Tuesday, April 25, 2006

its time to UP the levels Again!

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People are eager to get these init...? i dont know what all the hypes for! slyly msgs Jme begging him to give me one its all HYPE! taps foot

Its Wretch YEAH... Out Now

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Its actually out now! "nothing long!" as jammer would say! none of this YEAH YEAH its coming soon! when you know we'll be waiting for months till they get their act together! Its out at most decent record stores that sell grime. Rhythm division, Dark 'n' Cold or Contact Wretch Directly to Learn from his Mixtape.

Flow Dan Vs Wiley Battle of the Granddads

I caught up with Wiley Around East London to catch some recent pictures (below)

Wiley Outside some chipshop (who ate all the pies?)

Now it’s nearly a full 2years (exactly 2years tomorrow) since Wiley released his album ‘Treddin on Thin Ice’ but what the hell has he done with his time? Been late constantly, not showing up to events he’s booked for, choosing ££ over real decent events! I was listening to Logan’s show last night & It isn’t just me who thinks this. Wiley has ‘2nd phaze’ coming out 4weeks ago (apparently its out soon), and he expects us to go out and buy it when he cant even be bothered to turn up to one of the best grime shows on radio! Free exposure! He doesn’t help himself at all! No wonder after years of trying, he still isn’t going anywhere. (I’m blatantly going to buy his album)

Wiley when i tried to get him to run for a bus (thank you to whoever sent us this beautiful cartigan to keep our grandpapa wiley nice and warm)

I heard about Ms Dynamite dropping her Mix tape soon (knowing my luck its an album. Aren’t any of you confused these days…? With all these people crying over if we call it a mix tape, album. What’s the difference?) Anyway! To be honest I’ve heard a couple tracks and its not that good. I loved when she was spitting back in the day and then I got all excited when she dropped ‘a little deeper’ and it was all this weird singing/rapping. I don’t even know what she was trying to achieve but it’s just too late to be giving us what we wanted in the first place. “ A little darker bit too late”. Levels have moved on and up! And after all this controversy about her going on like a sulking baby and getting chucked out of a nightclub! It just annoyed me seeing as all she seemed to do before was preach about “No Violence, Stop the Gun Crime” and what does she do? Attack a police officer. HYPOCRITE!

Scorcher – ‘Simply The Best’ is out the first week of May (NOT 28april)

Like most people, on a boring Sunday morning I love to watch T4. But due to the increasing features and imagery of a little 2foot tall annoying brat aka Lady Sovereign, I have decreased my viewing. I have started to log the times she appears on my television & magazines/ computer screen, so that I can have more evidence towards my court case against her. (P*ssed! Know one told me that there wasn’t a law against begging little girls who suck d*ck to get their 3year old nursery rhymes signed to labels) SOON come Tony Blair.

Some random man put a nail gun to his head while he was on methadone. He had 12 nails, 2 inches long stuck inside his head. He only realised when he kept having headaches. He escaped permanent damage. Learn your lesson! Don’t get high on pills, crack or heroin! Unless the nail gun is fully put away in the toolbox!

Talk to Frank… Laugh with Hyper

Wiley inside Stratford Rex, getting searched for a badman gat or crack! (he told me to appoligise to logan for not turning up last night he was playing checkers with flowdan and his mobility mover wasnt charged up, cause he used it up on one driveby he done on lethal b. )

one more thing! was Logan trying to rub it in last night with his constant mention of his myspace and how he only adds people who have something to do with Grime! P*ssed!! ive still got hope though. i sent him an add about 4months ago. he must just be busy with his show and that. i forgive you.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Your Bredrins say "Oh Shit" when they see my tracksuit blog// Their like Jme's Hypers Nang//

Mizz Beats is heating up the bass lines and has more Mc’s ringing up her phone, begging to vocal her beats than wileys been dropped from record labels. This laid back young talent hailing from East London, has been making music from as young as 10 and has had a great influence from close family members who all love and are involved in making music. I personally first heard her productions a year or two ago unintentionally on D-double-e’s ‘Signal’. Only from actually interviewing her, Is when I discovered that she had produced it!

Mizz Beats, First name Iman, is best known for shaking up the ‘biggest midget in the game’ Lady Sovereign’s tight side pony tail in the remix of ‘Hoodie'. Which also featured showermen Skepta, Ears, Jammer, Jme and south little miss Baby Blue. She re-evented the whole track from a skatty, 'cant wait for my ipod batterys to run out', chavish council estate sounding flow. To a track that would get any human body vibing with spasms of eagerness to get their gun fingers out while simultaneously running down to JD for their newest Adidas tracksuits.

