Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dirty Canvas - 18th November & 2nd December

18th November has D Double E (Newham Generals)
& Frisco (Boy Better Know)
2nd December has Ruff squad alongside
several Special Guests

Sunday, October 29, 2006

You're Simply the best.....

I got hold of Guns and Roses Vol.2 and Slix Vol.1 the other day, and to say the least some
of the tracks really touched me. 'Parenthood' (Slix Vol.1) is a track which focuses on Slix thanking his parents who have helped him throughout his life and supported him during
his hard times (Guns, drugs, girls). It made me reflect back to when i was a bit younger
and how i regularly took my parents for granted. Maybe not as bad as others but i still stayed
out all night, done drugs, hassled them for every penny they had. Despite this, my parents
still provided for me, looked after me and loved me even with my flaws.


This friday, it will be 4 years that my mum passed away and to this day i still regret what a little b*tch i was. Like we all do, we all don't recognize that life in its self is precious and you dont realise what you have till its gone from your reach. My mum was the most genuine, kind hearted individual i have ever come across (I know people always say that but in this
case i promise you it was true). She become severely ill due to high levels of cancer taking
over nearly every organ, day by day i saw a humourous woman turn into a weak old lady.
The last memory of my mother was of her resting unconscious in a quiet empty hospital
ward, eyes shut and peacefully dreaming. With me sitting by her side, still not realising that
this would be our last moment even though it was obvious she would never arise from her 'sleep'. It was only that day that i told her how an amazing mother she was and how ive
always longed to make her proud... I just hope she heard. It truly rips me apart inside
knowing that i can't even tell her how deeply i loved her or even call her up to let her know
what kind of day i've had.

I don't even know why im sharing this, but sometimes the only way you take notice or
realise an issue is when people just put it right infront of you. Some of you are lucky
enough to have your mother, father or even a special someone in your life supporting
you through whatever comes against you. So why ignore that fact and neglect, hurt and
punish the people that love you because as soon as its taken away from you
Believe me everything will be layed out and become so clear. People used to
tell me this same story, how they had lost someone and how they wished they hadnt took
them for granted. I just sympathized and then got on with whatever i was doing, seeing as
i had everything i needed and thought it was invinsible. We're all rapped up in our own little world and don't realise whats right infront of us. So while you're doing your daily duties,
reading my blog? watching Eastenders? eating the whole fridge? just remember tomorow
is a new day and anything could happen. Have fun while you can... Laugh, because it gives
you wrinkles and once & a while let them lovely people in your life, that make it all
worthwhile know just how thankful you are.

I love you Bobby,
I love you Mum,
I love you Dad,
I love you Nanny Nell & Ken,
I love you Grandad Patrick,
I love you Grandad & Doreen
I love you Baldy Patch (you know who you are),
I love you Laptop,
I love you Grime Scene,
I love you Pat Butcher Massive,
I love you all the people at rwd (even though i cuss you regularly),
I love you all at Dominos Pizza, (My old branch)
I love you Charlotte,
I love you all of my entire family,
I love you KESH/ZEZI's dress sense (its Fab),
I love you Patty Patrick,
I love you Adam,
I love you Shan & Aman,
I love you Lily ( i didnt forget you )

Sorry for the quick adjustment to the blog the humour will be back.... i promise.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wwwhut? Saturday 28th October - Plastician and Wonder


93 Feet East
150 Brick Lane
E1 6QN

To see the flyer in all its glory press BIGGER IMAGE

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Movement took over Dirty 'Sweaty' Canvas

Grime and Good vibes arent usually words you would see together, but when Dirty Canvas is involved then you're set to have one hell of a night.

