Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dirty Canvas Vs 7 Year Glitch 13.01.07


Clashes are unquestionably a regular occurrence within the warring zones
of the Grime scene. Although these battles usually include the sly ‘your
mother’ remark and the odd indirect dub, not two of London’s leading
underground nights sending for each other’s bar staff and security.
Dirty Canvas Vs 7 Year Glitch, was a free invite that definitely included
blood on the dance floor.

DJ Magic

Philippa Cardinal

Brains on the deckles

The conflict began with Dirty Canvas's resident DJ, Magic introducing the
venue with his trademark grime set. It included a timeline of classic tracks
from Mercston's Good Old Days to Wiley's Gangsters, giving Dirty Canvas
a few happy slap advantages against their rivals. 7YG's Philippa Cardinal
and Brains got off the floor and hit back with a blend of hip house and
disgustingly dirty ghettotech. Vice's Prancehall then deepened the
wounds by dropping his personalised mix of crunked out hip hop and
dancehall. While the DJ's were ready to bring arms house to their
opponents mother's house, the crowd that soon gathered around the ones
and twos seemed oblivious to any rivalry. They continued to skank away
to the genuinely enjoyable nified underground mellow sounds that 7YG
gave, until Bok Bok began his lower end spasms of grime.

DJ Scholar, with BOK BOK whispering to his Brains.

The unusual selection of exclusive popular Grime was perhaps Dirty
Canvas's champion winner, with his choice of dropping Ruff Sqwad’s
Xtra which hyped up all the room to get on their feet. He soon made
way for Ruff Sqwad's DJ Scholar and MCs Fuda Guy, Dirty Dangerous,
Tinchy Stryder and Rapid who possibly gave, one of their most energetic
performances in years. DJ Scholar took his turn to the table with an
assortment of rapid beats, Died In Your Arms Remix, F'in Riddim
and Nug. Hooded up Stryder took the lead with the mic, despite
his height, he was blatantly the biggest emcee in the room. Fuda Guy
powered through with his pulsating hypeness on the mic and lively hand
moves. RBX’s Show Me Love sneaked into the mix and pushed trampolines
under every observer’s feet, making the whole club explode into foolish
acrobatics. Their performance sent imaginary glasses smashing around
7YG's pride, all was not finished yet.

"Watch the skank"

Tinchy & Fuda Guy

Two top mcs


Dirty and guy

Fuda looking like he has a high top

High tops were visible all round the room; although we knew the rest had
some serious competition when Slew Dem's Tempa T arrived with his
entourage of S.K.I.T.Z Beatz and Dynamik. When Tempz gripped the
wire of the mic, we knew we was about to witness a cold blooded murder,
of the set. S.K.I.T.Z Beatz’ Battle Riddim had been patiently waiting on
the lonely turntable and was screaming for the play button to be pressed.
POK POK brought the parade clapping drums throbbing through the crowd’s
senses and Tempz took his first swing. This P.A was reloaded over 7times,
and with every "Reach for the baseball bat... Swinnnnng" the crowd followed
through, shouting "TEMPZ" after every bar like clockwork. With many
concluding this P.A with the thought that Tempa T was a one hit wonder any
guy, then we were about to be showed what the real 'in ting' was. For the
second time RBX's instrumental crashed and he freestyled his heart out
giving us a little preview of his soon to be released 2000 And Paks and what
it would offer.

DJ Bok Bok (Also know as POK POK, sorry about that alex) with Tempa

Everyone walked in thinking this was T.

Soon Purple arrived with G double of Renegade boys and took a different
angle with his smooth freestyle that included lyrics from Fire, Still
Breathing and Falling Angel over several Boy Better Know instrumentals.

G and Purple

Although when the night came to an end the fight for top underground
movement was clear. 7 Year Glitch may have come equipped with their
DJ’s but Dirty Canvas were fully prepared with a handful of DJ’s to turn
them into shape, a whole squad to ruff them up, a single emcee to swing
them at the back of their flats and 2 men that would definitely make any
G turn purple.



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