Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm a Fully Grown Girl i aint no am a teen

Thanks to the great people at KINGS CROSS for closing the bloody station i was stuck in North London for 3days! YES! 3DAYS!
So thats why the blog's been a bit quiet and the myspace aswell! So all those hypes saying im giving them AIR.. now you no!
From Reading my blog you must relise that i have days that will blow your socks off! I'm the mission Queen! Just yesterday i was on the bus going through stratford checking out some boys high top! AND WHO WAS IT? Tempa T boppin that hair up n down like a trampoline with some random bright blue trousers on!
Then literally what an hour n half later i was walking through some park to some main road in archway and some car stops near me in traffic and who was it...... SWAY! lol so theres me shouting at my buddy sarah like SWAY SWAY SWAY! he looks at me like what the hell some crazzzy girls stalking me n does this nevous wave, while im stuck in the middle of the road doing some swaying motion with my hand! NO LIE I TELL YOU...
Oh yeah i have a little bone or rib to pick with RHYTHM DIVISION.. it says you close at 7! not 6 not 5 not 4! SO CLOSE AT 7! im not going on missions ever again until i know your open!

Just Got through finishing Phtv edition 1 ITS A SICK CONCEPT i tell you and the packaging lol thats just a whole other story.. if you dont like grime and you just wanna look at something over cute... buy it here i tell you..... HERE..... check the review later on in the week
Safe to A+ for hooking me up!
Who knows you might see me on one of the editions one day.... hmmm you never know..

Big up my sisters dog Crypto who barks like clockwork everytime he hears Lily allen.. Well you cant hate hes gotta show love to the fam! Know one can denie shes one dutty b*tch. Public toilets are HER i tell you.

Oh yeah I HAPPY SLAPPED lily allens poster.. yeah WHAT! you know how i roll like that WHAT!

Lastly Big up Google on the old Lady sovereign Pictures

them posses will NEVER grow old i tell you

P.S: Stop all these messages on myspace about how you dont like what order your in on my TOP20!




Be thankful you're on my myspace top20.... Because you can quickly be locked off as quickly as you can be put on!

Theirs enough hyperfrank love to go around so dont go threatening other people 'higher' to you because it might start some serious waring .. watch yourself ya hear or ill draw for the nik nak WATCH!

Amsterdam - July 1st 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sometimes i feel like saying "Lord i just dont care" But you got the love that i need to see me through...

HOLD TIGHT FRISCO (what am i lieing for iv never said "Hold tight" in my life, but puts on a rudegirl attitude to cover the hesitant voice) who im hooking up a little Painting of his beautiful face!

So after a hectic week of witnessing two friends throw glass bottles at eachother (True stories)
it was terrible! i actually NEARLY got beer on my top from the bottle! i KNOWWW! what a cheek! o yeah i think the guy who got hit was ok .. i think

I have to say a bigggg thank you to WWW.HECTIC.TV who are big in the game like Tempa T's high top! Hectic Tvs like music tv on your computer... SICK IDEA! We all know how waste Channel U is getting these days.

Safe also to all those individuals giving me AIR on a regular..


Big up Ears for showing me his little Dingle.. (in the circle)

Watch how he looks bare proud of his 'short comings'

Oh yeah also watch out for the Neckle Camp mixtape

Which i hear that Knucklez has already gone Solo.. ( apparently, Big up my secret source.. Knucklez msn name)

Another thing.. RYDER... please..... oh please... give it a break with the bulletins.. This boy would put a bulletin up if he dropped his lipstick on the floor.. and talking of lipstick.. whats with all the girly I LOVE MYSELF pictures.. Ryder you couldnt slew a wasteman if you looked in the mirror.

AHHH riko u shouldnt have.. hes holding me a party on my birthday! (29th is actually my birthday, logan you gonna take me to this?)

This looks Heavy like weights..

Out on MONDAY... and most record shops like Rhythm Division

Big up.... Cookie,Knucklez Logan n too many other people that think im Male!

and lastly Hattie collins.. for repping the TATTY trousers

Friday, June 23, 2006

Get your bum down to this arena if you live anywhere in/or around Germany (Dad make an appearance please)

Its so sick.. its kinda scary

Back to Life... Back to Reality.. However do you want me? However do you need me?

Press this image to get to my myspace blog & page









































Thursday, June 22, 2006

Part One -- Back Then With Bashy

Back then has officially started thanks to 'Mike' Jones for giving me the inspiration!