Now it’s not often that a young beauty gets through the cracks of a male dominated world of Grime. As it’s hard enough for anyone to be able to go to a Grime rave, and not leave with bruises all over your arms and face from flying elbows and gun fingers. This should be seen as a big stepping stone that young woman have the talent to get through and not be questioned about their sex, but simply if their button pressing and creativity is up to scratch. Now this isn’t an invitation for all you begging females who think they have talent! Seeing as most of you wouldn’t last a day in the shoes of one of the best producers in the Scene.

I caught up with Mizz beats, who seemed to be holding on tighter to her new exclusive projects than a crack whore with a 20pence piece.


What have projects have you been involved in lately?
You'll have to wait and see, but i'm gonna be on a few albums

What area of London are you originally from?

What do you call it? Garage? What dya call it 2step? What do call it grime? Well tell us what u call it then..?
I just call it music man

What music would you say you’re representing?
I don't represent or belong to anything but music.

How long have you been producing for?
I've been making music since i was about 10. I mean my dad is a bass player, my uncles were in a band, my grandad is a rock guitarist, so i don't think it was anything i discovered, i think music pretty much discovered and chose me. i found it more natural seeing as i was surrounded by people making music to go into the production side of music rather than others who choice to mc , sing or dj.

Do you play any instruments, mc or dj?
I play the piano & i write songs.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up, and did they have a big effect on you production wise?
well my parents r huge jazz fans so i grew up hearing alot of that and rare groove & soul..but i was always listening to hip hop from before i could talk, but when it was like 92/93 times i started gettin into the music heavily, and thats when i heard swv first and thats when R&B as we know it 2day really started..and i suppose throughout the 90's hip-hop & R&B continued to educate my ears. But i'd have to say that some of my main influences tend to be producers: Jimmy jam & terry Lewis, Quincy Jones, The Isley Brothers, The Neptunes, Dre, Swizz Beats i could go on forever..

A lot of producers would like to no what equipment and set up you use?
yea everyone asks me that. It's not really something that i like to talk about, i mean i can tell you that 'signal' and 'saw it comin' were made on fruityloops but i've since moved on and no longer use that program!

Is there any equipment that you have had trouble with and would recommend producers not waste their time on?
Ummm no i havnt had any bad experiences as yet.

Do you feel there is a lot of hype about you being female in a mostly male line of work? And what would you say to other aspiring female producers?
I'd like to think that the hype is just because my music sounds good haha. I know quite a few female producers actually. I think that there’s enough room for all of us producers male or female at the end of the day we all have something different to offer! Terrah can't do what jammer does just like Dre can't do what Timbaland does and vice versa!

How did you go about promoting yourself before you got more well known?
I was lucky, i didnt have to proomote myself, the first i did that ever got released was 'signal' and everything else came from that.

Is there any plans for any production collaborations?
yea theres a few things that i cant really talk about but you'll see later this year! Apart from that i'll be pretty much working with everyone.

You’ve obviously worked with the likes of skepta, jammer and jme who are also good producers themselves, but have you got any plans to work with any producers,mcs or singers outside of London?
Yea like i said i've got alot of big collabo's coming out later this year and quite a few are from across the water so look out.

You produced the hoodie remix.. which is hyping up your name even more.. whats your opinion on the 'banning' of hoodies?
I am totally anti forbidding or banning anything that doesn't harm anybody and i beleive everybody has the right to wear what they want to.

Do you think its important for the Uk Acts to work with artists out of the Uk? Like across the pacific, in America?
Most definatly. When Lethal Bizzle done a collaboration with Twista and the Kray Twins pushes the sound into new ears

Are you actually apart of the Jah Mek The World / Neckle Camp?
Personally i'd say i'm a solo act, i reckon it's just jammer that i'd call my musical relative, you know i look at jammer as family. But yeah jah mek da world and i are affiliates. Do look out for Ears tho, he's a good friend of mine and i think he's one of the best out there.

Whats your favourite track of all time to skankout to?
No way can i pick one umm i'm more of a chill at home and listen type rather than a skanker so if i had to name a few tunes i like to chill to i'd say anything by: The Isley Brothers, Amel Larrieux, Toni Braxton, Teedra Moses, NERD.

Have you got an official website that people can find more information about you?
one is getting built as we speak but for now.

