Monday, August 06, 2007

A few comments...


Just would like to say RIP in regards to Mike Reids passing, literally a day after my birthday. Since Hyper/frank is partly dedicated to his charector in Eastenders I was pretty upset to know that he won't be popping back for a 3minute cameo in any episode soon. RIP.

Just got back from spending a couple days in Paris, I already miss the food, the people and the weather it was too much. The music is very french rap orientated over there with the odd american artist dropped in...

Isit just me or do both these guys look like french football stars, Henry and Zidanne.

Also all this hype about Badness, I'd actually like to state that I did go out my way to write what I did for the added reason of not finding it appropriate in voicing these sort of lyrics let alone at a Love Music Hate Racism Sponsered night (I didn't realise people weren't aware of this). Plus Dirty Canvas is dedicated to bringing music to new audiences without the fear of intimidation for the way you look, your style, your lifestyle you choice , beliefs or skin colour. Every single person is entitled to say what they want and feel thats possibly the reason why I've enjoyed listening to Grime music for so many years (7 years to be precise). Although being an artist is a responsibility and you should gradually learn the skill of when certain lyrics shouldn't be appropriate to perform especially with certain crowds. An artist wouldn't perform sexual/violent lyrics at a girls 8th Birthday party, no one benefits from it.

Another thing is this whole 'Hyperfrank's trying to shut down badness'. I'm voicing what I think... that's all I've ever done on this blog. I have the choice of who and what I listen to and who's music I buy and boycotting if I choice to is mine aswell, anyone that can highlight a point in the quick post I made on the issue, about me saying how EVERYONE should boycott him or shut him down, by all means send it through, I can't see it anywhere. I have known about and pin pointed lyrics which also contain similar content, although Badness didn't just make a track or two, he chose to voice these types of lyrics at an un-appropriate time. I've chose not to buy into this sort of music which contains this type of content and I won't stop doing that. Be aware as an artist that your lyrics & music will come under scrutiny and if you don't like it you can't start threatening every person that has an opinion about it.

If people find gay people so scary and find them so discusting, by all means go and poor your heart out on a track over it. Doing this cuts you down to the same narrow minded people just like you, who proberly won't even bother buying your music anyway... you'll get a reload for a pay cheque.

How can a career end when it hasn't even started? The world is more than blogs, internet, forums and your area, just because its not on your screens in front of you doesn't mean people are just sitting there doing nothing. NO single person in the Grime scene is in any position to say who can and can't listen to the sound, who care's if someone's been listening to Grime for 8 years or 3 months... It's music not some crazy club where you have to of gone to every Sidewinder and every radio show that ever played a Grime track, because if it did come down to that I'm sure Grime would have a fanbase of -455.

Also - If people enjoy going on radio voicing how real they are and how much of an influence they have on people, then talk about leaving people with bullets in their head tops. Then you look in the mirror and you still have your head firmly your shoulders. You have to ask WHERE IS YOUR HEAD AT? and how real is someone when its so obvious that its all talk and no action? This is running into a different argument but this is all I'm going to say on the matter.


  1. Captain Nero7:26 PM

    Well said franky, u stick to your gunz!

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I don't know what it is but over time it seems that repeatedly white have an urge to indulge, exploit, benefit from and then set the agenda for all tenets of black music. I'm not saying that in this circumstance Badness behaved in an inappropriate manner cos he did, but why is it almost always a white person to come in and lord it over the 'black ghetto folks'? Sometimes white people need to learn that they can be walking into a cultural situation when dealing with these issues rather than lording it over black people and 'banning' artists. A discussion is needed rather than blanket decrees because comparing homophobia to racism is as comparable as homophobia to being anti-paedophilia. It's not even close. The only thing that unites them is hate. But I hate paedophiles and I'm very comfortable with that.

  3. David9:35 AM

    I wonder if Badness is going to recognise you in the crowd at the next sidewinder...
    if he doesn't i'm going to try and point you out to him, tehehe =]

  4. If he's performing then you can bet I won't even bother going. What would he do if he saw me, throw pointless threats my way again?

  5. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Not really sure why you think it makes any difference that he said those lyrics at a Love Music Hate Racism night. I could see your point if it was a Love Music Hate Homophobia night but it wasn't so stop equating homophobia to racism. It's deeply insulting to so many people for you to compare racism to homophobia and some people think that you are in effect equating black people and gays.

