Friday, September 07, 2007

Now I'm getting older my heart is getting colder test me and its overrrrr

So I've been quiet, why? many may ask. Hiding from Badness? I'm more scared of my nan's sausage rolls (Nan I love them, I swear). Been to a load of music video shoots, caught Ghetto out in Old Street with a fruity young blonde and I've been trying to keep track of all the sly sending going on.


Before I show you anything make sure if you haven't got it already to get hold of Tinchy Stryder's new album. Available at HMV, Play, Amazon and just about every independant record store you can think of. It's a really well put together album make sure its in your collection. ( My blogs been playing up so it's been really hard to post that's why this is so late, sorry Takeover)

Been through a mad amount of mixtapes these last couple of weeks let me just point out some of the best.

Axiom EP

Just don't ask any questions buy this now! 'why?' well why wouldn't you want one of the biggest releases of this year in your collection. Switching Songs Part 2 easily compares to all 6 tunnel visions and thats just one track. One thing is though is how clever he's come across. Not just in how he comes across but the way he's come out of the shadows from a long absense and given us exactly what we wanted. Someone who's proud to say they are 'grime', using that basey grimey dubstep edge in his productions and not just chating the bait gun/knife lyrics, very refreshing. Although one thing is will it last or is he just using us for a fanbase until he releases his album, so we buy it aint then find out its full of hiphop. Only time will tell.


Got hold of this the other day and skipped through it once, he has definitely developed from his previous releases, when I've had a real listen I'll let you lot know the full review. Although last year it was obvious that this young mc had the skill to be seen and heard up there with the rest of the talent in Grime even before Wiley got his hands on him and people started to take notice.


The Ghetto 'Jus begin' is by far the best track on there.


Had this laying around for a couple of months but picked it up a couple of weeks back
and I literally can't put it down. Especially when Geeneus mixes Stage Show Riddim into Rusko's Cockney Thug, some crazy reloads on that one. I don't even know if this is available but if it i'll make sure to drop a link in the near future.


I stupidly never turned up to the Dirty Canvas a few weeks back but most of you may of heard about Ghetto turning up and a little one on one clash happened. Although I wouldn't say as many have that Wiley won, how could you win a clash by spitting some any run out bars from your album? Look for yourself Part 1 (Starts at the end), Part2 and Part3.


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    do you think that ghetto won the clash then?because more are sayin wiley won. you say he used album bars but ghetto used mixtape bars

  2. Anonymous11:00 PM

    clashes at grime raves are about getting the crowd hype. wiley has a lot of classic bars that do just that.

    this isn't 8 mile.


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