Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ruff Squad - Xtra


So we all strap gunfingers when Xtra is played in a rave/showcase and I was
lucky enough to turn up late to little preview of the new video from
Ruff Squads finest who come in all shapes and sizes. I got to some
of the filming and from what I got to see it's going to be ALOT!



From these shots you might be thinking why on earth are these emcees
standing on top of speakers well my friend, you'll just have to see. Although
as with all Ruff Squad's video they all look pretty P.R.O and this won't be
changing the format.


Big up the Director Sir OWLY, he was knighted last week. Look out for more
videos from him and the NU BRAND FLEX crew. HAHAHA are you mad!?
Owly has standards.
About 2bills, Boya I wouldn't let you pay me for you to perform in Hackney's
public toilets. Now kiss my cough!? damn thats a sad excuse for a bar.

Being snapped by Barry of Tim & Barry.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Doctor - Gotta man

I like the video but none of it makes sense, especially the way
they use random girls to do the voice over and half the time
it just doesnt fit or just looks weird. I like the concept though.
Big up Bashy the original Ice cream van man

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bacon sandwich anyone?

When Prancehall mentioned that Mr Wong was now a bus driver, I like many
shrugged it off and thought haha yeah thats a good one. Although just the other day I was amazed when getting on a bus outside Stratford station to see Mr Wong, driving the bus... I bet you're thinking why is this girl jumping on a joke... Well Mr/Mrs see I have proof.


All them terrible Channel U videos don't come cheap you know.


I also heard about the Roll Deep 'Celebrate' video several weeks
before until it kept being put back due to scratchy missing his
hairdresser appointments. A boy needs his highlights you know.
I was going to make a little appearance, take some photo's and
laugh at people. Although I thought if I go they'll be 50+ groupies,
overly dressed likes its some old school garage rave dancing like its
their last day on earth. If you are seen anywhere near groupies then
people think you are one, so i tend to stay a 10mile radius away from


In other news Lily Allen asks father, Keith Allen if he would adopt
Lady Sovereign.

Gossip Report: (From the Londonmet)

Lily Allen has hit back at Lady Sovereign in their war of words.
Earlier this week, Sovereign slammed Lily claiming she has only been
successful because she has had a helping hand from her dad, top British
comedian Keith Allen.The 21-year-old rapper fumed: "I'm not hating on her,
but someone like Lily Allen, just because her dad's famous, doesn't have to
work as hard as someone like me."Now Lily has sarcastically offered the
Public Warning rapper the chance to be adopted by her father Keith so
her career can flourish.

The Smile singer said: "I've spoken to my dad and he says he'd be happy to
adopt you if you think it will give you a leg up."Despite achieving chart success
in the US - where she is signed to Jay-Z's record label Def Jam - Lady Sovereign
is yet to match her Stateside acclaim in the UK.Lily was left disappointed at last
week's BRIT Awards after walking away empty-handed despite being nominated
for three accolades, including British Female.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Video: J.M.E - Serious Remix

Serious Remix

Not to go on and on, but I did predict this months ago, anyway...
I like the contrast in this video, It would of killed it if the video was
was just him along the road. But the Graphics murks it...
Impressive... People stop hating, about ahh why is he
bringing out some old track on video. YOU have to
document everything you've done.
Serious is his classic... and the Video isn't "Standard"
Compare this to anything on Channel U and it's like comparing
Superman to a pony.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lady Sovereign - Scala, London 7.2.07


Fresh from the other side of the Atlantic, Lady Sovereign took centre stage
to showcase her newly released ‘Public Warning’. At one of just a few limited
performances in her home capital city of London. DJ Frampster (Sovereign’s
partner in Grime) took to the ones and twos after a satisfactory set of Beat
boxing from supporting act, Killa Kella. Frampster gave a short tutorial of
the Undergrounds finest, until Sovereign gate crashed the party with a search
for any alcoholic beverage. Grime influenced ‘Ch Ching’ and ‘Little Bit of Sh’
were opening crowd warmers, while fake tanners hid in shame after ‘Tango’
was bellowed by the varied blended audience. The Ess Oh Vee stimulated her
spectators, blow torching any criticism of her being anything but a youthful
cheeky madam with a flair for hilarious verses. ‘Love Me or Hate Me’ is no
doubt ably still an obsession as middle fingers were flying high. Luckily Police
were no where to be seen, as the swearing and praising finger signs would of
ended up in a blatant concert hall of ASBO’s. As the show gradually came to
an end, Sovereign definitely got a little bit random, with an introduction to a
newly recorded Sex Pistols cover ‘Pretty Vacant’. This punk classic left the
crowd moshing in every corner and many fanatically needing more, until the
pint sized midget left us all with a special gift. A bottle of London’s finest brew,
all over us.

Yes people I actually enjoyed a Lady Sovereign concert.
Some of you weak Emcee's could really take some pointers
from her performance wise.

I did have jokes though, DJ Frampster put on one Skepta track
and the packed out hall looked baffled. There was Hooker, D dot and
me going crashing spitting along with the lyrics with rifles in our hands.
The crowd was mixed, basically some were there because they wanted
to be Sovereign, some were there because they fancied Sov (99.9% girls)
and the rest were blatenly over 35.

Big up the girl who tried to push herself all the way to the front.
Yeah it was a Sov gig but hell I wasn't going to move. There was
pushing, there was shouting, she even chucked her drink over me.
BUT PEOPLE I DONT MOVE FOR ANYONE... unless you get a knife
out then bruv I would shine your shoes, its nothing.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Aftershock Launch Party (Dirty Canvas) 3.2.07


Since Dirty Canvas is practically the only regular Grime night in London,
anyone who is remotely Grime and who wants to do something to showcase
their talent they turn to the D.C. This month saw Aftershock's launch party
for the Shock to the System and bruv it was a shock to see how many
people packed into that tiny venue, including the amount of talent that
was there. (This Image above is never staged, but that guy with the
LDN hat is in every pic)


Scandal.... sipping back one of MANYYY I tell you.