Mizz Beats Myspace


Conclusion: Shes over Professional! Honest! but loves to keep them secret exclusives for Chantelle Fiddy "PISSED!"

First time listeners: Need to listen to 'Saw It Comin' Featuring Wiley, Jammer, Ears, Jme & Sier BIG TUNE

Written (including Interview)

By Hyper

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The only time your between a girls legs, is when your getting your hair cainrowed

There i was, in sainsburys putting my shopping on the check out till, the shop assistance asks if i need packing politely & i smoothly said " no thanks i got two hands, ill b ok " so i continue to the area where you pack it , get a back out and the guy on the check out asks me again. "you sure you dont want help with packing.." i look up, and this man has one Offffffffkey hand. " oh i bet you love a bit of shopping , dont you , dont you , oh i bet you do .." *trys not to stare at hand*. im not being raw but how would this guy with some -different- hand expect to help me with my shopping. Fair enough if your hands amputated or its disabled but why over ask me if i need a 'hand' if literally he only has one? ( it wasnt even like that ugly hand from scary movie 2 it just looks like he was constantly cockhanded .... shmall deformed wing )

Has anyone Seen June Sarpongs new look? that is one serious weavage shes calmed down the makeup but that weave looks like its taken over her head! shmall headpiece.

News: About the new 'Duppy' track from skepta, apparently i hear that hes not releasing it on video seeing as it was suppose to be filmed live at 'Straight out of Bethnal' But seeing as its unsure of when the next one will be from trouble with location, he might aswell not long it out and just move on and get on with releasing his Album. Although knowing the grime scene im sure it will be out 'in the next couple of weeks' aka in a years time.

Kylie Minogue showed of her shmall blad head.

Wileys album .. mixtape or whatever it is was suppose to be out last week but apparently due to some misshap with printing the covers or some lame excuse its out & available this Monday (24 April)

Tim Westwood's dads a vicar (his dads proberly about 109 seeing as westwoods like 60)

You go to selfridges! you get hungry.. you grab the menu! £85.50 for a standard sandwich! *runs to Mc donalds* "Mc Chicken Sandwich please" The cheek....

Does anyone think that Ghetto had a slight fear of the dentist?

Been Loving one track recently its a bit old but its features Jme, Wiley, Cookie & Tempa T download it Here.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When it comes, i'll take your head and your Wrists off// Yeah i said it IM PISSED OFF

Gossip of the week: Jammers Changing his name to MERKELLED MAN (i stole that line lol) after Nasty member Marcus Heard this ----> & the response from marcus nasty is HERE. i took my prediction skills and took charge with my blue peter badge.
So heres what i made earlier.... (above)

"Its a shammmmmeeee... that lethals back"

Well for some CRAZY reason im on Knucklez Top8 ? wow ... might have something to do with him only having like 20 friends on there! BUT neway that doesnt PHAZE ME! i might aswell buy myself a whole new outfit to celebrate! .... does TOM send me a special certificate in the post or some sort of medal?
i got exposed on RWD forum aswell didnt realise i made such an impact at the Ears Mixtape Launch... never knew i looked THAT good either .. i thought i merged into the crowd!

Has anyone Noticed the mixtape/ album covers OR whatever im suppose to be calling them of Boy Better Know!? well ill tell you... I HAVE! as a graphics designer i am pretty much distraught ! as BIGGG artists like Jme,Wiley, Tinchy Stryder and soon to be Skepta are dropping these UGLLLY covers. Ill admit it was all good when SHHUT YUH MUT vol1 come out! i could handle that but the handle bloody 'label' dropping these swagish covers! i mean COME ON! yeahyeah i no whats on the mixtape/ album is more important ! BUT it just looks so unprofessional looks literalyl like you literally downloaded photoshop 2hours before the covers had to be printed but had an hour and 55min drive to the printing shop!

Standard & Simple

The bigman Wiley with this cover ? I expected some SICCCCK cover! FLOP!! SHMALL DISAPOINTED.

Taking the PIZZLE! Wackest cover i seen since Tinchy covered 'Up Town Girl'


Well like most dedicated GrimeLovers will know that Skeptas Dropping a mixtape.. *receives a private caller* ok ok... an ALBUM under the Boy Better Know Label. So i thought right let me ty and PREDICT the future and pull out 'this is one i done earlier' ( YES i do have a Blue Peter Badge 'AND WHAT') now to do this you have to have photoshop and stick to the BOY BETTER KNOW rules.

Firsty : Pick out ANYYYY picture from the net or your saved pictures.

