Monday, February 12, 2007

God forgive me if I snap my cam!!


The blogs been dead for a bit, for the simple reason of busy, busy, business
and me buying a life on Ebay. Well it was either Alesha's wedding dress or a
life, but i got outbidded on the dress so i thought ahh might aswell buy
someone's soul. I've got alot of events to update you with and im gradually
trying to juggle stuff and get it done. I've got Dirty Canvas, Lady Sovereign at
the Scala, The Fix Up's Dubstep Vs Grime (Leeds) and Stylesluts Party.

While I was in Leeds, Owly was rushed to hospital, it seems that Plastician
and the Fix up's promoters (who I can't name for legal reasons) forced Mr
Shower Owl to drink can after can of an alcoholic fluid. Skepta attempted
CPR and Jme looked on in shock trying to hold back the tears, while
Plastician attempted to KillofOwly. Big up the ambulance crew that gave
Owly (Real name : Bobstickle Bamboozle) a stomach pump.


Luckily he is here to live another day.
Also Big up Footsie, after months of arguing, cussing and insults he finally
gave in and listed Owly as a better emcee than himself. It's the most
truthful thing he's said in years. He also confirmed the rumours that
his mother is Katie Price, keep it on a low tho.


I hardly see Owly these days, he's always driving about
with Logan (No homo - well not that I know of) flapping
his wings to the latest exclusives in Logan's CD changer.
I hear he's on Kiss 100 tonight, hosting the show with
Essex's finest DJ. Hope you two are very happy together,
not like i'm jealous or anything, But you never heard this from
me ok, but Owly sucked on a peanut and he enjoyed it.


No Lay was ON THIS TING.


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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