Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interview with Wretch 32

Hyperfrank meets Wretch 32

Now, if I told you a couple of months ago that the number 32 would become such hype in the secluded world we call the grime scene. You would be asking me what I was smoking, and where about you can get your hands on it. Although ever since F*ck Radio Vol.1 dropped a while back, the questions switched from my drug habits to "Whos this boy Wretch?", "What does he think about Pat Butcher's Earrings?" and "Why has he randomly got 32 at the end of his name". Calm down dear its only a number, but for all you crazy obsessed number people, hypes here to settle the score.

Wretch 32 who proudly steps up as a North Londoner, describes his flow as "Impeccable" some would disagree. Unless they have actually had the opportunity to hear his overly serious mix tape Learn from my mixtape and I'm even sure Jme would be much proud of the level of seriousness accomplished. Stepping away from the petty beef dubs that many mc's seem to concentrate their whole life around, Wretch has been determined on making tracks. Taking real life experiences for example trying to express to a girl the effects of a long term relationship in 'Used to be' to 'Itching to see us fall', that tells the stories of people that seem to focus on the negatives to get people flopping. Concentrating his views on the actions and consequences of life, From strapping up , Drugs , women and general havock that life throws at you Learn from my mixtape could be good potential for the first gospel of grime?

Since first hearing him on F*ck Radio with the likes of Ghetto, Slicks & Scorcher although standing out with his different phrases and flow. I personally thought his bars werent on the steal side, more like rusting over so hard it could'nt hold a tooth pick let alone a flow. Although after hearing so much positive reviews from other critics I took the plunge and passed over my £5.99.

This was the first incident that began my obsession with Mr. 32. Its proving that Wretch & The Movement are making some higher levels in the mixtape & grime scene. Asked what separates him from the rest he spits out about 100answers "Voice, Flow, Clarity of delivery, choice of words and constructive sentences" combining more of a concentration of HipHop's more constructive lyrics and real life issues that he has been first hand to.

He actually makes some sick tracks, which takes some skill i wont deny, he definatly has proven himself. With a scrabble bag full of bars that even a prison would be envious of, it might be your front door that the bars will be banging down next, if you dont grab his mixtape while you can.

Hypers QQR - Quick Question Round

What area/crew are you representing? The whole of UK....North London to be precise. (Combination Camp & The Movement)

What Projects have you been involved in lately? My own mixtape, The Movements mixtape as well as working with a lot of other artists.

When was the last time Ghetto visited the dentist? The other day still.

Whos been your favourite artists to work with? Too much to mention but everyone on my mixtape.

Im writing a petition to get slicks mole removed will you sign it? Ill ask him first he might be too ruff for that.

Have you clashed any big names in the game? Im not really here for that, the only thing they can clash is their colour codes.

What artists do you think are slacking in the scene? Anyone who hasnt recorded more than 50 songs, all of a high standard.

Whos your favourite character from eastenders & why? Johnny Alan...reminds me of myself in my younger days.

Whats/whos holding back the grime movement? The name for a start and the violence but thats always gonna happen.

How do you go about promoting yourself? Internet, radio, magazines, building up a road hype. When there werent a demand for me I was giving out CDs for free.

Whats your opinion on people downloading yours and others artists music? If you honestly aint got the money then do what you have to do but if you wanna keep hearing good quality music you have to invest in it.

What lyric/phrase would you say is your trademark? Im Wretch Yeah, Im gonna flow like Wretch Yeah......

What producers have you worked with? Chunky, Scorcher, Y.Wiz, Stik Man, Issues & L, Lefty, Bubbles, Merlin...I look for quality rather than names.

Who do you think in the Grime scene performs the best live? Ghetto, JME & Crazy Titch

At the moment who do you think is UNDER rated, in the scene? Trim, J2K, Roadside & TMT

If you could live without Music or Sex? What would it be? Sex...i can still buss in music.

Do you think pat butchers ear rings could be a hot new look for the grime scene? Nah but her reputation could, shes been round the block a few times.

Explain your name? Wretch means many things, i.e my weight and attitude. 3 & 2 are just lucky numbers.

====================> ======> ===>

Hypers Verdict on Wretch32: A down to earth charector, Wretch has been by far been the nicest, so freely to help kind of person! I love him! Not like other RUDEEEEEEEEEEE artists! who i wont name! lol well course i will just not at this present moment!

