Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm that girl that's why - Run up in a shop I'm something like Bushkin like that, that, that, that, that's mine

The most exciting thing ever happened this week, Logan forgot to turn off the mic through one track on his Kiss 100 slot ~( yes people, I know it was this year's highlight. We heard coughing and random grime banter. Shall I go on? no.

Enjoying the time with no uni are we Mr Adenuga? FINISH YOUR ALBUM.


Did anyone catch JME & Skepta in New York? It was last week I think and to cut a long story short - Westwood is a Muppet. "Skepta have you got a question for LL?" - like he's a 4 year old girl with his mum, who's taking him to the Santa grotto and LL Cool J's there with nothing but a red and white hat on, all wetted up, licking his lips like Skepta came (no homo) all that way to ask LL a question - Total PAR. They done a freestyle over that terribly outdated Soulja Boy Crank Dat (Which if you look deeply has the words - DONT BUY - in there somewhere, coincidence? NEVER!) instrumental. I think Skepta was trying to really impress the yanks with his new lyrics from his new track (video here). Which in my view didn't really impress me much, same with JME his 1,2,3 bars are possibly the weakest I've ever heard. These guys usually come strong but we all have our bad days, I'll blame it on bush. President Bush that is, don't get it TWISTED. What was Westwood thinking getting 2 of our biggest grime artists to spit over some commercial hiphop? I wouldn't be surprised if Westwood thought Crank Dat was grime.

Download JME & Skepta in New York - Freestyle here

While we are talking about Mr Westwood download the freestyle of when he had Ghetto on his show. Note that Ghetto had to bring in his own beats. No Comment.

It's certainly nice for the BBC to give Westwood ANOTHER show, especially as most of the artists he throws on there are all grime and we all know that Westwood knows his grime knowledge.

- "Yeah Westwood Ghetto's on your show today"
Westwood- "Yo Baby we got a brother from my home town Compton, Crank Dat"

BBC 1xtra must of thought, Spyro? Vectra? Maximum? Skepta? Mak 10? Logan?
Nah, just give Westwood another show and give him another bomb. He's the best person to represent is he? Of course you may say, Hyper stop moaning!? I won't, EVER!


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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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