Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sorry, Sorry, Pardon? What?

Apparently Grime gossip is my thing that i'm good at. (I think).
Although everything you read here is 99.9% true.
So you can trust me. ok.

Ignore what everyone may tell you concerning the originators of
the UK underground music scene, UK Hiphop & Grime, Garage...
whatever you people want to call it, came to life after this track.
Blazin Squad started it all.
I remember one of my friends back in school religiously used to spit
this lyric "Who's that? get off the train, Avirex jacket in the poor of
the rain, WHY TAKE THAT MANS CHAIN? No more trouble made"
That was deep, that explained life's meaning, allow Mos def and Nas...
this is REAL lyricism.
Imagine you get to be on a track and you get lumbard with
"See you at the crossroads... SEE YOU..SEE YOU"
that's more shameful than being on So Solid Crew's 21Seconds
and get the "21 seconds... t.. t... t.."
Although could anything be more deep than Blazin's Squad's debut track
going straight to number 1 in the commercial UK charts.
BUT it took Dizzee Rascal numourous attempts, till his second album landed
in 2004 to get a top 10 hit. Par

Trust me, I know this is some complex Rwd forum language but
Kenzy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone in Grime.
If you haven't clocked yet I'm doing a little exposure.


Blazin Squads DJ and Emcee Tommy B is actually Logan Sama
back in his younger years. That's how he got his slot on Kiss 100,
because of his deep contributions to the music scene.

Oh if only Grime was as real and deep as some of the quality that
Blazin Squad gave us. Wiley would probably be on the World fundraising
comity for equality and justice for Eskimo's and their Igloos.


  1. lol i had a bredrin hu wud spit dat line over n over i cudnt stand it. i knew all da words n i hated it

  2. i know i'm four years late with this comment but BWAHAHAHJDIUFNQEJNV KOFVN.


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