  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    7 years? lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  7. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Anonymous i totally agree with you on comments 2 and 5 (post number 2 mi haffi gi yuh pure bullet - tho not literally)
    Madame Frank: i think that people were more offended by the fact that you compared homophobia with racism, rather than the fact that you disagreed with his lyrical content!
    It cant compare.

    Im not going to get into to the whole black music, homophobic ting, cus it will get long. But i think its just that people werent happy with your comparison!

  8. Anonymous11:35 PM


  9. NeekiNESS12:53 PM

    Wow a response!!!!!!!!
    Every1s got a point
    but i will say i dont like racism and homophobia being put in the same boat coz it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO aint,
    however i do feel that the love hate racism peeps are trying to promote a peace n love type of vibe and the comments made by Badness showed blatent ignorance and disregard for that hell learn thou i dont think he'll be gettin loads of booking after that performance!

  10. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I know im a little late with this one (with the amount of people that have responded previously) but im LOVING the passion and loyalty that the fans have shown to the scene on that last post, keep supporting the artists/scene! (They cant stop the 'grime' artists coming into the country like they do with reggae artists, -we're here already bitches - but just be ready for a total ban on homophobic lyrics and make sure that you keep backing it then).

    Its just a shame that with all music stemmed in Black culture, there are always issues with lyrical content.
    Hyper is there talking about the homophobia, but its ok for these same artists to talk about killing each other on a daily right?
    Keep the music alive, our music is stemmed in our culture, so it is more then likely you will get artists drawing for material which reflects their cultural heritage. Homosexuality is not 'usually' accepted in Black communities, so then its not surprising this is expressed in Black artists music.

  11. Anonymous6:26 PM

    To the second poster, I find your views disturbing. you seem to have alot of issues with skin colour and labeling genres based on colour. it makes me imagine how people who have been degraded because of skin tone would feel about you trivializing what they went through just to claim a genre.
    what you are expressing is racism! you are differentiating and catagorizing people through skin colour, it's disgracful.

    And the comparison of homophobia and racism is not only pointing out the HATE that unites them, but more importantly, it's about the people that feel the pain from that hate, and actions that hate leads to.

  12. Anonymous3:08 PM







  13. Anonymous5:20 PM

    LARVA. you say racism in incomparable to homophobia yet you offend people by comparing the hate of child molestering demons to grown men and women who have sex with consenting grown men and women.

    dats just like comparing a loving relationship with rape. u knob.

    the reason WHY you dont see many OPENLY gay people in your counties is because of the FEAR that STRAIGHT FUCKERS have instilled in dem u PRICK!!

    Open ur fucking eyes u twat

  14. Shan-- yes i bloody love it3:36 PM

    I think your all going abit far actually.... the comparison between racism n homophobia was pointed out because it was at an event that does not condole any sort of HATE which is obvious in racism and homophobia, theyre both types of discrimination, its an event where people can go to LOVE MUSIC n not be judged. just because its not called love music hate racism, homophobia, violence, guns etc doesnt mean it dismisses homophobia.... whoever said that white set an agenda for black music clearly has issues with race themselves and if that was really the case u wudnt be hearing grime in clubs or anywhere public... No im not white n im from a jamaican family n no how gay people aren't exactly supported but this isn't jamaica...its not acceptable to openly show hate to anyone that doesn't agree with u especially if u wouldn't expect it back.. by all means keep writing these lyrics n performin them if its how u express what u believe but if u wanna be a professional artist n get far u cant throw issues like this around. i'm not goin as far as sayin i dont go as far as not listenin 2 buju banton or nethin lol coz i do but then again he's not performin at dirty canves is he?!

  15. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Damn, this just keeps on going. But i gotta say to Shan, your comments dont make a bit of sense! No, we are not in Jamaica, but like someone stated above, alot of these artists/listeners come from backgrounds were homosexuality just isnt acceptable or the norm, so they do express their cultural views in their music.

    And secondly, just because artists express these views, does not make them any less professional. And they should not have to compromise there opinions/beliefs just to get 'FAR' in this industry, thats complete rubbish.

    (Thats probably why the person above mentioned that white people try to hold down the music "set the agenda for all tenets of black music" cus when artists like Buju or Sizzla, are banned or blacklisted in this country, they will continue to get support from the people who understand/respect the music).

    Im just glad that these artist wont compromise their beliefs just to get 'far'!

