Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shocking the Canvas


Theres also a couple other events with Boy Better Know
in Leeds and Nottingham for more info about that,
head to JME's myspace.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

This Friday, Hyperfrank is Guest Host with DVA 5 till 7 on Rinse Fm (100.4 FM)


Just putting the finishing touches to the final cd that i'm taking in.
Nothing fabulous but were going to give you a mix of classic and
recent tracks of Grime at its best. The tracks that make me LOVE
GRIME. I've got several out of London tracks from the likes
of Coventry and Hertfordshire. Yes, there are producers and
emcees out of the LDN moving the scene.

Lock in, I'll proberly end up arguing with DVA about the crap
attitudes of some of the people in the scene. Depends what
mood im in. Remember to lock in 5 till 7 tomorrow
(Friday 25th January 2007) incase some of you don't
remember what day it is. If you want some of your tracks
played or want to recommend some of your classic Grime
tracks to play... Comment/Email or Myspace me >>>

Radio - 100.4 FM

Towers of London Vs Roll Deep (Football Match)

Riko's p*ssed. That guys like a "Hiphop" crew will just get their guns out.
No wonder we can't get any venues without it being locked.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wiley takes a back seat.


So we hear over at that the Godfather of Grime has put down
the mic. Apparently he's concentrating on his family life, although I heard
from a secret source that the dropping of the music is due to a management
slot at a popular fast food takeaway joint. You heard it hear first.
He will be missed though, even though he only turned up to raves when
he wasn't even booked he still merked.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's all getting a little boring...

Sorry for the lack of general information on my blog. Too be honest,
minor random things about Grime doesn't really float my boat anymore.
Too many real issues are appearing through the surface and it's
becoming clear that Grime needs a good old kick up the bum.
I think 2007 is make it or break it time for the scene, Fans and
'supporters' can either download the music that they seem to love
so much or go out their way to contribute. The thing is people
seem to think that the minor act of downloading Grime artists
work is innocent. Although it's not the one off occasion that people
do this, I understand it moves the scene into further fields and new
people get to listen to the sound, BUT! downloading & sending mixtape
after mixtape is not exactly doing anything for Grime, only improving
their forum/intenet credibility. Without good investment, the people that
make good music that you download but don't invest in,won't be making
it anymore. OPEN YOUR POCKETS.

This isn't obviously the only issue with 'fans', most girls who go to
grime raves are only there to conquest anyone who has a mixtape
out and this seems to scare of other females who want to show love
to the music they adore. It's got so bad when I give an artist a lift
home rumours creep about that im some sort of begging groupie.
Think about it like this, if I didn't give them a lift home then
they would of most definitely never of turned up.

This leads on to another subject, punctuality which seems to be
some issue that even the biggest signed Grime artists can't tackle.
With there only being 3 to 4 regular grime nights in the whole of
London, you would think that 'artists' would jump at the chance
to showcase their talent. I'm not moaning for you to turn up
hours before a rave or night starts but come on, if you want
your fans to buy your mixtape then at least take a little
pride in turning up. While some artists actually turn up and
don't flop the events, theres the issue with an artists/crews
performance. Standard skills like holding the mic at the right
distance and remembering your bars. Even having enough
lyrics to take on a full on performance, it's not fun to watch
someone jump about spitting the same bars over and over.
A full on performance being around an hour, obviously
most don't get booked for this amount but its good to
carry through having a lorry load of bars to spit.
I do argue though that Quality is better than Quantity.
So having 1000 of bars with no meaning is a waste of your
and our time. I've been to a handful of performances of
Ruff Squad's and most of the time without Fuda Guy
(who has an amazing energy) and Tinchy (Who has the
energy and bars) they just stand there with hands in their
pockets like they are waiting in a queue. I do rate them
though, they turn up everywhere and on time,
although sometimes i do wish they wouldn't.

Pockets at the ready.

If people are coming to see you at least give them something to hype about.
True say Guns and Roses Vol2 is sick.