Then.. use a GRADIENT ( which is a button where colours merge together)

Get your Logo ( today im using BOYBETTERKNOW) and outline it with 'STROKE' n then outline your picture aswell.. just blob it down anywhere in the center will do.

SET TIME : No more than 5minutes (Any longer would be STTTUPIIID)

Hypers result: (took me 2 minutes and 32seconds)

WOW! it looks great! ill be expecting Boy Better Know to be contacting me soon to buy that design off me !! ANDDD WHATT!!

News: Lethal 'i got 3ribs removed to suck my own dick' Bizzle is releasing is new Video '22grand job'.. its just a lesson to all people who cant mc.. and just enjoy being big headed, arguing over pies, screaming LETHAL BIZZLE PRODUCTIONS and going on like you have the best crew in the uk! which is blatent bull shizzle unless Firecamp was from swansea! Then they would be the best crew in their 'ENDZ'. In this Track Lethal shows his FULL talent of different tones of screaming.. No Lethal i will NOT give you my fucking money! I recon thats what he does when he tries to jack you ..... GIVE ME YOUR MONEYYY! lol id give it quick time to stop him 'mcing' , fuck it ill even drop in my ipod if he stops recording altogether.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

April: Grime Lookalike of the Month

That hat is literally SITTING on top of his head! maybe if more people gave him air it would 'flop' off.. NODDY the little boy in the red and yellow Vw! get me? NOddys a BADMAN oh gosh i bet hes got into some badman actions in that convertable! PURE DRIVEBY's .. Check him boppin up and down like hes high on E's.

Monday, April 17, 2006

"Big like Rock not small like Pebble.."

Well Letting all the MYSPACERS out there know that this man will buss your head with Alize if you dont add him on myspace:


"I do this so Easy, Its like im Getting P's for Speaking Typing"

Well HELL YEAH im so hyped today my 'FRIEND' brought these sick glasses i kno bare people got them but i managed to blag my way into teefing them off of her! but i want black ones! OHHH YEAAAAH...! Ive finally finished writing my Review of 'FUCK RADIO Vol.2' which had to be done because it was kinda decent! but there was some big flops! but neway thats for one NEXT TIMEEE! ahh im so hungry and i cant be bothered to go on one long journey to see if Mc Ds is open lol DAMN YOU BANK HOLIDAYS!! i recon i literally have :

PISSED! i need to make myself a skill! ill listen to peoples tracks for £1 and tell you the BLATENT truth! anyone interested you know where to drop a comment! lol actually fuck it... £1.20.. im home now so all them people who wanna tell me if this looks anything like LADY FURY having sex in a field download it > Here for those who just wanna watch some duttynesssss! with some wack boys who think there 'TOP MCs' click Here .

Just in.. Couple Interviews and freestyles from some show off of MTV2 ( fuck knows why this never featured on mtv base, cos we all know mtv2 is for random music that no1 listens to *middle finger I show them*) these clips where taken from a documentary about GRIME in New York .. with artist like Kano, Jme, Skepta .. etc.. Interviews and Freestyles to be found at Mtv2.com.

That people are getting DRAMATIC about people calling their 'albums' mixtapes, well.... CALM DOWN DEAR.. what is the actual difference? the most you can get away with charging with a mixtape is £10 if your a biggg artist where as albums put an extra £5 on top of that people are SLY .. aslong as people are listening to you mate.. THEN ... boiii YOU SHOULD be happy! but im kinda glad people are upping the levels and going on like REAL artists! because all these basic lyrics/ flows are driving me crazyier than a schizo whos all out of prozac!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Play my tunes and BAIT up the whole street"

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Well Since JMES showered up everyones damn MYSPACE.. what more .... "BRING ON WILEYS NEXT MIXTAPE"... now i dunno whether to be excited or to grab my quilt its all getting a bit chilly in here..ESKIIIIIIIII BOYYYY!

"You cant Step to Skepta or JME.. i dont care what you thought.."

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No Funny Business...R.I.P

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Well its been a tough month! Theres more MCs in prison than fans & Gun Crime seems to be taking out alot of our talent aswell recently Slinga from Countdown ... AND now Madness is crossing the pacific.. As D12s PROOF passed away just the other day... If it isnt the time now to throw your petty little "I AM A BIG MAN" act away and your water pistol...then when ever will it be.. also another mention of Dj Swing who sadly passed from a rare form of Cancer (People start donating your blood!) R.I.P once again x

"i think i need to explain.. things i cunger up in my brain "

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WOW i was jumping up and down like a retarded little britain Fan
with torets shouting "I WANT THAT ONE" when i finally got my hands on Rwd. i was over excited "Green could be the new Black" i thought to myself .... OK OK LOL im lieing to myself! but i still wanna be GREEN GREEN LIKE A GREEN BEAN oh yes! how fabulous..! Im hyper about My Green little friend! KERMIT!

