Friday, April 13, 2007

I put my boy on my mix cd and all he can say is my name aint on it

Tempa T and Rage about to strip in leicester (Photo by: Hyperfrank)

I've been showing no love to my blog for a while but blame Chantelle Fiddy, I don't care what dumbness people say about her or how much of a Groupie she is!?? IT'S MORE AIR THAN YOU GET (WHICH IS ALOT) She is Fabulous. No I won't pull my head out of her *whistles* it's actually pretty warm up here. Blame Fiddy for hooking me up with so much work and being the advising young woman she is and keeping me away from writing boring pointless blogs. I have come back with MORE KNOWLEDGE and better dumb opinions and some may say, a bigger head.

Skepta in Leicester (Photo by: Hyperfrank)

Seeing as my blog has been chating breeze for around a year I'm celebrating. Although I'm not really on making a video/party dedicated to a celebration (P's are running low) so I thought why not do some mad GIVEAWAY to one lucky little someone for just being a reader. Not just some yeahyeah win some CD. Grime giveaways! Think Free tickets, think dvds, think mixtapes, think albums, think tshirts, think Grime Art, think dead pigeons. And just for one person. Should be ready for around the start of May, but don't worry i'm not Ear's or any Grime Mc so I do mean what I say.

Trim's mixtape..... waste.... liked 3tracks on there, sounded too rushed.
It's not about rushing your first ever thing you put out solo.
Although big up FINALLY someone pushing a full Grime mixtape.

Ny's Mixtape - Ok well we all know she's not Mariah or Whitney but in
reality it's what you do with your voice and what songs you use than
how many harmonys you can fit in in 3minutes. I really liked a bag
(A VERY BIG BAG) of tracks from this.

Goldielocks, Rapper, Producer and DJ (Photo by: Hyperfrank)

Tinchy's Album - I've heard SOME people giving it stick, and for what? because Goldielocks raps on one track. 'Stereotypes' is definitely one of my favourites which has Tinchy and Goldie Locks spitting over one sick beat... which just happens to be produced by Goldie Locks aswell. I've played the album through a couple times and it really grows on you i've got a couple personal favourites but the most insightful track is 'Rely On Me' which has Stryding Tinchy talking about p*ssed people make him.

Wiley's sexy new album cover for 'Playtime is over'

Bow E3 is some sick song the maniac beat is ALOT! listen here - Bow E3
While I've been busy Dizzee also sent for Wiley on his track 'Pussyhole' Download
that right here. Dizzee Rascal - Pussyhole .

I was suppose to go to this seeing as I grew up near Hatfield,
But seeing as I go to nearly everything I allowed myself a break
and bloody Wiley chooses to turn up. Chipmunk looks murked.
The best freestyle I've seen ever from Chipmunk is the one he done for
me when I was with him in Scotland. I'll try load it up on YOU TUBE soon.
Along with Black the Ripper , Rinse and Impulse.

A question before I'm gone, Is Kano really that bad at hiphop?
Hasn't he contributed enough to the scene for him to be able to
say YOU KNOW WHAT i'm going to experiment!?


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    no kano isnt bad at hiphop, but he's 100x better a grime.
    and theres a difference between experimenting and completely deserting the scene which made u big.
    an album produced my DaVinChe>>>>an album produced by Mikey J

  2. Anonymous2:14 AM

    surprised u thought trims mixtape was waste, there sum big tracks on it, definately fresh on the production side. when tinch's ting out.

  3. I've heard alot of hype over Trim's mixtape and it was average, I've even been told by certain people that he even said its rubbish. The second mixtape should be MUCH better (I hope).

    I'd hate to be signed, MAD PRESSURE! Not everyone's Wiley, Not everyones going to stick to Grime. If you don't like his stuff don't buy it. I DO AGREE Kano was alot on Grime. But ey... what can you do... Dynamite done it KINDA. they'll be back sooner or later, they also do. (Hopes)

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    i'm sure its "MAD PRESSURE" to be signed, but why do artist move away from the scene which made them big? grime is one of the most fresh and unique genre to come out of this country, it puzzles me why signed artist decide to make an album from a dieing genre (hip-hop). There nothing wrong with doing a couple of hip-hop tracks but a majority hip-hop album is too much. Boy In The Corner for example and Showtime to a certain extent were majority grime albums (with the Exception of a couple of tracks) yet they both went gold and BITC won the mercury prize. Grime singles such as stand up tall (top 10 i think) and POW (number 11) did quite well commercially. doing hip-hop would only put u in the shadow of american rappers because you would be doing nothing unique. why buy a uk hiphop artist when u can buy an american who can do it alot better?
    i bloody hope kano comes back to grime coz he is a very talented Mc.

    p.s. soz for the small essay, i had to get that off my chest

  5. Anonymous11:59 PM

    have u ever thought about trying to write your blog in coherent english? man's finding it hard to follow out here...........

  6. and you say I don't write in 'Coherent English'?
    If you're finding it so hard send me a email of what you don't understand and i'll spend all the hours of the day getting my dad to translate it.

  7. Anonymous9:56 PM

    jus got frisco's 2nd mixtape, that guys bars are so dry i nearly fell asleep! only decent track is when he gets help from skepta, trim,an 1 with flo dan. Kano's is pretty waste as well, he's got bars but a mono tone flow that jus gets boring. the hip hop scene can have him.


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