So with this issue brings money, some artists charge dumb amounts for
the big opportunity to show their talent. I recently asked Nu Brand Flex
well Boya and Saskilla how much it would be for a P.A of Gash by the Hour
Boya replied with £200. I might aswell just play their track instead of waste
£200 on a couple of any guys. People are going on like they are Pharell Williams or Jay Z.
I understand you have to survive but out of the Grime scene you are ANY GUYS.
Especially if the odds of you turning up are 1 in 10,000.
It's not a big look to think you can rip off people who will pay you
for you to perform, in London, around the UK or Out of the country,
just because they don't have much knowledgable about Grime.
Charging ridiculous amounts, when just putting your music out there
to different crowds will prove a lot in the long run. Especially as this is
one of the main reasons for many club owners to not book Grime emcees.
Particularly when most of you can't even perform.

Mixtapes. Now none of you can sell as much as JME just by having them
on the shelfs. When you are an unknown its not impossible to do alot,
Random Impulse who is more of an unknown in the scene sold 8000
mixtapes to date, by hustling them himself, people up westend selling
them... when he performs he sells them, its in record shops. Its about
will power, you don't have to be Snoop Dogg to sell and not being lazy.
Promoting it everywhere you go, putting it out to every media source
not just stalking Chantelle Fiddy and begging her for a review.
( I tried that before and it didn't work) Also if you're a not well known
still get out there to every grime night/ rave possible its a good
opportunity to talk with established artists and get advice.

The whole scene, artists and supporters need to take a good hard look at
themselves. Artists take your music to new levels and have a professional
attitude. Get yourself on radio, to Club nights, raves regularly and be
consistent. Don't think dropping one track/mixtape a year ago will sort
you out for life, it won't. ... If someone says your swag... Don't shoot/stab
them, take it on board and improve yourself.
Also note if you are a swag Producer/MC/DJ/Singer or anything else, please
stop, give up and hand yourself in to your local police station, its murdering
the scene. Just because you know talented artists in the scene or you're
related to one of them doesn't mean you are a big artist.


Violence is a bait issue but the one that has merked off most of the
media/venue/police love (if there was any). I do realise that alot of
Artists bring 'weapons' / fight at raves as it is most likely a moment when
people will take you for a mug. Although alot of the violence is because of
pure hype... Settle! Take your business some where else, if you don't
people will learn and won't book you AGAIN!

I would bore you with all the great albums and mixtapes that are going to
be dropped in 2007, but like 2006 alot was promised and most of the
levels were average.

One more thing, theres no need to be so rude... having a radio show,
having a couple groupies tell you you're their god or having a video
6months ago on Channel U doesn't give you the right to think you're
anything more than the people that listen to your music. If they weren't
there you would be Air. Not every that approaches you wants to be your
best friend/have sex with you/ beg you to be on their track.

Rsky loves the effects...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dirty Canvas Vs 7 Year Glitch 13.01.07


Clashes are unquestionably a regular occurrence within the warring zones
of the Grime scene. Although these battles usually include the sly ‘your
mother’ remark and the odd indirect dub, not two of London’s leading
underground nights sending for each other’s bar staff and security.
Dirty Canvas Vs 7 Year Glitch, was a free invite that definitely included
blood on the dance floor.

DJ Magic

Philippa Cardinal

Brains on the deckles

The conflict began with Dirty Canvas's resident DJ, Magic introducing the
venue with his trademark grime set. It included a timeline of classic tracks
from Mercston's Good Old Days to Wiley's Gangsters, giving Dirty Canvas
a few happy slap advantages against their rivals. 7YG's Philippa Cardinal
and Brains got off the floor and hit back with a blend of hip house and
disgustingly dirty ghettotech. Vice's Prancehall then deepened the
wounds by dropping his personalised mix of crunked out hip hop and
dancehall. While the DJ's were ready to bring arms house to their
opponents mother's house, the crowd that soon gathered around the ones
and twos seemed oblivious to any rivalry. They continued to skank away
to the genuinely enjoyable nified underground mellow sounds that 7YG
gave, until Bok Bok began his lower end spasms of grime.