Hypers Verdict on Learn from my Mixtape: More Gangster than Sincere

Tracks to put on repeat:

01 - Trapective

04 - Used to be Feat: Scorcher,Ghetto & Mercston

07 - Can't Say Sorry

09 - Can't be life Freestyle

10 - Itching to see us fall Feat: Ghetto

13 - Have Mercy

18 - Bad Day Feat: Cell22

24 - Speak to teach all the youth

Myspace :

Mixtape Available at :

Scorcher Hyper your doing this Ting

Your Brain is 73% Female, 27% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!


Your Birthdate: July 29

You have the mind of an artist, even if you haven't developed the talent yet.

Expressive and aware, you enjoy finding new ways to share your feelings.

You often feel like you don't fit in - especially in traditional environments.

You have big dreams. The problem is putting those dreams into action.

Your strength: Your vivid imagination

Your weakness: Fear of failure

Your power color: Coral

Your power symbol: Oval

Your power month: November


You Will Die at Age 67

You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...

And how you'll die as well.


You Are Apple Pie

You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional

Those who like you crave security


You Are 68% Addicted to Myspace

Your Myspace addiction factor is: High

You are officially addicted to Myspace. It's quite possible you haven't seen a real person in days.


Let me draw for my crack....


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You might get scorched with a metal // you might get left dead on your front porch on a level

Well who knew it, i just never saw it coming. It was such a shock to me , to my friends, family it just come out the blue.. who knew there was a toilet in 'kathy's cafe'. i'll be preparing the next episodes with a pillow by my side! Because shocks like that are not for the faint hearted!

Still not much news.. well! POOMPLEX is out 5th June! but i dont even know if i can afford that seeing ive got some unbelievable amount to pay off on a phone bill so if anyone has donations for the HYPER NEEDS MONEY fund people message me your bank details. Like Sort code, Account number, security code ( 3digits on the back on the card) and might aswell drop me the digits in the middle of the card aswell! MIGHT AS WELL EY!
if anyone is dumb enough to actually do that. Leave your phone number aswell because i'd love to prank you one day, maybe meet up with you, jack your mobile & purse/wallet.

For all those strapped for cash students who love Hollyoaks! who saw Justin get beats! too funny he was crying like a baby! wouldnt surprise me if Justin called Becca, Miss or Mummy! i never realised he was playing a 16 year old. Dirtttttttty business! You know if that teacher was a man and the pupil was a girl! The police would be hang cuffing her Quick time! well not her but he .. but neway! ahhhh CONFUSION!

With all the confusion of should i , should i not go to Luton Carnival! i damn bloody forgot to listen to Logan's show! Darlin forgive me.... i wont do it again :(

What a Diamond He is! he's one "Beautiful Chocolate man"

So picture this, there i was out and about listening to my ipod (slyly makes out i have some money DONT JACK ME, my daddy bought it) and guess who i see...

Chantelle giving me full on Air Gateaux

Grime Loves Chantelle Fiddy! so Lets all show our support and take teef one of the images i mad and put it on your blog, myspace or msn whatever floats your boat!

Miquita Suck your self off 3 hard times!

And people i got my 4th Driving Test Tomorow which is Wednesday!
so Wish me good luck, because i'll need it!

Today i am mostly hyper about:
A special someone... Who i hyper love .. from here to timbucktoo!

Lookalikes of the minute

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Your going too fast for me SLOW down yeah ... Slow down..

First off let me promote one of my favourite bands.. 'VIOLET MARTINEZ'. In my area, theres not one pub, club or even cinema that Violet Martinez havent played in! There i was one night ready to watch KingKong and suddenly the curtains pull back and my ears are filled with drum trembling cries of ' Your so predictable'. Violet Martinez certainly aint predictable with a mindcrashing number of local and internet fans who sworm out of pubs , weddings (my cousin was eager to watch them) and sex with their partners just to hear their groundshattering LIVE performances. This by far is not the last your going to hear from these indie-pop crazed teens.

"They look like BUSTED after a fight" >> GAZ + KAREN 97.6 CHILTERN FM DJs

With the recent Statik - Grindie Mixtape dropping only two months ago, Violet Martinez are eager to get in touch with any talented grime / 'urban' artists around the UK. Like the Grime scene getting heard is quite a struggle, but representing the UK is where both indie & Grime are proud to be from.

