Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland - 15.12.06


While the rest of you were shopping and rapping your presents,
eagerly awaiting Christmas in your warm, snug houses. Two dozen
or so Mc's, DJ's and Producers huddled together to gain any
centigrade of heat on their trains, planes and automobile's voyage
to Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow.

Cookie taking a bite of the most expensive sandwich EVER!
We'd been up all night and damn we were hungry.

We sat down in Mc donalds for what seemed like 4months, and then
went back to a studio where most of us attempted to catch some Z's
although many decided it would be fun to warm up their voices and
practice their bars.

Several hours before the rave, I caught some freestyle footage of
most of the Mc's on some random corner and gradually many
Glaswegians began to surround us, excited but a touch confused.
Black the Ripper was charming the knickers of every girl there,
even one boy wanting a touch of the action. After selling nearly
every mixtape they had on them, witnessing one of the weirdest
fights, EVER and me trying to attempt to ask the crowd that
surrounded us who their favourite Grime artists were
(I literally named all the top names, I said "...Wiley?" and this boy
finally smiled and said "Yeahhh I got the Grimey Vol1" ...
Then we went to one bar, topped up on our caffeine and went to
the rave.



After the sound check, It began obvious that people from Scotland
were a touch confuse of how to dance. They seemed a touch timid,
so I and my associate Diana told the DJ to put any top Vocal tracks
they had and we literally went for it. It obviously worked seeing as
all the Mc's joined in with us, all it took was the audience to see a
couple of minutes of us jumping around like Jack in the boxes...

and the night was away.


DJ Ironik


The night debuted with several sets ranging from "Pow" to Kroniks
"Way down the road". Which gave the audience of many Grime
Virgins, a lesson of basslines and crazy london dance moves.
London's DJ Scope and Glasgows Taz, spun the turntables until
the crowd couldn't take it no more, they needed London Live.
MC's Black the Ripper, Impulse, Cleaver, Revolver, Styler and
Rinse took on the task and shook the crowd. Glasgow wasn't
the worlds most prone country for earth quakes, but Grime
was about to re-write history. With all the crowd pushing and
crazy moves, gunfingers started to appear through the heads
of the frontline. Cookie and Chipmunk soon hit the stage along
with the rest present, MC Cookie gave us a chocolate chipful of
bars including his Private Caller classics "Boyyy Boooyyy".


Dexplicit soon took his turn to the table and clapped up the intimacy of
the evening. With MC's breaking to give the DJ time to drop some
further lessons to the swarm, Shizzle took this chance to free up the stage
and give his spectators a little skanking tutorial (Raj we missed you).
Soon a sneaky fan had made his way on to the stage and was what
some would describe as 'bopping up and down like a pigeons head'.
It was part of the experience that London gave to Scotlands largest
city. Soon Shizzle dropped his unique Jamaican accented lyrics, with
Singer Yasmin melodising his flow and DJ Ironik taking over the decks.
Shizzle gave us tracks from his 'Best of Both' mixtape including
'READY FI D WARFARE' and 'GOOD VYBZ', obviously he couldn't
step on stage without giving his memorable bars from 'PULL UP DAT' and
'AVE SUM OF DAT'. The night though hadn't finished there, it
continued to send observers in a frenzy as most had never experienced
anything more grime than watching several clips from Channel U.
"I've heard about the sound and it's atmosphere ... thats why i'm here
to see what you guys have to offer" was something said by another
member of the crowd. Although this wasn't just any onlooker,
Pharrell Williams was in the back, skanking, bopping his head
like there was no tomorow.

Black the Ripper raped the mic
Scotland MC's Vs London MC's

Just before the night was about the end, Scottish MC's Hendy and
Philliz approached the stage and gave the astonished crowd an introduction
to their Grime. Proving that yet again, Grime IS making bigger moves
and influences than swinging baseball bats. (No sendage)

Dexplicit was alot

Photographer Diana with one of her groupies...

Thank you to Hendy, Nonsense and Taz and all the Scotland Massive.
Also Thank you to All the G-Fam and Shizzle, Ironik, Yasmin for
doing alot.


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