Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dirty Canvas Tonight (5th May 2007)


My sexy husband Logan will be there slapping Cameo's sly self on the deckles.
Is anyone else excited about hearing Nasty Jack's Pimp on Flows waste mixtape?

No!? me either. I will be the girl outside when Nasty Jack touches mic, along with the
rest of the people who love Grime.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I only read this WASTE Blog to see what you had wrote about Nasty Jacks Mixtape, The tracks i have heard so far on Logans show are Bigg tunes, alot better than alot of shit that comes out of the Grime scene.
    Don't you think your being a bit Bias about it even tho you haven't heard it yet?????

  2. Hey nasty jack you enjoy filling out the outside of DC!?

    Exactly how am I being biased to say that I think his mixtape will be waste!? It's an opinion ... do you see THIS IS THE GRIME SCENE'S OPINION .... blog!? its weird how logan only plays 1 or 2 tracks off of the mixtape. But yeah I will hear it soon... and I will give my honest opinion... If its good... then i'll hold my hands up... but its not exactly what im looking forward to.

  3. Lololololol

    Don't u just love grime??

  4. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Well we will all just have to wait and see what the his mixtape is saying seeing as no one has heard it yet. Alright fair enough your entitled to your opinion, But to make an opinion before you have all the facts is bullshit, We all know Logan may as well call himself a Boy better know/Roll deep Dj cause thats all he ever plays, so seeing as he is your hubby an your so close why dont you go ask him why he only plays 1 or 2 Nj tracks and while your doing your pillow talk thing ask him why he always bigs up Nj's music and doesn't try and waste him off like you have tried to do at any given chance.

  5. No!! Logan plays alot more den Boy better know and Roll deep, so don't talk rubbish OK!!


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