Sadly this image was taken after Bashy's 'success' if we can even call it that.
I wondered why he always bopped about like a pigeon with them Stupid Lollypops and how he got the phrase "oiiiii nahhh". Check here soon for the Exclusive interview on Brighton beach where all you lucky individuals will get to see Bashy's real pulling skills (literally pulling the Mr Whippy trigger) Lets hope and pray that he doesnt find out how to change the music in the van because i will give thanks to any high or mighty power that he doesnt strut his creams on my estate. I dont think i could handle listening to every single track on Vol 1, Vol2, Vol3, vol 4, Vol5...........Vol 45, of Your Mum volumes .. if this is the case then..

*Runs to Local Church*
"Please Lord, Almighty Don't punish me .. Please, ill do anything ill give all my Clothes to *thinks* to the British heart foundation, Ill even Buy Bashy - Your mum Volumes just to stop him recording!"

Monday, June 19, 2006

Huhhh Hurrr.... YEAH! what isit good for?... Absolutely Nothing! Say it again now...

Natalie Does... Stevie Wonder
What fool said that Wiley & Dizzee was featuring on Logans show tonight. Shhh D*ckhead!
Had one madddd SUNDAY, which involved going to everyside of London.. Went South to Greenwich and climbed a hill i was out of BREATTHHH.. sweaty forehead and everything.
Went North to Camden Town where sarah (my bestest friend ohhh yessss) and me got shouted at by some crazy tattoo pierced woman. No lie she had piercings in her forehead & neck! so we got told to "get out the shop were closing".
Then i got a little too hyper because of downing a bottle of Orange n Peach Volvic (no not volva Are you DUMBBB) and had some mad african man on some transgender vibe with a huge hoop earring in his nose... Then got people laughing on the tube due to me thinking it was funny sticking blank stickers all over my friend saying "Hi i'm Bob" she sure is!
Then went East to Stratford, missed Food servings at Carribean flavours (I swear Flamin works there) so we just sat there where we bluetoothed " PASS THE DUTCHY on the Left hand side" to nearly everyone sitting outside.. while being entertained by some HENCH man being chased by 3 men with rolling pins!.............
Now .....

This is just Randommmm Telesales Vs Garage/Grime

So seeing as my GRIME LOOKALIKE of the month is getting more attention than Grace and her elmo head. I'm gonna start a little -BACK WHEN- feature on the blog... which will include imagery and maybe a little feature on what artists used to do before they got to be doing what their doing now..
I wont be slipping and yes it will be funny... who the hell do you think i am... Peter Pan this isnt a Mature thing.. well actually it could be... hmm let me just stick with NO COMMENT... *dont hurt me*
All this Gun and Knife crime is apparently on the rise and dont you just wonder where the influence for it is all coming from?

P.R.O.. thats Zezi So Shut Hut Yuh Mout
Watch that girl on the bottom right! Shes a blatent Spy!
The Top 3 sheeps >> whats with the 'L' shape ..
Your a straight up Loser... ill LENG YOU down with my Pritt Stick
Oh yessss Jammer... Looking Sexxxy
Logan Baby, you got a little competition there!
Big up Ashman! With his sly dropping of my name in one of his bars! and Congrats on the little baby boy! Now Ceazy must realise how painful it is for me to hear sovereign... *Ears Bleeding*
Seeing as i have an extreme hatred towards Lady Sovereign, iv been put into an institute under the Terrorism act seeing as i tried to pull down a rip down a big landmark in the country... Sovereigns dutty side ponytail... So Ashmans taking me under his wing and hes got some easy top 10 tips to like lady sovereign. Lets Hope it works otherwise ill draw for the Photoshop. (too late)

Dizzee Rascal....Are you ever going to drop Maths and English or are you waiting till England win the world Cup.. Because im sorry to burst everyones bubble but that will be 3070.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

im H.A.Y cause when i got P's im HAPPY// These Mc's are happy with a G// But i'm gonna keep billing up P's//

So the weathers all tropical but what about the Boy Better Know exotic movement? well i got on to Jme, and he tells me apparently the Tropical Mixtape is in the process now, about to be vocalled! but how and who would you choose to vocal such a calming relaxing dance vibing sound? well apparently this could be a joke or not but maybe a miss Adenuga might be adding to the sound.. who knows , but make sure you check here for further info.. and to hear more.. check out ... TROPICAL MYSPACE

Is Chantelle Fiddy dead or something?... hmm she could be plotting against me thats why her blogs so quiet.. hmm...

Girl better know

No wonder Jme aint got on to making them Girl Better Know T-shirts these girls dont do us any good do they...

