Monday, September 24, 2007

We hate racist people...

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To Target: "Why isn't Trim on the line up?"

The Love Music Hate Racism Charity have come together with grime's Roll Deep Crew to produce a video for 'Racist People'. Although as many may know this isn't the original release that many of you may of heard which featured Wiley, Trim and Scratchy. The New version has verses added on by Breeze, Riko and Flow dan along with Scratchy. While at the video shoot a fellow pal and myself tried to clear up why they didn't stick with the original, although they diverted away from the question and said " They couldn't make it" or some rubbish like that. We all know why Trim isn't there and with Wiley well - who knows!? Although I personally prefer the original the new line ups still do a good job.

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Let me not get away from the positive stance that not only this song is setting but what Roll Deep continously keep doing, supporting real issues. For many of you who aren't aware of the charity Love Music Hate Racism, they regularly put on rave and gigs with a mixture of artists from various different genres from hiphop to grime and indie, all around the country. They most famously put on a memorial concert for the late Anthony Walker in Liverpool, which also showcased Roll Deep on the line up which were Anthony's favourite group. They also put on regular discussions on the topic of racism and politics in universitys and local town halls around the UK. They also tend to set up these sorts of fun showcases around the target areas like Barking which has notoriously had much support from the BNP (Bald Narrow -minded- Pricks). They also do a lot as you may see from my excessive addiction to the words 'They also'.

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I heard Logan had been practising his pose all day by researching up on Calvin Klein advertisements.

While I was there the cousin of Anthony Walker came along to feature in a few of the final shots. It was then when he and his daughters (I think) held up the pictures of Anthony and I thought to myself, here's me moaning about how Trim should be on this track and wheres Wiley and all that nonsense when just alone if this song could make an impact on one person and stop them from being influenced by - sorry for my french - d*ckheads who think it's acceptable to discriminate/bully or even kill someone for the reason of race or any other petty thing, then LMHR, Roll Deep and all the others that stood for this picture have done an amazing thing.

- Looking forward to seeing this video on our screens, especially for Black History Month. I know this isn't exactly an awards show but I may aswell act like it is I'd like to thank Mo (Director) for inviting me along, all the people at LMHR (Please can I have a Tshirt) and Raj Kapone for taking the biggest bit of pizza ever and saying that Pizza hut is better than Dominos - he must be on crack.


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    You Hate racist people.

    Its more like you dont understand racist people.

    Everyones too busy hating on people with no education, calling them this and that, and not wondering how they can help educate racist people.

    Half the people in this pic are cos they are loving this little bit of grime fame while it lasts.

    Your in it cos ur some white gropie whos fancinated by something shes not.

    I think you people like to think you do something but you do nothing, you just alienate those people you hate futher.


  2. Anonymous4:14 AM

    you kno wat. i agree. it should be called 'Love Music, Understand Racism.'

    when you hate suttin it WEAKENS you!

    but what you said next i'd consider racist, because you judged what Hyper said based on her own colour.

    Anyway I'm laughin wat u sed about Logan still


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