Any artists who would like to ruffle up their hair and jump about like crazed baffoons. Please contact the Frontman of Violet Martinez ... His names Pierre and hes a Sexy beast.

Pierres Myspace

Violet Martinez Myspace

They are interested in working with Artists and/or people who want samples of the hotest Alternative Pop/Indie .

Their Next Performance

You think frank wants you --> mutton dressed as lamb.. YOU B*TCH.. YOU COW


While shotting back the Hyperade I thought to myself the other day, i need to hyper this blogging up a little. So i took inspiration from the fan'F*cking'tastic people at rwd and thought i should scower Myspace for some Funnnnnnyshhhh*t! Everyone knows all the Standard Musician's myspaces that are in the Grime scene, so i had to think of something creative! QUICK....
So after several years, i began to come across a new world of fake myspaces i felt like Christopher Bloody Columbus from Sooty to Frank Butcher, who rip the utter insides out of them! so ill cut the long introduction and drop you Crazy Grime heads the links.

Sharon's 'Little Miss Piggy' Myspace

Dot 'Ghetto'd out her' Myspace

Sonia 'On it like a Lesbian literally' Myspace

Pauline 'watch the red eye' Myspace

Neil's Myspace

Peggy 'Proud to be a' Mitchell's Myspace

Frank 'Do i look like some sort of Doughtnut?' Butcher's Myspace

Slimey ' Dirt dont hurt him' The Worm's Myspace

Ernie's Myspace

C is for ......Cookie's Myspace

Sooty 'was a bad boy..sooty was a badboy' Myspace

Phillip ' i will buss your head with a chicken leg' Bank's Myspace


Anymore ill be sure to inform you crazy people of the links. i wont denie that Sooty is Shower! and that B*tch Sue used to P*ss me the Hell off! always trying to ruin everyones Gangbangs and robberies with her moany ways! ahhh Sweep was heavy, i heard he had some hardoff munches from one showersession of jacking someones skunk, that he swallowed some dog toy because he thought it was a wotsit. Thats why he squeeks all the damn time!

This Cover is SEXXXY oh yessss!


Theres not much news to go about! Chantelle and me are in beef chips! food battle soon arriving!Everyone whos anyone, even the QUEEN is waiting for POOMPLEX to drop im expecting big things!

i ordered Scorchers Mixtape like a week AGO and still hasnt arrived! DAMN YOU UKRECORDSHOP, DAMN YOU!

RUINED! some twat thought it was funny to put ink on there! DONT LOOK AT ME! .... ok ok it was me! it was an accident!

Isit just me of is that Skepta Track with Juelz Santana sicker than Aids! For all the people who want to hear all the exclusive new Grime tracks lock into Logansama's Grime Show on Kiss 100 or Whatson from 11pm to 1am and to if you cant hear it live for some weird reason you just have to press KISS100 and scroll down to LOGAN SAMA and you can catch the set you missed! its reliable as cigarettes giving you cancer!

Oh yeah skepta.. i love you too sweetie you dont have to hide it.. leaving 2comments on my Myspace... thats basically like me having your child... lets call it... Skipty!

Skipty Adenuga

We'll get Jamie to read it a bednight story.. but make sure he doesnt come out with his torets "Boy Better Know" because you'll have to change Skipty's nappy after!

Anti-Hyper your not

Today i am mostly Hyper about:

London Artists making tracks with Mc's from out of London! Manchester to London, Sick track from two hot female mcs from the Uk Morty & Envy. Listen on both their myspaces, listen to the track 'BACK OFF'

Morty (North London)

Envy (Manchester)

Another Sicker than torets on a toddlers, Female Mc is Queen Passion also hailing from North London. Her my space is :

Queen Passion (North London)

Check out tracks 'Scratcha Dva Ft Queen Passion' & ' INL movement knockout'

Monday, May 22, 2006

May: Grime Lookalike of the Month

She actually looks more like Victorias sister with the blonde hair but i was lazy and couldnt find a picture of her!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The streets just sound like music, cause kids are recording criminal records & the police are the beats

Hes back...You know! well i dont know about his ticket fine prison sentence situation but his 'Simply the best' mixtape dropped the other day and since im like every other grime fan i have to get the money and then buy it! dont i get a free copy for all my 'love' i show? "NO!" F*ck you then . This is definatly hot sh*t! set to be better than Wretch's which is going to be HARD So if any of you have got any feedback drop me a comment and tell me how you thought it PLEASE! I BEG YOU

I've got alot for you today! you know, i secretly love myspace bulletins, i search through the crap every bloody day and you know what i feel like a dum beatle but yesterday i actually found something DECENT! Mtv going on like NO ones heard of Lord of the Mics. i downloaded it and UPLOADED it just for you!

