Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's all getting a little boring...

Sorry for the lack of general information on my blog. Too be honest,
minor random things about Grime doesn't really float my boat anymore.
Too many real issues are appearing through the surface and it's
becoming clear that Grime needs a good old kick up the bum.
I think 2007 is make it or break it time for the scene, Fans and
'supporters' can either download the music that they seem to love
so much or go out their way to contribute. The thing is people
seem to think that the minor act of downloading Grime artists
work is innocent. Although it's not the one off occasion that people
do this, I understand it moves the scene into further fields and new
people get to listen to the sound, BUT! downloading & sending mixtape
after mixtape is not exactly doing anything for Grime, only improving
their forum/intenet credibility. Without good investment, the people that
make good music that you download but don't invest in,won't be making
it anymore. OPEN YOUR POCKETS.

This isn't obviously the only issue with 'fans', most girls who go to
grime raves are only there to conquest anyone who has a mixtape
out and this seems to scare of other females who want to show love
to the music they adore. It's got so bad when I give an artist a lift
home rumours creep about that im some sort of begging groupie.
Think about it like this, if I didn't give them a lift home then
they would of most definitely never of turned up.

This leads on to another subject, punctuality which seems to be
some issue that even the biggest signed Grime artists can't tackle.
With there only being 3 to 4 regular grime nights in the whole of
London, you would think that 'artists' would jump at the chance
to showcase their talent. I'm not moaning for you to turn up
hours before a rave or night starts but come on, if you want
your fans to buy your mixtape then at least take a little
pride in turning up. While some artists actually turn up and
don't flop the events, theres the issue with an artists/crews
performance. Standard skills like holding the mic at the right
distance and remembering your bars. Even having enough
lyrics to take on a full on performance, it's not fun to watch
someone jump about spitting the same bars over and over.
A full on performance being around an hour, obviously
most don't get booked for this amount but its good to
carry through having a lorry load of bars to spit.
I do argue though that Quality is better than Quantity.
So having 1000 of bars with no meaning is a waste of your
and our time. I've been to a handful of performances of
Ruff Squad's and most of the time without Fuda Guy
(who has an amazing energy) and Tinchy (Who has the
energy and bars) they just stand there with hands in their
pockets like they are waiting in a queue. I do rate them
though, they turn up everywhere and on time,
although sometimes i do wish they wouldn't.

Pockets at the ready.

If people are coming to see you at least give them something to hype about.
True say Guns and Roses Vol2 is sick.

So with this issue brings money, some artists charge dumb amounts for
the big opportunity to show their talent. I recently asked Nu Brand Flex
well Boya and Saskilla how much it would be for a P.A of Gash by the Hour
Boya replied with £200. I might aswell just play their track instead of waste
£200 on a couple of any guys. People are going on like they are Pharell Williams or Jay Z.
I understand you have to survive but out of the Grime scene you are ANY GUYS.
Especially if the odds of you turning up are 1 in 10,000.
It's not a big look to think you can rip off people who will pay you
for you to perform, in London, around the UK or Out of the country,
just because they don't have much knowledgable about Grime.
Charging ridiculous amounts, when just putting your music out there
to different crowds will prove a lot in the long run. Especially as this is
one of the main reasons for many club owners to not book Grime emcees.
Particularly when most of you can't even perform.

Mixtapes. Now none of you can sell as much as JME just by having them
on the shelfs. When you are an unknown its not impossible to do alot,
Random Impulse who is more of an unknown in the scene sold 8000
mixtapes to date, by hustling them himself, people up westend selling
them... when he performs he sells them, its in record shops. Its about
will power, you don't have to be Snoop Dogg to sell and not being lazy.
Promoting it everywhere you go, putting it out to every media source
not just stalking Chantelle Fiddy and begging her for a review.
( I tried that before and it didn't work) Also if you're a not well known
still get out there to every grime night/ rave possible its a good
opportunity to talk with established artists and get advice.

The whole scene, artists and supporters need to take a good hard look at
themselves. Artists take your music to new levels and have a professional
attitude. Get yourself on radio, to Club nights, raves regularly and be
consistent. Don't think dropping one track/mixtape a year ago will sort
you out for life, it won't. ... If someone says your swag... Don't shoot/stab
them, take it on board and improve yourself.
Also note if you are a swag Producer/MC/DJ/Singer or anything else, please
stop, give up and hand yourself in to your local police station, its murdering
the scene. Just because you know talented artists in the scene or you're
related to one of them doesn't mean you are a big artist.


Violence is a bait issue but the one that has merked off most of the
media/venue/police love (if there was any). I do realise that alot of
Artists bring 'weapons' / fight at raves as it is most likely a moment when
people will take you for a mug. Although alot of the violence is because of
pure hype... Settle! Take your business some where else, if you don't
people will learn and won't book you AGAIN!