"Come on show me the Crack"

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WOULDNT you feel kinda pissed if you bought one of these .. just as pissed when i thought digital locked off my Channel U lol BUT NO! the number changed to 367 LOL WHY WASNT I INFORMED

Originally uploaded by Hyper29.

Originally uploaded by Hyper29.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Future: Piece Chicken and chips - £450

Well.. you never know what Bird flu could bring to the table

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Well... to be honest i expected more of a fresher sound! When i think statik i think FRESH TO FUCKING DEATH, new sounds, new beats a whole new outlook. which really obviously hes got the NEW outlook straight up! but this mixtape lacked alot from not just the plain layout of how it was done because i would of rather had 15 DECENT tracks than 60 random clips that JUST as you get into it it flips to another! i was PISSSSSSEDit slike someone promising you a family pack from KFC and giving you one wing! it just aint funny! anyway! From hearing Test Icicles feat Ruff Squad, its proven that 'GRINDIE'( or what ever this damn link between the fucking two is called) can be done. ANOTHER point was that alot of the Mcs that dropped on the tracks were just using dirty old dry bars that they been using on EVERRRY track for the last couple months... Roll back into bed and come back out WHEN YOUVE BOTHERED to follow statik with his new venture and bring your NEW bars that follow the actual track your spitting on! although i wont denie that i liked a COUPLE tracks on it. BUT i expected something abit more organised! I LIKE THE ASPECT of it thought its clever... id like to hear more from GRINDIE and it could bring REAL talent together that before would of ran across the road from eachother just not to walk past them! which is always GOOD! so its not all negative but its a STEP in the fucking right direction keep it up... and give me a WHOLE track that lasts at least 3mins!

" What YOU waiting for?.....Bird Flu?...Getme "

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BREAKING NEWS: Since these pictures have been taken it has been announced to me straight from the grimehead himself in his hospital bed .. " i got fucking bird flu from the stuuuupid chickens, getme!!". it all started when Mc BRUZA,who is a member of the crew AFTERSHOCK GETTTTTTT ME... bought some random chickens from some random farm.. cos apparently having FARM ANIMALS in the center of London is the new BIGGG thing?!!? anyway he bought the chickens and thought it would be a badman action to open his own burger shop.. 'YA-GET-ME-BURGER' and i suggested maybe using the eggs as a nice side order or to throw at random people who dont shut up with their 'getme' jokes (rolls eyes NOW COME ON BRUZA them jokes ARE SOOOOO LAST YEAR) get me?... but he INSISTED that he wanted to use them to make cupcakes... what a fuckin fairycake he is! so now all that rolling around in bird shit gave the fucker bird flu .... *passes him wileys mobile number* dont worry wiley will hook you up with a kleenex for your cold- ahhhh poor bruza ... must of been a 'shock - after' all that .. that wileys joinin firecamp.... i guess its cos lethal B is resembling PINGU more & MORE every bloody time i see a him... guess they both need to block themselves in that iglu and have a GOOD TALK!! all this cussin between the both of them is giving me a FUCKING headache.. GET OVER IT HE STOLE YOUR 'AIRPIE' BAR i swear your both like 30 GET OVER IT!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

" Boy Better Know Im a DUPPY "

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Skepta... Skepta.. Skepta.... Boy better know that well u got a tattoo that says .... 'BOY BETTER KNOW' wow now u wont have to be all long by sayin it you just gotta POINT >> to ur chest..... HOW DAMN FABULOUS... i wonder how many other groupies are in line to get one ( U CAN F*CK OFF I WAS HERE FIRST)

" im doin it again... yeah its skepta and hes doin it again "

Originally uploaded by Hyper29.

I love it like Chocolate cake

Originally uploaded by Hyper about Grime.

Love Music Hate Racism and Unite Against Fascism present: Speakers and music against racism – free event in Trafalgar Square
Saturday April 29th 2006,
from 12 noon, Trafalgar Square, London

March against racism and fascism
11am, Central London.

Youth and schools showcase
12-1.30pm, Trafalgar Square.
Dance/poetry/open mic/singers/street theatre from schools, colleges and youth groups.

