Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sometimes I spit fast but still breathing bars Chips on class, Don't flow like I'm on glass, class A never that mate

Guess who, can you tell who it is yet?

People are quick to jump on the I hate Lauren Mason bandwagon but don't flick an eye lid (Well they do) about Westwood back shotting grime and the other wasters clogging up my sink. Go and hassle 8T2, his stuff is like so cutting edge - cutting the edge of my ear off kind of business.

Anyone who hasn't listened to or bought these new Rinse mix sessions should jump infront of a train. Rinse 01 had a selection of dubstep & grime and was mixed by Geeneus. Rinse 02 has recently been released and is primarily a dubstep mix by Skream. I wouldn't say I know too much about Dubstep but it's definitely a nice introduction to the sound, well not exactly the whole sound since most of the productions are Skream's but it's got a nice vibe throughout. Coki - Triple 6 is some Industrial factory madness and don't forget Coki - Road Rage. Don't get me wrong Skream's stuff is good aswell but these beats shined through all the other same old beats.
I will see who the next installment is from but I hope it's Spyro, come on Rinse - hook him up.


I went to Tinchy's Live Islington show nearly a fortnight ago with supporting acts, The Real Heat (Big up Styleslut like a 9months ago for booking these girls) who didn't get too much crowd reaction until they started shouting 'Lick me out!' Fuda guy hyped up the crowd for Tinchy and I heard Spyro was drunk out of his face but still performed really well. The rest of Ruff Squad popped out for Xtra and all in all was a generous amount of fun. I will try and do a full review throughout Christmas because you missed a decent night. Especially missing me getting elbowed countless times by a huge crowd of white indie kids (I know I'm white but hey we'll ignore that for the minute).

I've also heard some gossip from the grapevine that Ruff Squad aren't that tight anymore, some what of a Roll Deep type crew, jealousy and road beef. I also heard that Slix is signed and has been for a while to a Swedish label!? Someone could of been itching my leg because it does seem too random to even ask him.
Did anyone hear me on Scratcha's Breakfast show the other day? Straight firing the old 80/90's tracks out. If you missed it imagine for a second Benga & Coki's Night mixed under Rednex - Cotton eye joe. Straight leng a man down.


  1. slix new label may be devrim? sounds right cuz he rolls with max peezay and them guys... the only interesting act that label got is like; näääk. check his old/new version of wiley's 'gangsters' called 'mina gangstaz', the video is new (out now), the song is old old old.


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