I would bore you with all the great albums and mixtapes that are going to
be dropped in 2007, but like 2006 alot was promised and most of the
levels were average.

One more thing, theres no need to be so rude... having a radio show,
having a couple groupies tell you you're their god or having a video
6months ago on Channel U doesn't give you the right to think you're
anything more than the people that listen to your music. If they weren't
there you would be Air. Not every that approaches you wants to be your
best friend/have sex with you/ beg you to be on their track.


  1. real talk all the way

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Yes Hyper, the best words I've read in a long while.

    hooker james.



    And all that jazz!


    I've been thinking about that alot.
    Its even harder for guys that want to promote the music. You approach some of these emcee's and they think you wanna beg friend or that your some neek. Dont they know all they do is providing music we like to listen to.

    It doesn't go any further they dont put food on our tables or pay our bills, so stop with all that bravado.

    All that standing around malarkey. They can get away with it in Stratford Rex surrounded by 15-21 year olds that know about the music. But to an indie/scensters/hipsters and all that crowd you need to come with something a little different, dare I say professional if you could. I agree without Fuda and Tinchy Ruff Sqwad would have been dead.

    Wow! To Boya and Saskilla charging 200 pounds for a PA! Do they not know how much some other established acts in the music scene charge? And they pack out venues and turn up on time without the 100+ entourage. People need to get serious.

    Its like they're all waiting around for someone to hand them deals but they aren't doing the fundamentals right so how is that ever gonna happen. Be real.

    - Stop Begging!

  4. Mz.Matic1:39 AM

    I couldn't have said it better myself to be honest.
    Your post sums up my feelings on the scene, and why I've pretty much lost all interest in it at present...which is probably a shame.

  5. Oh stop moaning. It's been this way since forever. Artists wre like this since before you were reporting on the Grime scene. It's not a new phenomenon.

    It's not even anything exclusive to Grime, it's just the far less reliable, far more drug addled and drunken indie bands have management and PR people sweeping up after them, and some form of infrastructure in their "scene".

    The problem with Grime is artists are responsible for everything, and that shouldn't be the case, because if they posessed business acumen they wouldn't be doing music in the first place.

    Nice of you to hit that wall that we all hit though. I remember when Chantelle Fiddy wrote basically the same article 2 years ago.

    Instead of moaning about the artists, just learn how to work round them, it's less head ache, trust me.

  6. Real talk. Too many grime artists with big egos and no talent. I wouldnt pay £2 not to mention £200 for Boy and sasquatch to PA. Actually I'd might pay about £20. Maybe.

  7. Anonymous9:09 AM

    logan's right about the indie bands and etc, but Hyper is still right to "moan"/tell the truth and she never said it's a new phenomenon since she started reporting on the scene.

  8. I think it was around 6months ago she wrote it but anyway... I never said it was anything like a new phenomenon. Although recently nearly everyone I come into contact with is fed up with Grime because of some of aspects I talked of, which are definitely taking over the main love that we all share, THE MUSIC. Fans shouldn't have to work around it, If artists are having trouble then like you said it doesn't take much to look at how other scenes do it.
    If artists don't at least take notice of like you said something that Chantelle Fiddy wrote 2 years ago or 6months ago... then how is the scene going to develop and move forward?

    I never mentioned once that Grime artists should become suited business men.
    Surely if they do want to make any form of money or respect from their music then they should approach it like it a form of business, professionally.

    The reason people moan is to show that they care and to approach a subject with guidance. If this is such a regular area then i'm sure its not the last time that this will be mentioned, well until some take notice that is.


  9. logan is right on some levels but at the same time... there needs to be a high enough level of promise and potential to warrant putting up with all the bullshit. Sometimes its there and sometimes its not. I get very frustrated about some of the things Hyper talked about her but at the end of the day I can press play in my iTunes and chances are a song will come on that will remind me why i bother. Still one worrying thing is those tunes are getting older and older with fewer new ones to replace them. 2007 is - creatively - make it or break it year as far as im concerened

  10. pacey5:59 PM

    very good blog mr h. frank i toalty agree with the downloading part, all tho i have download certan things in the past, im now thinking of the bigger picture ,i mean if u download tracks/mixtapes ur not giving the seen da big up it needs ! i dont even think it about da artist getting paid, its more about the music inderstrie noticing rising sales,and thats the only way the seen is gonna grow that and to get rid of all wasteman mc,s and ones that cant b botherd 2 turn up( i mean u try all ur life 2 get noticed and when ur name gets a little hype , u get lazy and dont turn up 2 events) if ur harts not in it just dont bother and make way 4 mc with the engery drive and dertermination 2 bother and turn up and perform a good show !!!!!! anyway i dont normaly comment blogs but id show my love 4 grime/dubstep and last but not least hyperfrank! keep up da good work!!! p.s if u wanna pass thu and check my page its,


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