So there i was last night sleeping! and what happens hyper's GRIME DREAMS are doing it again, yeah its hypers grime dreams n their doing it again. Well Jme and skepta showed their shower selfs! Skepta was going on raw like usual and giving me more air than Slicks new brand of Grimey Asthma pumps. Jme was outside of my house chating to me about how big Poomplex is doing, and i was trying to convince him to get these Girl Better Know tshirts done.. like cuddling him... corressing his manly breasts.. kind of convincing .. he was loving it! but yeah .. i suggested that maybe if he made up like 2 or 3 tshirts and put them on ebay and see how they rockit like Nasa. Then my nan came round my house and gave Wiley a race on her OAP scooter while my dad told skepta to get on his skates literally, cause his hat was fluffing everywhere!

Theres a few people that cant wait for carnival! But for me personally this is why i cant wait:

Danny has the rhythm of a Whining alley

Watch Danny doing the classic DAN DAN moves

"Badman from day.. Bringing ballet to the street, ya c me bredrin" Sure Danny.. sure

Have i lost my touch Danny?

Today i am mostly Hyper about:

It was only the other day the i got to see Kidulthood i know, i know im slow! but it was off the cinema QUICCCK! so i had to wait for the stupid dvd! it was ok uno! but i swear when that girl was getting beats at the beginning that was ahhh that was just... HARSH!
Also when that random ------ girl was doing her rounds! lol ITS BAITLY BELIEVABLE ,we all know girls like that! DUTTYNESS!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm gonna keep billing up P's // Till the goverment have to put a bullet in my boy better know T!

So England has finally blessed us with some decent weather, apparently the other day we were as hot as St Lucia. What better way to spend your earnings on some apparel that gives your arms a bit of a chance to breath maybe even get a tan. So instead of you lot breaking your backs trying to cop the hotest new exclusives iv gone and done it for you who do i sent the private surgeons bill to?

Boy Better Know
Nothing really more to say! I heard the Queen was messaging Jme for An exclusive for her grandson Harry...(above right)
You can get your hands on these In:
They sell out quick so if theirs none in stock at that time
keep checking back!

In Da Hood Clothing
These Collections arent out yet but soon enough!
too see some other designs please check out
Mr.Slash's Myspace & Blog here
Plastician Tshirts
These are soon to be out! not sure when but check back for more information
and if you cant wait that long contact The Plastician at his myspace. Attire
The grime website who sell mixtape's and dvd's from the Grime scene,
have recently added some Tshirts to their collections.
Drop by and add it to your basket.

Toney the T-shirt Jeweler
A glance at one of Toney's masterpieces and i promise you,
your going to need a glass eye! BLINGGG THAT EYE OUT
Toney regularly runs Give away competitions
trust me i know! I won one! ohhh yess!!
so get your greasy self down to Toney's myspace
& make sure you suscribe to his blog for the competitions!

Obey Attire
Buy this here

Addict Vs Ben Swift Decks
Buy here

Fenchurch Baby Dj2 T-shirt
Buy here

Monday, June 12, 2006

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Interview with Syer Bars

Hyperfrank meets Syer Bars
This young up and coming might not be Kano, but he sure packs a punch of 'Beats & Bars'. Despite some criticism, Syer B is climbing the ladder like grimey window cleaners and BOY! Is the grime scene ready to be washed away. He's best known for joining up with the men that roll deep in knee high boots in dark estates. Although many would remember Syer's for featuring on Mizz Beats slow jamming grime track Saw It Coming alongside Wiley, Jammer, Jme & Ears. I caught up with Syer B several days ago to talk about recent projects, mixtape's and Pat Butchers dangling earrings.

Hey Syers, what projects have you been involved lately?

Yo what's up?
I'm currently in the middle of the follow up for BOY WITH THE FIRE
I'm also working on my album. I just finished filming the video for 'HOLD IT DOWN' with the rest of the fam which should be on television very soon, looking forward to that!!

Knowing that you produced more than half of you recently released Mixtape, how did you get involved with Mcing and Producing?

I got myself involved, I used to listen to mc's like SKIBBA,SHABBA and STEVIE HYPER, and spit their bars with mates in school and that,
Then, I just started writing my own stuff, and it went on from there.
As for production, I got hold of a crack copy of fruity loops a couple years ago and basically taught myself. I wanted to learn so it didn't take me long to pick it up.

Do you think pat butchers ear rings could be a hot new look for the grime scene?

