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Everyone wants to be real// Someone told me no one wants to know about computers// But everyone wants to be Bill.

Lately i've had the pleasure of hearing alot of decent material, some of it being Grime and some being well NOT Grime. So let me just take this moment to go through with you what i've heard, what was crap, what was terrible and what was interestingly fabulous.

Frisco's Back to the Lab Volume 2:

The Usher of Grime is back on a different level compared to his first volume, I've got a couple favourites from it but I'd describe it as more of a blend of Grime and Hiphop (With pure Grime flow & Bars). A nice blend at that matter. I have to show love to Goldielocks and the other guy who produced 'Same Shit, Different Day'. Them beats are banging!!! Pure bangers coming from that blonde madam. COP THAT GOODNESS.
Oh yeah Aiya Napa Story is doing alot!! The full story exposed. I really didn't expect such a deserve amount of tracks from Big Frisky. BUY HERE

Frankyloads -
Time Is Right
Same Shit, Different Day
Grime Music
Ayia Napa Story
What A Cheek
Music Is My Life

Kano - The Mixtape

'Is this Grimey Enough'? Well whatever your opinion about Kane is, know one
can denie his flow or sense that he talks. I'm not sure about what kind of tracks
are on his Album but for The Mixtape, there are no doubt a batch full of bangers that I literally can't stop reloading (x50). Just them tracks are worth the money! He NEEDS to put Layer Cake on the Album, Please... Please... Please.

Frankyloads -

F*ckin' With The Team
Buss It Up
Layer Cake
Mr Me Too - "They hate yah when your signed to a major" RELOADDD
Be Real
Outro - Big up Mr Skanking Kapone for pointing this out.

Dizzee Rascal - Maths & English

I was lucky enough to drop by XL earlier in the week, since most press aren't
getting a listen let alone a PROMO (Leakers must be P I double S E D). I was told that the Album tracklisting has finally been confirmed, since they all seem to be changing their minds on what sounds the best (You're running a record company not a bloody sweet shop). So I think I'm one of like 10 others including XL that know what will be on the album (Not that everyone cares, but I do and I feel to show off, WHAT). I think the actual only difference is they took over LEMONS or something!? PRE ORDER
So here it is....

World Outside - Knife and Forks being sharpened? In one ear out the other

P*ssy'hole - Blood don't let me get old school, This track is ALOT

Sirens - Only really like the ending where the music gets over spooky like
something out of Adams Family or something, But his Flow is mad, I think
Oh yeah did you know Dizzee is on the Drums, ey ey ey!? don't care!? me either
But the track is still Alot and one of my favourites from the Album.

Where's Da G? - Crunky kinda, with UGK's Bun B & Pimp C, This is a big track, Maybe

Paranoid - In one ear out the other

Suck My D*ck - Singing like he's on the set of Annie/Grease, "My Hat is Low, and my trousers too, people say I'm rude, BUT I don't care coz, I'm the shit, So you can ALL Suck My D*ck" How Romantic

Flex - More of a Dance/Soft Garage track... Slow, Fast, Up, Down...Bring it Back One of them ones. Please Note that's actually the Chorus

Da Feelin' - The Shy Fx beat is mental, Pure Drum & Bass. Although Dizzee doesn't really flow too good over it and just as he does he starts talking practically half way through

Bubbles - Ok well it's Hiphop, but it's still quite catchy from what I can remember "Money Money Money, Girls Girls Girls, Gash Gash Gash, Let the Champagne SPLASH SPLASH"

Excuse Me Please - One reflective, THE WORLD IS SO BAD kind of tracks.

Hard Back (Industry) - A guide for an Mc to make it. TAKE NOTE PLEASE!!
"Journalists, these are the people that can put your name about, so be careful what you say when your talking out your mout, avoid being ignorant, tone down the thug sh*t, come to interviews buzzin, tone down the drug sh*t, keep your eye on the ball and your mind on the job, AND before you know it you'll have the whole world on your knob"

Temptation - Taken from a sample of Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys. it comes across as some sort of Indie Vs Grime with the trademark clapping verses Indie guitars. Clapping blatenly one, anytime of the day.

Wanna Be - Featuring Lily Allen . Well it's pretty funny especially Lily talking about "What do you know about being a hardman? Your mum buys your bling!" (Hyperfrank trademark) - It's basically Lily's LDN rolled in a ball and backed in with Dizzee's Dreams. Lily needs to work on her vocal chords, too weak.

You Can't Tell Me Nuthin' - Suppose to be some sort of tribute to Grime fans It was pure air to me. Although it might take another listen... Hmmm.

Theres also going to be a 30minute documentary around the time that the Album drops (June 4th) called I Hate Dizzee on Channel 4. Look out for that.

Wiley - Playtime Is Over

So the first listen I was like IS THAT IT? but listening through the second/third time, I clocked alot of bangers. Like an album should be its not all just hype, he's got a really nice track dedicated to his little daughter which would make any sad individual cry ie... ummm no one. Of course as everyone expected its GRIME. Some people go on like its hard to make a Grime album... maybe it is.... maybe it gets boring... maybe im just hyping because of listening to BOW E3. Even though I have listened to it 69times, doesn't make me weird right!? hmmm.
AHHAHA @ Wiley putting an instrumental at the end of his album.... like its Tunnel Vision.

Frankyloads -
Bow E3
Baby Girl
No Qualms
Nothing About Me
Get Along Gang
Playtime's Over

Plastician - Beg To Differ

1. Intensive Snare (feat. Skepta)
2. Symptomatic
3. Shallow Grave 2006
4. I Can't Believe Its Not Benny
5. Real Things (feat. Chronik, Skepta, Tempa T, Frisco, Esco)
6. Hocus Pocus
7. Vio-Lent
8. Walk In The Carpark
9. Badboy
10. Japan

Released on 18th June (2007 hopefully)



Will Wiley turn up? that is the question!

If you're from out 'the endz' make sure to come, northampton is nearer
than you think. Going to be ALOT ALOT ALOT!! Come along, Owly
is a kissagram for the night. £15 a kiss.

Stacey Slater won't take my place! Anyone got Charlie's number?

Skepta's just made his video for - Sweet Mother, apparently it features Stacey Slater's Mum... the girls ACTUAL MUM!?. Hmmm I see what he's trying to do, he could of chose Pat Butchers girlfriend but just to P me off he picks some any girl off that dusty stall's mum. We'll see yeah, when you try come in the bookies or the vic you'll have Pat & Peggy to deal with. Don't try it in the launderette either, Dot and me roll sheets deep, ya c me.


  1. eugh mannn rascal's titties are freaking me out

  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    2007 grime albums:
    arrrgghhh FFS.
    i downloaded the bootleg off wileys album, and its shit to be honest, i only liked 'bow e3' and 'playtime is over' most of the tracks i already have. and alot of the production seems a bit samey. i wont be buying this one.

    judging by your description of Maths and english, i wont be buying it (well not at least after i download first.)
    btw if thats the cover for maths and english, its well ghey

    wont be buying kanos album.

    might buy plasticians album (even though i have most of the tracks)

    is skeptas album ever coming out?

    is newham generals album ever coming out?

    will klass A ever release anything.

    who else is releasing albums this year???

    i bet 2007 will be a bad year for grime, just like 2006.

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    forgot to add:
    friscos mixtape was big.

  4. Anonymous3:37 PM

    i certainly agree with you both!

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    that stacey slater pic is pure photo-shop! you never met her!


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