DJ Scholar, with BOK BOK whispering to his Brains.

The unusual selection of exclusive popular Grime was perhaps Dirty
Canvas's champion winner, with his choice of dropping Ruff Sqwad’s
Xtra which hyped up all the room to get on their feet. He soon made
way for Ruff Sqwad's DJ Scholar and MCs Fuda Guy, Dirty Dangerous,
Tinchy Stryder and Rapid who possibly gave, one of their most energetic
performances in years. DJ Scholar took his turn to the table with an
assortment of rapid beats, Died In Your Arms Remix, F'in Riddim
and Nug. Hooded up Stryder took the lead with the mic, despite
his height, he was blatantly the biggest emcee in the room. Fuda Guy
powered through with his pulsating hypeness on the mic and lively hand
moves. RBX’s Show Me Love sneaked into the mix and pushed trampolines
under every observer’s feet, making the whole club explode into foolish
acrobatics. Their performance sent imaginary glasses smashing around
7YG's pride, all was not finished yet.

"Watch the skank"

Tinchy & Fuda Guy

Two top mcs


Dirty and guy

Fuda looking like he has a high top

High tops were visible all round the room; although we knew the rest had
some serious competition when Slew Dem's Tempa T arrived with his
entourage of S.K.I.T.Z Beatz and Dynamik. When Tempz gripped the
wire of the mic, we knew we was about to witness a cold blooded murder,
of the set. S.K.I.T.Z Beatz’ Battle Riddim had been patiently waiting on
the lonely turntable and was screaming for the play button to be pressed.
POK POK brought the parade clapping drums throbbing through the crowd’s
senses and Tempz took his first swing. This P.A was reloaded over 7times,
and with every "Reach for the baseball bat... Swinnnnng" the crowd followed
through, shouting "TEMPZ" after every bar like clockwork. With many
concluding this P.A with the thought that Tempa T was a one hit wonder any
guy, then we were about to be showed what the real 'in ting' was. For the
second time RBX's instrumental crashed and he freestyled his heart out
giving us a little preview of his soon to be released 2000 And Paks and what
it would offer.

DJ Bok Bok (Also know as POK POK, sorry about that alex) with Tempa

Everyone walked in thinking this was T.

Soon Purple arrived with G double of Renegade boys and took a different
angle with his smooth freestyle that included lyrics from Fire, Still
Breathing and Falling Angel over several Boy Better Know instrumentals.

G and Purple

Although when the night came to an end the fight for top underground
movement was clear. 7 Year Glitch may have come equipped with their
DJ’s but Dirty Canvas were fully prepared with a handful of DJ’s to turn
them into shape, a whole squad to ruff them up, a single emcee to swing
them at the back of their flats and 2 men that would definitely make any
G turn purple.


Also featured on

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ny featuring Purple - Fire

If they had such a problem with Ny and her fire...
She should of just took an extinguisher around
with her... NOTHING LONG

Wiley and Scorcher love the red top angle.

It's Nice It's Nice, isit that nice tho?


Owly tried to tell Tempa that his high top was "Not the in ting",
then tried to steal his RBX freestyle so we could exclusively
leak it on my blog. Owly also tried to ask Tempz whats so nice?
Apparently their imitation shanks from £stretchers are pretty nice.

No owls were harmed in the posing of this picture.

Tempa decided to put up his freestyle of RBX's hit up for download
for all of us to practice our baseball bat and gun finger skanking in
the privacy of our own bedrooms.

Also don't forget S.K.I.T.Z Beatz's In the zone is OUT NOW!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland - 15.12.06


While the rest of you were shopping and rapping your presents,
eagerly awaiting Christmas in your warm, snug houses. Two dozen
or so Mc's, DJ's and Producers huddled together to gain any
centigrade of heat on their trains, planes and automobile's voyage
to Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow.