  16. u have basically jus dismissed everythin iv said without really understandin it... don't tell me i dnt make sense just because YOU dont understand not illiterate lol ur only makin urself look bad by suggestin that hatin gays is a 'cultural' thing, i no many jamaicans..heck im bloody jamaican lol.. n while some may not agree with homosexuality its not right to demean them at a CHARITY event set up to make ppl feel comfortable in an environment that gets alot of press for being violent. u may not no that but then 2 go n be homophobia when there are gay ppl in the audience isn't that professional. i said by all means carry on with it but dont give grime a bad name by doin it in places where ppl can get offended then go n write off the whole grime scene as violent n unconsiderate. obviously im not sayin dont say what u want coz this aint jamaica but to be respected in this country u need 2 also go along with the different situations eg. ppl say bun the chi chi in jamaica coz its actually illegal n its not thats all im saying.

  17. j don1:12 PM

    Their is definitely an agenda for black music, and this blog goes to prove it. Like people have said before their are many factors about grime music which Frank has failed to comment about, such as the promotion of violence and such. Grime music comes from a mindset and culture that she does not understand, in my opinion she is using her privilege to use\exploit the music to further her journalistic aspirations. Same as record labels, Tv stations, use and dictate to us, Its not a coincidence that black music got changed to urban and bare DJs and Journalists who are clearly DO NOT understand where the music has come from are now famous and dictating the way forward, taking all the good jobs and making a great living for themselves. lol 7 years

  18. j don1:19 PM

    how ironic that you name your self after the homophobic, racist and sexist comedian Mike Reid. Does wonders for you credibility. I love grime, I think not!

  19. Shan..2:44 PM

    Ur being too vague..why are u bringing up such general points when this all started from a review of an event...dya think hyperfrank is the bloody government or sumthin she isnt trying 2 instill some sort of hate into a so called 'culture' ...use ur comments more productivly and stop verging off the topic

  20. J don if u can do a perfect job of representing grime in a well rounded manner with no mishaps then stop reading this blog n contributing to sumthin u dont support n start ur own...lets see how bloody far u get lol stop tryin 2 put someone's hard work down..u say hyperfrank does not understand..then when she says sumthin u dont agree with its a conspiracy lol u jus wanna good old internet argument init...put that passion into somthin else

  21. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Shan yeah, im not disrespecting you in anyway. But you are chatting complete rubbish. (and i aint even gonna brush you about your sentences being a bit shabby - sorry)

    Your Jamaican yeah, and what? You yourself stated that you dont agree with homosexuality. The same as the artists who just happen to voice their opinion on it. How are you and them different. They dont agree with it, and they just happen to be artists who openly talk about it.

    Why was it ok for eminem to chat so openly about being homophobic, then being able to perform with Elton John? Its simply because he is white.
    Um, when shabba/buju/beenie did the same thing, what happened then? They were totally slaughtered in the media, so badly that it still affects their careers today.
    So why then can eminem still sell so much millions, and not be banned from the country or slaughtered by homosexuals, when he is saying the same thing as these artists.
    Um, makes you think dont it!
    It is simply because he is a white artist.
    So if he choices to chat his lyrics in an audience which has homosexuals, is HE then being unprofessional?
    Do his opinions then write off the hip hop scene, or write off his career, no it doesnt.
    So you saying, that what these artist do:
    1. "isn't that professional"
    2. will "give grime a bad name"
    3. will "write off the whole grime scene as violent n unconsiderate"
    4. and "to be respected in this country u need 2 also go along with the different situations"

    So do you also feel that this is what happened to eminem??? Nah didnt think so.
    It only happens to Black artist who openly talk about homosexuality. Which is why, when higher officials try to ban, 'or set agendas' for these artist, or when journalists try to blacklist certain artists, we have to take a stand and question why. We have to continue to support out artist who continue to promote our cultural beliefs, regardless of whether we are in Jamaica or England.

    Look at the bigger picture, it wouldnt be the artists that flop their careers, its the media that do that by scrutinising lyrics. Just like what hyper frank did. Read what j don wrote!

    Hope this gets my point across in a way which is not confrontational, but is just trying to make people understand, its a bigger problem then the lyrical content of the artists.

