin and corner packed
full of bodyguards, what looked like 50 grown men ready to pounce the second
their was a whiff of trouble. Logan Sama DJ'ed throughout the set while Grime
DJ, Cameo sat beside him while Logan dropped tracks from popular funky
house to Grime's most popular ranges of Wiley, Skepta, Jammer and
Davinche instrumentals.

Ribz, Skepta, Jammer, Stormin and C-Gritz

Apparently Gully Gang had never been on stage, I'm not
sure what gave people this idea.



Skepta proves that 'THE ROBOT' isn't just a white nerdy thing

DJ Logan & DJ 'I got booked to sit on a chair' Cameo

Nasty Crew's Stormin Drew for some unexpected slew Jammer bars

Jammer started to get a little P*ssed and reded up the room

Jam grabbed the mic (Was is it war?)



Stormin wouldn't let Jammer have the mic back and started

pushing Stormin for the mic... It didn't go down too good.
Although Security were there waiting like it was Jeremy Kyle.

Skepta settled the lovers tiff and called the bar tender to
get those 2 a drink.

Jammer wasn't having none of it and said "NO ONLY ONE!"

All was going crazily like it was a priceless night, until L dot Man appeared
with the mic and Wifey Riddim dropped and was herd throughout the rooms
blaring speakers. Like a bomb had just hit down, everyone fled the stage and
by the time L dot Man got through his 6th Bar the stage was empty.

Purple was left to pull back the crowd and the other artists with a fabulous
performance, and was working up until L dot Man managed to retrieve
the mic again and they all left like clock work for a second time.


I'm not sure what I was thinking with the whole random angles but i was
taking pictures at the same time.
Multi-tasking is alot.


  1. I can't believe you edited out my badderman mix with Gangsterz and Pulse X

    Liberty Cities

  2. I never did... I was skanking to that and then I figured damnnn I need to record this and quickly got my phone out. I was filming AND taking pictures. BIG NIGHT though logan.

  3. You got the end of Gangsterz and then the next video is the end of the mix out of Gangsterz!

    You shegged me!

    Deeper pars. Not even a feature of the foto with the Owl either.


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