DAMN YOU STUPID YOUTUBE its takinnng long! so let me just upload it to yours faithful

While Jme is not making beats, not designing tshirt, not updating his myspace fanatically & not Bmxing! hes being secretly making a new venture to add to his empire of talents. The biggest exclusive this year to come to the hyper blog is:

Miss Smith *passes lollypop* shut yuh mout?

Talking of Jme and his ventures, who thinks that:


For all those who love grime and live out in the haystacks Out of London heres your opportunity to play apart in dancing like a spasticated dildo of course with your gun fingers out otherwise you'd just like, look soooo [skepta]Stuuuuuupid[/skepta]

i set people the link in the blog below this one to Sway - Products, but has anyone realised that, the singer on the track looks the splitting image of DAVINCHE well take away the long cainrow and your there.

I NEARLY JUST P*ssed myself with excitement this JUST in on hypernews.. theres been a strange object flying about with gun fingers! isit a bird with dreds? isit Jamaican airlines ? well how am i suppose to know.... do i look like i have time to waste... ok i do...

CNV00018 copy

Sh*t wrong picture.....

Now prancehall said that skepta joining myspace was a reason for a party in itself but.. dred man JAMMER! thats news of the DECADE! who am i kidding this will be in history school books for our children to read! it will have a full insider information with pictures of jammer loading up his pictures and reading his comments/messages and maybe if they have to have a sentence about the iraqi war and how americas run by one Willy wonker other than that i think they should dedicate a whole term on the topic!Tony Blair you better be reading! this is what the youth want! Press the Who isit image and it will take you straight to his myspace.

Prancehall was cuming in his knickers with excitement

Another new member to myspace is J2K add him or ill brick your house. thanks

Aww ive got so much to show you lot but... it will have to wait for another time..

Battle of the funniest videos will comence soon prancehall... SOON....

UNTIL THEN...... neckle up your desktop background RIGHT HERE

Monday, May 15, 2006

When im like Chantelle Give me a Massage she aint too eager, She tells me her hands hurt.


Boy Better Know - I want a Free Copy

Hear Tracks from Poomplex on the New myspace here

For all the Boy Better Know lovers, fans , haters 'POOMPLEX -Edition2' is dropping soon whether you like it or not. Check Prancehalls blog for people discussing how wileys got BULLIED into letting Jme designing his album cover!


My Little interpretation

People love giving other people credit for my jokes! im not complaining im great! so i dont blame you...
I saw Msdynamite the other day she was chating to BigMo from eastenders which i thought was kinda odd. I overheard her trying to shot off some of her 'a little darker Sh*tter' mixtapes for 99p, telling Big Mo that she could sell them as things to keep tables even rather than wobbling everywhere. Big Mo wasnt having none of it .. but i thought this was a great chance to grab a picture of Msdynamite with all her earnings from her units .. the whole 4 of them.


Watch that Grin she looks HAPPY for herself


Got a letter through the other day saying that a girl who took the name of Chantelle Fiddy has put a restriction order on me i cant go half a mile near her or ill end up in prison! Chantelle whats all that about? all i did was break into your flat, steal some of your underwear, a copy of rwd and hattie's mobile number so i could give it to my good old pal Styleslut. I didnt think you would mind! i even rubbed my feet on the mat so i wudnt get your flat muddy. Looks like ill have to save up for Binoculars!

- Sway's released his NEW video for Products check it out here. This Track is going to be big for Summer its got that kind of 'sit back in your car bopping your head with the windows down, going 2mph' of vibe

Today i am mostly Hyper About My Exams Finished:

LONG exams ARE OVER! it was long and tiring, but i finished my graphics exam just in time! i had to design packaging & imagery for an Asian brand who wanted to come to England to sell ranges of spices from across the asian continent! i blagged it completly!



Done loads of different countries & spices but this is just one of them! it had to be traditional and simple!

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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