Dirty Canvas, is a monthly Grime night which always has the hotest names on their line up.
This month saw The Movement, Logan Sama, L. Man, Kode9, Magic and Zezi taking their skills to the front. They received a room full of skanking, head bopping and gun fingers to say the least. Grime virgins won't find it too hardcore so the vision of Grime raves being attended by crazy children high on crack flying their arms about on some mad skankin vibe will sadly be demolished. Everyone is extremely welcoming and the ICA is a decent venue to introduce you to the new sounds of the scene. On the other hand if you're a true grime head, what could be more inviting than alcohol and up to date artists spitting uncensored bars!? Please note anyone whos afraid of fast moving smelly objects should refrain from approaching the front, its the equilavent to an indie moshpit.

What i thought:
It was a fan'f*cking'tastic night, i met chantelle fiddy yeah shes got a new look. Dyed her hair red and its obvious whos been eating all the pies. She greeted me at the front, but started searching my bag, touching me up like rubbing her hands all over me telling me to "put your arms out girl" i thought i was getting jacked! well i wont lie i enjoyed it. When i got there LATE i just saw L dot man walking out the long white hall, then i was told that none of The Movement were going to turn up. i was literally ready to go home....

DSCF0190 (Large)

They were Wrong!!!

Alot of the front crowd were getting pushed from all the skanking and literally falling on top of the decks, Logan even stopped the set, crossed his arms and said step back or im not carrying on. It took me back to them school days... all that was missing was the cane (Ohh yesss logan bringggg that cane, Bend me over oh yeahhh)

I Dance like a pigeon whos spotted a chip! *Bops head and swings arms*

DSCF0199 (Large)

While Logan was chating me up dropping all the lines (hes smooth)
Ghetto took to the Deckles and was dropping the next beat in like a P.R.O!

DSCF0185 (Large)

Scorcher drawed for the Wiley Slewing bars but received a mixed response...
everyone kinda went a bit silent like OHHHHHH NOOO HE DIDNT!

DSCF0215 (Large)

Ghetto tried to Dutty wine up against one of the turntables, He got bwoied, the Technics werent having none of it i heard them say "What do you think i am some kinda cheap easy decks from Argos, NAH BLUD"

DSCF0172 (Large)

Big up Dva and this next random chick who kept beggin to be my friend! for the last time
stop trying to hold my hand i dont KNOW YOU! (Shes a big girl really) she knows Pat Butcher there tight like this *Crosses fingers*

DSCF0162 (Large)

What kinda night would it be with out KESH, and her multi-coloured bumbag!

DSCF0210 (Large)
"Its Wretch Yeah and im gonna flow like Wretch Yeah!!"

DSCF0200 (Large)

I asked Ghetto did he use colgate?
Response "Coure i do star" *I take picture*
Noddy is that YOU!!!!!............ ooh sorry nah its Wretch

DSCF0197 (Large)

Too be honest i think lightning was given the mic too much. I would of prefered to of heard more of the main three because he kept spitting the same bars about ears. Even Scorcher looks like hes fed up of him grabing up the mic.

DSCF0180 (Large)

This guy with the white glasses is some kind of LEGEND! he skanks like crazy... a true professional. If this is you please send me a message on myspace i think im in love.

DSCF0187 (Large)

If you are thinking of going don't , DON'T wear to many layers inside and take some body spray i stupidly forgot mine and its not a big look when you're puting up your arms and that.

Oh yeah i have a copy of Guns & Roses Vol.2 to give away and also a copy of Voice of Grime Vol.1 and ill run some questions on my next posts so all you cheap people can get hold of it. Keep a watch out...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Boy Better Know Signs to 679 Recordings...


Obviously this is good news, but any girl Lady Sovereign gets Jay-z to sign her and Jme gets left with Mike Skinner. Hmmm.. Lets hope Jme gets what he wants from the scene and establishes himself in the commercial world. We all know hes one of the main players in the Grime Scene whos got that business mind frame. I can see it now, Prince Harry with his exclusive William Better Know tshirts, Front covers of Heat and Ok with glamourous pictures of Jme with his Big Tasty and Skepta with his tool hanging out of his boxers Gay times maybe. Wiley running How to be late/dont turn up and still be around at academic level. You never know what my come in the future...
January 2008:


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

L dot man - Impatiently Waiting Track 16 Is the result of a rowdy football hoolagons drunken night out..................... Sick!


