Saturday, May 19, 2007

Everytime we argued it would get out of hand, she would try and beat me up like she was Jackie Chan

I wonder where Skepta's inspiration for them fur hats came from!?

DSCF3493small copy

This Week: Every music lover has their favourite artist who got them into the sound. Where Grime is concerned, it's usually Lethal B, Wiley or Dizzee. In my case it was Dizzee and just the other day I had the chance to meet him, of course I jumped at the chance. Now I expected some rude skinny boy to screwface me (which I would of been happy with, COME ON its DIZZEE) and then go about with the interview he was scheduled to do. I was completely wrong, since this grown man, a face full of smiles approached me shaking my hand (Don't have a sex wee, I know you are all jealous, i'll put my hand on ebay.. starting bits £50!?). I was even lucky enough to sit in on the interview ask him a couple questions about the current Grime scene and all that Jazz, which all he seemed to be interested in saying was yeah NEWHAM GENERALS... yeah Newham Generals. I also tried to ask him when is the album coming out for Newham G's, he said soon! President T soon? or Riko soon? "soon". Oh and apparently D double E is releasing a solo project aswell. but I swear I heard about that like 2years ago but anyway.

I was p*ssed he didn't show his man boobs... I wanted to hold them in my palm and compare them to Jordans. Guess i'll just have to do Marcus Nasty's breasts.


Camera crew love it these days.

This is a quick bit of footage I took at Frisco's launch party with Jamakabi (Remember him, no he didn't die, he's actually alive somewhere) and JME. If you check the video, it's bait who's lost their hype and should give it up.

Random Impulse, Chipmunk, Rinser, Cookie and Black the Ripper, in Glasgow.

This is the footage I took when I went to Scotland last year (It took me years to edit because YOUTUBE is a wastecadet and has a 100mb limit). Enjoy...

DSCF3503small copy

I also experimented with suicide just the other day at the video shoot of Lethal B's new single "Bizzle Bizzle". Big up the director though, Mo. Big movements on Albert Square.

DSCF3502small copy

Some waste man stole my bike chain, knew I should of got insurance for it.

DSCF3508small copy

People love to over dress for Lidl job interviews.


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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