They are not ear rings! There them hula hoops things you messed with as a kid init, they just look like ear rings on her coz of her meat head! *laughs*

Are you signed to Roll deep's label or are you a member of the team?

Just part of the team.

How did that come about?

I was just doing my sh*t on my show on rinse fm, putting myself about on other shows and that, doing a lot of work. Then 1 day bumped into Wiley, we went on the road, had a talk. He said he was feeling my sh*t, he saw that I wanted to progress and asked me if I wanted to roll deep. So I do.

What Phrase/ lyric would you say is your trademark?

"SYER B FOR BARZ" that's what people holla at me when they see my boat race on the road.

So far, what would you say you're best known for?

Being real, with my lyrics.
I'm a lyricist, not a hype man. Hype gets you so far, but if you haven't got the talent to write lyrics that have feeling and a meaning behind them then you will fade out. Along with your hype

For those who are virgins to your sound how would you sell them your mixtape?

If you want to hear something different from someone fresh and hungry who is not afraid to experiment then check my mix CD.
Personally I think it competes with ANY mix CD on the road at the minute and if you want to hear a small piece of what I'm about then cop it!

If grime wasn't around what genre would you lean to?

I would be into rock music or blues, which was my influence growing up, and listening to what my dad was playing. I think that there would be no grime scene if it wasn't for rock and blues music. Hip hop was influenced by it, and grime was influenced by hip hop. So I would like to be a part of the genres that we're a big influence on the scene that I'm a part of.

If you had to choice out of producing or Mcing, which one would it be and why?

Mc. It comes more naturally to me than production does. I can get my feelings out and show emotions more when I write. Plus I love being on stage doing what I do best.

Where do you record your material?

I have my own studio, and I'm my own engineer so I can work all hours in my own time and take my time when I make music. There is nothing worse than having to be fitted in around other artists when it suits the engineer. Plus I can work with other artists for longer periods of time. I don't like working against the clock.

Do you think radio stations play a roll in taking the scene forward?

Definitely, without radio and Dj's on radio how would people hear our music?
I would never have been heard if there was no radio, plus its good practice for Mc's and promotion.

Has Wiley ever flopped you on a link?

*Laughs*....... Couple times that just shows how busy he is, init. *laughs*

Favourite track you've recorded?

This life, it's a big tune, I got to say a lot of stuff on it, that track opened a new tunnel in my mind. (Also a track I just finished called "TAKE ME BACK" watch this space)

If you weren't doing music what would you do?

I'd be dead…

Explain your name?

Begins with an "S" and ends with "Y.E.R.B.A.R.Z."

Since you've dropped your mixtape, have peoples opinions about you changed?

From what I've seen, heard and read the opinion has pretty much stayed the same, just more people saying it. You know how it is, some people think something is good but won't say it until some one else does.

What Character from Eastenders would you say you're the most similar to?

Jim Branning= bad man! *laughs*

Who do you think in the Grime scene performs the best live?

Kano, Lady Sovereign, and Roll deep on a professional level.
On a hype, Merkle man, JME, D DOUBLE, can go on all day.

At the moment who do you think is UNDER rated, in the scene?


Who do you think is Over rated?

Too many names to mention, it will show at the end of the day when albums are being sold CONSISTENTLY who the real artists are.

Anybody to thank?

Big up WILEY for guiding me and pushing me to the front, Big up SEAN T and the FIREWORX massive. Hold tight everyone involved with DUBPLATE DRAMA, big up LUKE AND JUSTIN. Big up LOGAN, CAMEO, MAXIMUM, CARNAGE and all the best grime dj's pushing the scene forward.All the manz running the pirate stations, websites and that.Hold tight everyone at RWD MAG, VICE MAGAZINE ETC..... Hold tight all the artists doing their own thing. Out to anyone up and coming, be real to yourself.... BIG UP EVERYONE AT GRIMEMUSIC.COM. Bless for the support. Most of all big up the people supporting me, without fans artists are no one so bless.
OUT TO MY ANGEL...........


This also appears on the swankiest of all sites :

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just blaze your zoot// Or pretend your on the phone if you need to// Can't jack me// Can't rob me//Cant' Screw i think im a badgirl just like you //

These two are running things Differently

So now, Poomplex is out.. Boy better know tshirts are out! so for all those who arent able to get down to their local record shops let me hook you up with the ebay auctions:


Boy Better Know Tshirts in Uptown Records

Theres going to be much more stuff up on ebay from Jme so come back for more info on that!

Thanks to all those individuals who helped me out with the Toney the Tshirt Jeweler Competition : Thanks to...