  22. i dint even read that comment as soon as u brought up eminem lol how do u know whether i disagreed with that or not...u dont so leave it at that...i aint verging onto sum general topic...yer it might be relevant 2 a general race discussion but not 2 one brought about about a certain charity event...stop tryin 2 rant about any old crap from 5 years ago... deal with here and now and stop digging up old news

  23. Anonymous11:51 PM

    by the way im not all for the media..i fully understand how black music can be not a silly girl lol so sayin my comments are 'shabby' or that i dont make sense is just catty... all im trying to say is thats a whole other discussion.... in my opinion (NOTE: opinion- everyone should be able to have a valid one) i think u should be concerned with the facts of THIS discussion when hyperfrank is being indirectly labelled as racist... theres nuthin more prejudice that throwing labels and stereotypes around....ur no better than the so-called white racists who interfere with black music

  24. p.s. i'm sorry if in my previous posts i wasn't using proper punctuation and grammar i didn't realise there was a chance of them being published in the evening standard

  25. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Sometimes you cant get through to some people. They are so ignorant, that they think a post like this is not going to cause offence or be considered a slight bit hypocritical! Its funny that Shan can defend this post, when she hasnt even got a valid arguement to put forth when people question her.
    And its funny how Hyperfrank can get more comments for this, then any other post, yet doesnt feel the need to back up her arguement adequately.
    Let them be.

  26. Ignorant- maybe...or maybe i just don't care for anonymously posted comments on the internet that have no real foreground, if your so angry about these issues do something about it in the real world... u will be faced with disagreements and different opinions wherever u take ur 'argument' for u 'getting through to people' will just be a lost cause
    i find it really weird that u get so into naming people and 'working out' personalities over the internet...u dont know me n im pretty sure u dont hyperfrank so do urself a favour n step away from the computer lol

  27. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I can only say what i see, same as you! Nah i dont personally know you or Hyper, i can only judge you by what im reading!
    As for me, well my name aint gonna show nutting about me, all i know is that i try to PROMOTE BLACK music in the 'real world' (dances/writing/promotion/production/etc). And try to educate people on the politics that surround of Black music.
    So just like how people might agree with Hypers arguement, and decide to boycott certain artists, true say they dont agree with the lyric content.
    Some readers might agree with my comments, thus continuing to support the movement/artists.
    So it can never be a lost cause!

  28. Anonymous10:16 PM

    theres a differnce between promoting black music and promoting a hieracy based on ur colour, i think ur doing the latter...ur generalising peoples motives by race ...thats called u fink its bloody 1964? i didnt hear about the boycott? gimme the details...ur exaggeratin a young girls opinion of one person into some huge discussion about eminem, buju banton and jamaica lol its unbelieveable, dont act as if black music is oppressed thats just insultin to all the successful black artists who are basically dominating the music business right now...if ur gonna try n be politically correct don't bring skin colour into it coz ur chattin crap

  29. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I think if you read the whole of the comments, then you would understand the whole of the arguement.
    Its not about being politically correct, that has nothing to do with it ???

    Colour does come into it, if you read the comments/arguement fully, you would understand that! The comments that people are making are not aimed at the BLOGGERS colour, they are trying to explain the complexities of the music.
    I didnt see anybody once say that the commenters are racist, they are trying to focus on the fact that race does play a part, based on the culture of BLACK music.

    Until you understand that then you dont really understand the argument, so then you would think that its being racist.
    The boycott comment i dont think was about Badness, but on reggae artists!

  30. Hyperfrank does not understand, a fact that is clearly obvious from her reasoning, if she is going to compare homosexuality with black and white, and whatever other foolishness, it shows a lack of understanding. Her comments are political, lets not play it down. Hyperfrank is a JOURNALIST who has created an internet blog on the premise of 'I LOVE GRIME', where she writes her OPINIONS based around grime. As a person who probably does not have the same experiences (culture etc.) to a lot of people who make up the core of the scene, she has to learn the correct way to approach certain sensitive issues.

  31. Anonymous2:22 PM

    I agree!
    A perfect example of this, is a recent forum topic on the RWD website about grime slang. Where alot of grime 'listeners' where asking what certain 'grime' slang words, and what they meant. It was deep. If your not from a black cultural background (particularly jamaican) you wouldnt understand half the slang that they talk. Which means if you dont understand the slang, how would you understand what they mean when they chat?
    To understand the music, you must understand the culture.

    I know this is totally off topic. But it does go much deeper, regardless of all that, Hyper has a right to her opinion on Badness, but there is a way of going about voicing the opinion.

  32. Anonymous5:53 PM

    So it's ok for grinme artists to talk about guns, killing, robbery etc etc but not ok to be homophobic....hmmm.

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