Speakers and music against racism
1.30pm-7pm, Trafalgar Square.

Music from
Belle & Sebastian
Roll Deep
Lethal Bizzle
Boy Kill Boy
Kray Twinz
The Paddingtons
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly
Heartless Crew
Metro Riots
Emmanuel Ja
lThe Mentalists with Poly Styrene
Bigga Fish

Comperes & DJs include
Rampage, Tutu (Choice FM),
Martin Smith (UAF/LMHR),
Punkvert VJs & films on giant video screens. Filming by Mad Inertia.

For more details phone Jinan Coulter, Love Music Hate Racism – 020 7924 0333 / 07748 545 528

"You need to start Growing up, your lyrics sound like you dont know enough"

Iv been asked on several occasions from people on myspace.com to add this to my.. myspace! i dont wanna burst your bubble but why on earth would i want to 'FREE' a criminal on to the streets .. all i seem to hear on mixtapes n tracks is FREE BLAHBLAH... FREE him and FREE her.. FREE MY FUCKIN DOG UP UR ARSE... has anyone got a brain cell in the slightest.. your actually saying that i should support a campaign that suggests that i want a person that has -shot, stabbed, rapped,beat up,cussed someones dead mother, stole,sold drugs, or taken someones life -(one of the above) &that has been proved to have done this.. to be freed out of locked up cage? ARE U MENTAL... just cos this person cud b talented in writing a couple bars or making a couple beats... doesnt mean for one second i would support this... its madness... OH IM JOKIN.. course i want a convicted drug dealer out of prison sellin weed n crack to my little brother and course i want a convicted murderer that freely talks about shooting people in his lyrics to be freed out in to my airspace and living down the road from my family... COURSE I DO... FOR WHAT REASON WOULDNT I?

" Come with me and ill show you COLD SORES "

Well it looks like PAPA needs a brand new bag or should i say coat cos old pops wiley must be freezing with all these things dropping for him.. ESKIMO DANCE,ESKI RECORDINGS, ESKIBOY MIXTAPE, now come on people im surprised he hasnt made a tune about blowing his nose with kleenex cos that iglu floor must be givin him piles by now.. SOOO thats why i devised a charity based project just for the man himself.. its called THERMALS BETTER KNOW and its going pretty good so far Jme sent me a serious note though about the news of bird flu and how boy better know that things could get serious and that KFC might be shutting down so.... people LETS ALL RAP UP WARM.. and if anyones got any spare pennies lieing around the house or maybe a £50 note ill make sure it gets to wiley. *stares at furry hat* I PROMISE .

Its just HYPER n the hat

I WANT A DAMN HAT, now im JUST not happy at the moment its just not fair! i see damn everyone with these hats, yeah so what its NEARLYY summer.. iv been on the look out for one of these hats since last bloody summer and i still cant find one that is a REASONABLY priced ( nah i aint cheap just not gonna bun out £100 for a f*ckin hat) so COME ON now someone i beg u give me one lol mmm i want a pink one lol u think if i got a white one i cud die it bright pink? or....... black n pink YESSS.... mwahahahaha

"Yeah that Ears is decent alie? TRUST it aint even a lie"

Its this Friday people so steal from your mums purse enough money to get you in or like respectable people get it out your own purse/wallet... line ups got the usual big grime heads.. JAMMERS,EARS,JME,SKEPTA, LOGAN and more n so on and so on ... blah blah blatenly everyones goin to watch jme lol ITS BAIT lol dont lie to me now... yeah NEWAAAY so if u still aint got a ticket HAHAHAH shame lol nah there available from several areas in london.. example : rhythm division (in Bow) etc... or at the entrance at the time of the event :
Mixtape Lauch Party @ Legands Nightclub April 14th. 20-30 London Road, Barking.

Mos Def an angel with a DIRTYDIRTY face, body, feet, mouth

Well LET ME EXPLAIN... i got hold of one dirty cameraphone DIY porn film and you no what it was NASTINESS... hell knows if it was this grimey faced lady fury. but i SWEAR down this girl in the video who was butt naked in a field looked the splitting image of her.. ill upload it soon so keep your eyes open for when i drop the link..

oh yeah and shes got some feature in a magazine but WHO the hell cares YOUR TIMES gone love... you got murked by shystie like 50years ago lol id rather 'make way for the S.O.V' than give you my time of day unless you give me free stuff then blatenly I LOVE U.
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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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