Queen Passion
Lily the side ways lady
Terra K-I-D
Shantel loves it
Mike from
Natalie Ferrol (who didnt do anything but shes great sameways)
Denise the biggest badgirlWoman

-& if i missed you out its because you asked too many bloody damn questions or you just done it without me knowing!Thanks you x

IRIE (who without her rudeness/violence & threats i wud never be talking) Love ya x

Scorchers out tomorow! i wonder if he dropped the soap... hmm we'll have to see! if he walks with a constipated look on his face... we'll know!

I've got some serious funny things happening soon just for my blog! Reviews & Interviews! and ive only told a selective number of people! Seeing as theres some SLY people out there who think they know & can copy my wavelength! Suck a Jamaican Pattie!
I've also been working with, Who are more fabulous than a 99 ice cream with a flake & chocolate sauce! So keep locked to that site they got some sick (aids sick) interviews/reviews/events on there

My blogs Got nearly (well quite far) to 10,000 views so when i do hit 10,000 hits i'll set up a sexy little competition! so hopefully that will get you all eager to spread my link about to all your buddies & random crazy net people. i do also like a bit of feedback about everything that im doing!

I was talking to knucklez earlier and he mentioned that him and the whole of neckle camp will be performing tomorow in Berlin,Germany so if we have any international Grime lovers make your way there! Our conversation then moved to eating! listen to a little clip here

We all get a little too Hyper sometimes! (watch how scared maximum looks, like hes an old granny about to get mugged *draw for the handbag*)

These are SEXYYY

I have this thing, like alot of blogger's do where you can see who refered you to the site. A couple people found my site by typing 'WHAT DOES POOMPLEX MEAN?' hmm so i thought if thats what you people want.. ill get the main man Jme him self to give him the definitions for you...

Waisman Derrrrkhead
Oh my Diddy
Oh my flippin.. oh .. blood.. nahhh.. shiiit
Shut yuh mout
Boy Better Know
Everybody knows
Das what i said, Das what i thought


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

-> Toney the T-shirt Jeweler

Toney the T-shirt Jeweler is an up & coming legend in the t-shirt industry! With Customers already hitting the A-list like Jon B, Jermaine Dupri, Busta Rhymes & Jagged Edge. Toney's even got the grime scene dropping at their feet, with the likes of Jme & Rwd bearing the unique glistening customized diamond designs.
I got incontact with Toney, and he tells me that you can get your own distinctive attire just by contacting him through his Myspace.

Prices Start at £35

Any Design.. Anythings Possible..

Make sure you ADD HIM!

If you want beef, go to the shops get me// if you dont like me dont chat to me// air me when you see me turn your back to me//

Much love to Logan who thinks i should get a job! i love you too sweetpea!

Radio Rip of Juelz Santana Feat Skepta - We dont give a F*ck remix
For all those who think they know WHEN matey.. YES YOU!... YOU KNOW NOTHING!

Poomplex is officially out today although Hyper hasnt got a copy because she has bills to pay so my little thoughts about it will have to come later.. knowing my luck... in a year!

While im here id like to just state that i never have to my recollection called Crazy Titch a rapist! i was refering to people who put up FREE imagery on their myspace etc... not just Titch, but other artists who are in prison! allow spending all my time wasting away putting FREE blah blah when they deserve to be in there.

*touches round glittery ball*
"i see .. i see... a man, a man with a mic.. being released on .. on ... friday... he .. lovesssssssssss it"

EXCLUSIVE : Danny Walker on Live Tv!
(second guy with stripy top)

That bum action is BACK AGAIN! (Watch Logan in the pink shirt going for it)

About he'll bring out a nine milli Lego brick stupid child

The only testing that little boy knows about his S.A.T's when your like 7!

I saw the most beautiful tracksuit jacket hoodie thingy bob at the weekend i need it i want it! i may sell my liver (which would make me go yellow) hmm the shade might go well with this sexy adidas jacket! and if i see anyone else with it on i will ... jack you! i may be skinny but i know kung fo... well i dont ive only like listened to the song 'EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FO FIGHTING' like twice but yeah im lethal. Without the B, and minus the excessive screaming & basic flow.

Friday, June 02, 2006

On the roads i look sweet but dont get your wires crossed// Round here im the boss controlling the streets blogs//

I was Confused for a while who and what was behind tropical then i decided to look a little closer and i see its being run by Jme and the boys. How stupiiiid of me. Well theres alot happening in the world of JME! Since Tropical is a part of Boy better know special edition tropical tshirts will be hitting a few shops including Ebay just in time for Carnival! so expect to see crowds of people Boy Better Knowing!

