Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where's Ice Kid?

Was Just in Clarks the other day listening back to Logan's show while getting my shoes measured, I'm nearly an adult size it's big round here. The show featured Wiley, who brought along Chipmunk and Maveric to spray on the freestyle set. While I was looking at the selection of sandle numbers I thought to myself where's Ice Kid? Everywhere Wiley used to be, Ice Kid seemed to be tagging along right behind him, jumping on sets and radio with him. As many others seemed to have noticed as well, it's obviously not just me being a drama queen! Anyway - Logan Sama Kiss 100 - 6.08.07 listen back, Chipmunk merks.


  1. Wesley9:35 AM

    i agree, icekid seems to be completley cut off from eski beat. if you snoop around the myspaces ther some evidence somethings happened. maybe he left eskibeat?

  2. Maybe Wiley thought his voice would be light and cute all along and not turn into some half-fucked thing.

    No really, Ice Kid is sick, his voice is cool too, sort of different.

  3. I don't know exactly what happened but I'm sure I've heard Ice say fuck eskibeat.
    Can't be too sure though...Big up Ice Kid, Hoodstars.


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