Cookie taking a bite of the most expensive sandwich EVER!
We'd been up all night and damn we were hungry.

We sat down in Mc donalds for what seemed like 4months, and then
went back to a studio where most of us attempted to catch some Z's
although many decided it would be fun to warm up their voices and
practice their bars.

Several hours before the rave, I caught some freestyle footage of
most of the Mc's on some random corner and gradually many
Glaswegians began to surround us, excited but a touch confused.
Black the Ripper was charming the knickers of every girl there,
even one boy wanting a touch of the action. After selling nearly
every mixtape they had on them, witnessing one of the weirdest
fights, EVER and me trying to attempt to ask the crowd that
surrounded us who their favourite Grime artists were
(I literally named all the top names, I said "...Wiley?" and this boy
finally smiled and said "Yeahhh I got the Grimey Vol1" ...
Then we went to one bar, topped up on our caffeine and went to
the rave.



After the sound check, It began obvious that people from Scotland
were a touch confuse of how to dance. They seemed a touch timid,
so I and my associate Diana told the DJ to put any top Vocal tracks
they had and we literally went for it. It obviously worked seeing as
all the Mc's joined in with us, all it took was the audience to see a
couple of minutes of us jumping around like Jack in the boxes...

and the night was away.


DJ Ironik


The night debuted with several sets ranging from "Pow" to Kroniks
"Way down the road". Which gave the audience of many Grime
Virgins, a lesson of basslines and crazy london dance moves.
London's DJ Scope and Glasgows Taz, spun the turntables until
the crowd couldn't take it no more, they needed London Live.
MC's Black the Ripper, Impulse, Cleaver, Revolver, Styler and
Rinse took on the task and shook the crowd. Glasgow wasn't
the worlds most prone country for earth quakes, but Grime
was about to re-write history. With all the crowd pushing and
crazy moves, gunfingers started to appear through the heads
of the frontline. Cookie and Chipmunk soon hit the stage along
with the rest present, MC Cookie gave us a chocolate chipful of
bars including his Private Caller classics "Boyyy Boooyyy".


Dexplicit soon took his turn to the table and clapped up the intimacy of
the evening. With MC's breaking to give the DJ time to drop some
further lessons to the swarm, Shizzle took this chance to free up the stage
and give his spectators a little skanking tutorial (Raj we missed you).
Soon a sneaky fan had made his way on to the stage and was what
some would describe as 'bopping up and down like a pigeons head'.
It was part of the experience that London gave to Scotlands largest
city. Soon Shizzle dropped his unique Jamaican accented lyrics, with
Singer Yasmin melodising his flow and DJ Ironik taking over the decks.
Shizzle gave us tracks from his 'Best of Both' mixtape including
'READY FI D WARFARE' and 'GOOD VYBZ', obviously he couldn't
step on stage without giving his memorable bars from 'PULL UP DAT' and
'AVE SUM OF DAT'. The night though hadn't finished there, it
continued to send observers in a frenzy as most had never experienced
anything more grime than watching several clips from Channel U.
"I've heard about the sound and it's atmosphere ... thats why i'm here
to see what you guys have to offer" was something said by another
member of the crowd. Although this wasn't just any onlooker,
Pharrell Williams was in the back, skanking, bopping his head
like there was no tomorow.

Black the Ripper raped the mic
Scotland MC's Vs London MC's

Just before the night was about the end, Scottish MC's Hendy and
Philliz approached the stage and gave the astonished crowd an introduction
to their Grime. Proving that yet again, Grime IS making bigger moves
and influences than swinging baseball bats. (No sendage)

Dexplicit was alot

Photographer Diana with one of her groupies...

Thank you to Hendy, Nonsense and Taz and all the Scotland Massive.
Also Thank you to All the G-Fam and Shizzle, Ironik, Yasmin for
doing alot.
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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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