Now Listen up! On THURSDAY 8th JUNE, Jme is dropping of a set amount of 100 BoyBetterKnow Tshirts in Uptown Records (I warn you, i recon it will be packed out!) and ive also heard that If you buy a T from UPTOWN RECORDS you get a free Signed copy of BoyBetterKnow Edition 1!



Does Cookie Really know what hes getting himself into?

Scorcher & Cookie had a little tif some say like a year ago, some say months ago! WHO KNOWS! But the fact that Cookie had to wait until scorcher was locked away to drop his CussTrack! seems about .... well anyway.. download these 2tracks below, can i also say if i upload any tracks and they have expired message me through myspace and ill upload them again!

Cookie should be in hiding, Seeing as its not just Scorcher hungry to get his hands on him hes also got.....

The Cookie Monster Ready to Munch that pretty boy face off

Scorcher - Beef with?(Re-upped 12.6.06) (Taken from Simply the best)

Cookie Slewing Scorcher(Re-upped 12.6.06)

"Spoke to him about it but true say he aint heard it he thinks its a joke that he took a year to pluck up the courage to reply." Wretch32

Hopefully i'll be hooking up an interview with scorcher seeing as hes out of prison next friday, thats what wretch told me. So hopefully by next week ill be able to inform my crazy lot on whats happening!

OI! yeah ive started to put my reviews and interviews on the blog that you get on myspace! so make sure you suscribe to it! Because you know how im on the updating game!

I'm on it like new potatoes.....

Today i am mostly Hyper about: Swinggggggggggggggggggggggg i got Tempa T pictures of when he was young! lol EXCLUSIVE i tell you.... i'm going to do a Jme and make you all wait!

You dont want it with the Bizzle Hyper so Kick back.. You hear me blud?

Taking a break from the full time day job, that is using thesaurus's to research more words that use references to the sound a gun makes. Lethal Bizzle and the whole Fire Camp have got together to set up their tents, huddle in a circle and get ready to watch their scorching heat blow up in their faces.

Consuming a stack of blazing grimey productions by Pow's main man Dexplicit, Skills & biggaman. Chucking in some classic Fire Camp catchy (like headlice) melodys, throw in some exclusive grindie tracks from statik and while your at it pile on Dj twister mixing up this feast. NOW this is what i call real refreshments infront of a camp fire, i was just expecting marshmellows but now im excited.

I know what your thinking "Why are you listening to Fire Camp, when you cant speak a word without cussing them". Thats a good point Mr. Blog but this mixtape brings a whole new meaning to levels in the mixtape industry. No one can take away the fact that Fire Camp have their own sound, they've formed their own corner in the scene. Grindie also makes a small but impactful appearance on the mixtape, with Lethal proving his intelligence "2x2 is 4 YEAH i'm Clever". Although he obviously underestimated his brain cells as his screaming antics have increased his hate mail by 100x over! Proberly from Mariah Carey and Sweep (Sooty&Co) who must of been horrified to find out they had such big competition with the Mind Blowing Squeek Award.

If i didnt buss & TheTruth are just plain and utter merkaling, taking a bar for each person who he feels to throw a little abuse at, i tell you what that list is long:
D Double E, Flow Dan ,Donaeo ,Sticky ,Riko ,Tiger ,Goodz ,Crazy T ,Dizzee ,Heartless Crew ,Craig David ,Romeo ,The Streets , Just to name a couple!

Hyper Verdict:
Like Fire Crackers this Sh*t is Crackling... theres definatly a hand full of decent tracks id recommend. Might aswell go out and buy it for the individuality of it AND to support the scene.
Lets be honest with ourselfs though, we all know what Lethals like, 60% involves his bars! so you hardly get to hear the talent in the rest of the camp! Lets hope he licks super glue and maybe his mouth might shut for the first time in a decade. Some of the constant talking over some of the tracks from Lethal gets a bit on the i'm going to commit suicide if he doesnt shut up side of things. We know you dont get along with Wiley and that.. We know you flopped and got back on your feet but lethal.. its time to move on.

Tracks to put on repeat:

1. Had 2 Go- Lethal Bizzle
2. Air on the Roads REMIX
4. Agent X- Tiny Tempah (Aftershock)
12. It's Not Long- Ozzie B
17. Air Pie- 2Face
22. Kickback- Lethal Bizzle
25. If I Didn't Buss- Lethal Bizzle

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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