Tuesday, November 20, 2007



While Dizzee is 'apparently' dating that moany Victoria Beckham wannabe and running away from grime he's also modelling for Wonderbra. What next a grime record?
In other exaggerated news Dizzee was also on Rinse FM with Dirtee Stank's oldest signings Newham Generals. Will there ever be a release from possibly the worst hospital in England? Let alone a decent Album? Please let me know and send me an email at whogivesash*t@hotmail.co.uk - Listen in on his Rinse set here

I'm making my own tshirts. 'F*CK BASSLINE'
Another year, another craze, another phaze.
I've been feeling physically sick, not only when I turn on the TV do I see DJ CAMEO (AG - AFTER GRIME) spinning T2 on his 1Xtra advert. I step on to public transport and there's kids from 12 to 55 year olds playing it out of their phones. EARPHONES PEOPLE - PUT THEM ON YOUR XMAS LIST. Then I switch on Radio 1, (where grime is more common than a pigeon underwater, skanking out to 'Switching Songs Pt2' while in a debate about the UK Underground music scene with an oyster) and T2 is literally played at least every hour. Don't get me started on Choice and Capital. If I wanted to hear a pathetic example of speed garage and vocals that make all the grime singers sound like Whitney, I'd smoke crack for a month with Dolly Pardon's Greatest Hit's being remixed in under David Beddingfield's - I Gotta Get Through This (Which is what I sing every time I hear speed garage, I mean Niche, I mean Bassline).

Been trying to find a player for my favourite Bashy - Black boys remix, couldn't so I stole this. Thank you. Take a listen to Ghetto, Scorcher and Wretch. It took me a very long time to talk to every person to let me put this up. Then just as I press the publish button I get the press release for this remix. (It's a PAR).

Bashy - Black Boys Remix (Wretch, Scorcher and Ghetto)

Also for my long absence (let's be real grime's been very quiet) download the legendary dubs from Wiley Vs Goodz.

I've been going through some strange phase of being addicted to Lauren Mason's new track. www.myspace.com/laurenmason1 (Check out - Look out for me)


I feel sorry for 'J'.

Oh yeah Scorcher is in Pen for the next 6months.
and no he didn't hit a woman.
When you come out Scorch, bring them fire greezy bars back.
We miss them.

What do you all want for Xmas?
Dad if you're reading could I have my Porsche in yellow please.


  1. Dont hate T2 for doing what his supposed to do, don't hate baseline music, enjoy and embrace it, heartbroken does get rinsed but so do bare other crap AMERICAN r&b tunes.

    Its good to see UK artists breaking through, specially as its a black youth too. great stuff.

  2. this blog is just basically a place for you to be wrong about everything, isn't it. yeah, so what T2 is getting airplay right now. outside of your little world (of what you consider to be grime)this is regarded as BLACK URBAN UK MUSIC, surely its a good thing that some of it is getting played before 2am on mainstream radio. maybe when someone smarter than yourself in a position to change things will join the dots and realise its all the same shit, then maybe everyone can start eating. anyway, i'd rather have heartbroken on repeat than listen to "black boys". not even the remix could save that swag tune.

  3. GOOD THING or not, I don't like it. I've been the first to say SUPPORT UK but why would I say it in this case if I don't mean it. How can anything be wrong, since everything I have stated is in the first person ie) ME. Plus 'bassline' is as you said and should be labelled under the same name as grime garage niche etc. All these different names confuse the whole process, although that doesn't mean I can't say my piece, even if people do or don't care. Remember the whole 'freedom of speech' argument. However, knocking my intelligence because I don't enjoy a certain niche market in garage doesn't mean I'm dumb neither does it change my opinion of the track. By all means support the music you enjoy as I will. But I won't give up my view to jump on a bandwagon.

  4. Anonymous1:28 AM

    Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions we wouldn't be reading this blog if we weren't interested in your opinon, it just seems like unecessary hate that goes beyond just "not liking" a certain type of music which is probably why some people replied agressively.

    This T2 track has been around for nearly a year and it's only just the last couple months been noticed, I'm pretty sure everyone who was listening to it since it hit the niche/bassline (same ting) clubs up north are sick of it too. As long as it gets more people intreseted in the scene its a good thing. The people jumping on the bandwagon will soon jump off.

  5. adidasgrandad7:21 PM

    hmmmm......some good points....i want that sidewinder cd for xmas still...nandos or chinese....

  6. Anonymous12:29 AM

    oh fuck off u moody cunt


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