Monday, April 09, 2007

Tinchy Stryder - Breakaway Out Today


I actually love this sing, some have criticised this saying "it's not Grimey enough" or I don't wanna support for some stupid reason. That's you I guess, but I'm my own person and I'm backing this all the way. Buy it for the Ruff Squad B side.

For those who want to support 'Breakaway' can buy it through Itunes MP3 download. Also from HMV internet shop and most stores. If you're too young to have a Visa Electron or Solo card. Beg your parents, its the only way...

Itunes Download Download Single

It would be a good look to have Grime in the charts, so if you do have a spare £2.99 to buy the proper single from HMV or 79pence from Itunes and you like the track. Support.

Listen to Tinchy tonight along with Kano on Kiss 100 tonight with Logansama.

P.S: I'm going down to HMV to buy a couple of these now, and I'll give them away on here later. There's also a little rumour that if you buy several CD's together in one purchase. It equals to one sold for the charts!? it would be air but if you are going to buy a couple at least buy them separately. While you're at it hop on one leg and do the chicken dance.

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