Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pyro Radio grabs some of the War Report

So Rinse banned Grime for a total of 4 days now so it's finally being allowed back on like some little kid who threw his toys out of his pram, hopefully we should be seeing some more reports. Last night saw Wiley, Ghetto, Tinchy, Frisco and a few others jump on Pyroradio. I've tried not to throw around the 'blah blah deaded who' so freely because you lot should decide for yourselves. Also hear a mini Tinchy Vs Ghetto and Blacks (I think at the end of the set) sending for Devlin. We want to hear directs, like I've said before it's boring to hear done out bait bars we hear so regularly.

Pyro Radio 11.09.07


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    jus wonderin how come rinse banned grime, where is the clip that stryder sends for devlin. and wot ever happened to ears

  2. Apparently because of the Saturday madness and possibly Sunday's where loads of people were rushing in on sets, the people that own the building that rinse is in weren't happy at all. Even heard people were threatening to break doors down or something.


    I never heard Stryder sending for Devlin I heard Blacks (it sounded like him) couple mins before the end sending for Devlin. I KNOW he'll get licked down when the rain poors...


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