My Grime dreams are back, Last week Prancehall and i had some sort of exchanging of bodyfluids. Which ended up lasting 10minutes due to fact he dumped me for Jammer and posted pictures of my bits and bobs on his blog. Then the other day i had some random dream which involved my dad (Biggest Charmer Ever) trying it on with Chantelle Fiddz (she was on it like a pigeon on them lions in Trafalgar Square). What's next for me? Making love to skeptas fluffy hats!? *Note to self.. Buy fluffy white , hmmm maybe even a chocolate hat*

Styleslut and i were robbed by The Streets, They took my bag, my favourite pen and they even took my little cuddly owls - OWLY & TRACY!
OK! all they actually stole from us was the DMA award for best music blog. I came a random 24th and Styleslut 5th (They slept with the judge).

Lady Fury >> Bearman with bait make-up and a toddler size adidas tracksuit.
( I still have that bait Sex camera phone video of you Mwahaha)

Its mad how each and everytime i step into Stratford, Tempa T and his fluffy high top always seem to find their way to me. Another Mc spotted... Ears literally 2seconds later munching on a JerkBurger with little cute plaits, another person was spotted but i could get head butted if i share that destination with you.

I have a couple little projects on the go... Grimedon (Hotspots of Grime) and a little thing about the hard work put into the scene which is never focused on.

Apart from that... Getting drunk everynight, and merking Tuesday Quiz Night is a must for the everyday student.

The Students Guide to Grime living will be finished sooooon.

Jme you're a star on the flash buttons!!!!!!


Out Now

ANOTHER THING... Wiley trying it with D Double and Footsie!? whats that all about...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Saturday, October 07, 2006




Friday, October 06, 2006

Aim for targets that sit real high "ahhhh let me just get my breath back (cough - choke)"

Maximum's been working hard (Shrinking chocolate bars, making lickable wallpaper, you know them umpa lumpa jobs) so they gave him the sitting down pose.

To get straight to the point, Slix Vol.1 only £3? Why are some dumb individuals uploading it and dashing it about like penny sweets. Madness. Lord of the Mics 2 got delayed more than armagedon and now people are Yousendingit quicker than i can say "Is Bob really your uncle?"

Derkhead & Tropical Brought to you by Boy Better Know

(Big up J.M.E on the excluse)

Like Wiley voiced before his Tunnel Vision Vol.2 got leeked, like something that just got pulled out of Pauline Fowler's allotment. "Grime ain't dead!!!" ...
Grime is steadily coming back to life with the new releases of Slix's Slix Down Vol.1, Ruff Squad's Guns & Roses Vol.2 and (is it grime, is it hiphop?) Impatiently Waiting which is from no other than L dot Man (Free download here)

There are several forth coming releases which are said to get all our ears breaking and not just the ground. Plastician's album labelled Beg to differ, Jamie Adenuga's double pack which contains Derkheard and Tropical and Skepta's long awaited Greatest Hits album are all set to be released mid November. The Movement Mixtape ?.... is this gonna happen?

Tracklisting to Beg to differ:
1. Intensive Snare (feat. Skepta)
2. Symptomatic
3. Shallow Grave 2006
4. I Can't Believe Its Not Benny
5. Real Things (feat. Chronik, Skepta, Tempa T, Frisco, Esco)
6. Hocus Pocus
7. Vio-Lent
8. Walk In The Carpark
9. Badboy
10. Japan
Should be released late November / early December



Talking of ARE YOU DUMB? Theres been reports (Gossip) that the slogan in which Murkle man himself is venturing out with in the form of his own Tshirts, is the cause of yet another beef within the grime scene. Since Jme released the R U Dumb track, apparently Murkle man's been P.i.s.s.e.d. Jammer has apparently said " I started that shit and aint feeling other people riding on it".

I wonder how far the beef will go?...


("Serious Jammer, it was an accident...")

Thursday, October 05, 2006

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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