Mz Brats taking a mouthfall.


I turned up a little late, Parking is a bastard and a half.
So by the time i did arrive, I apparently missed Wretch 32's P.A
and this guy was just about to come off the Decks.
So I didn't even have enough time to ask anyone what this guys
name was. Big up Adam mashpot on the turntables (Made up name)


DJ Magic was there as always ready to bash up them
Grimey riddims, although I think someone should let him
know that Technic turntables are too big to play CD's on.


One of Magics crazy fanatics,
I heard this is the 'IN TING' it's called the
OLD LADY.... you hop on one leg while
making it look like you have false teeth.
The tongue can also be used for more effect,
although I would leave that to the P.R.O like
Rak Kapone & Fiddy.


Spyro inventually appeared and got into the mix.
With alot of anoying "When are people going to start Mcing
Magic... WHEN MAGIC.... WHENNNNN..." every 12seconds.
The various talent began to make their way to the front.


Big up Yetunde aka Rachel spitting the Get me bars. Oops I mean Bruza.


Weirdly enough Newham Generals who bullied us only a couple of months back
with their lateness turned up bright and early and gave us a little something something.
Note: Why to Emcee's do this? you get paid... you flop? but when you don't
you're on time!? MADNESS.


Skepta looks discusted.



"Pass the mic before i mwwoorrrr all over your head"
Watch Tempa trying to clock the brand of Skepta's sunglasses.


I Love this picture. If only everyone else had Tempa's Energy.


Wretch waiting in the LONG LINE TO SPIT.



Skepta eventually got the mic, Rebound X dropped and it was some sort
of NASA (I think?) Some guy even tried to whip out his 2 barrel and
shoot Skepta. It was alot.


Anyone got a paracetomel for D double E?


Tempa T's wellllllllllllllllll Excited.


Gemma, Gemma, Gemma... What are we going to do with you?
SERIOUSLY... she turned up looking like a page 3 girl.
With some terrible corset , looking like it was 7 sizes to skinny for her.


Big up Hooks aka Hooker (apparently he got the name from putting something
about!? Proberly headaches with his fab pink whistle)
Tshirt is doing alot. URBAN NERDS SOOOON COME.


Big up Chantelle Fiddy, Richard and this other wonderful lady.
Before the days of being Bald... ahhh im sure she will treasure this
picture. Although it's obviously with the whole hat thing she was
experimenting with the no hair look. Good luck with that.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sorry, Sorry, Pardon? What?

Apparently Grime gossip is my thing that i'm good at. (I think).
Although everything you read here is 99.9% true.
So you can trust me. ok.

Ignore what everyone may tell you concerning the originators of
the UK underground music scene, UK Hiphop & Grime, Garage...
whatever you people want to call it, came to life after this track.
Blazin Squad started it all.
I remember one of my friends back in school religiously used to spit
this lyric "Who's that? get off the train, Avirex jacket in the poor of
the rain, WHY TAKE THAT MANS CHAIN? No more trouble made"
That was deep, that explained life's meaning, allow Mos def and Nas...
this is REAL lyricism.
Imagine you get to be on a track and you get lumbard with
"See you at the crossroads... SEE YOU..SEE YOU"
that's more shameful than being on So Solid Crew's 21Seconds
and get the "21 seconds... t.. t... t.."
Although could anything be more deep than Blazin's Squad's debut track
going straight to number 1 in the commercial UK charts.
BUT it took Dizzee Rascal numourous attempts, till his second album landed
in 2004 to get a top 10 hit. Par

Trust me, I know this is some complex Rwd forum language but
Kenzy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone in Grime.
If you haven't clocked yet I'm doing a little exposure.


Blazin Squads DJ and Emcee Tommy B is actually Logan Sama
back in his younger years. That's how he got his slot on Kiss 100,
because of his deep contributions to the music scene.

Oh if only Grime was as real and deep as some of the quality that
Blazin Squad gave us. Wiley would probably be on the World fundraising
comity for equality and justice for Eskimo's and their Igloos.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chan's shaving, She can't stop shaving


With the exclusive reports of Britney Spears going on a mad one and shaving
off all her hair, I also ended up stumbling across some amazingly secret Grime gossip. Our
favourite underground music journalist Chantelle Fiddy has apparently
took the news of Spears and the razor insistent really badly, a close source
revealed. So Fiddy decided to show support for her crazy baby one more time
and grabbed Hattie Collins's facial shaver and took it right through her hair.


I received this image of Panny Fiddy only minutes ago, she looks pretty
happy with herself. I'm sure I'll be having more dreams of her more regularly
now, or should I say Nightmares? Freddy Kruger is setting trends.

Monday, February 12, 2007

God forgive me if I snap my cam!!


The blogs been dead for a bit, for the simple reason of busy, busy, business
and me buying a life on Ebay. Well it was either Alesha's wedding dress or a
life, but i got outbidded on the dress so i thought ahh might aswell buy
someone's soul. I've got alot of events to update you with and im gradually
trying to juggle stuff and get it done. I've got Dirty Canvas, Lady Sovereign at
the Scala, The Fix Up's Dubstep Vs Grime (Leeds) and Stylesluts Party.

While I was in Leeds, Owly was rushed to hospital, it seems that Plastician
and the Fix up's promoters (who I can't name for legal reasons) forced Mr
Shower Owl to drink can after can of an alcoholic fluid. Skepta attempted
CPR and Jme looked on in shock trying to hold back the tears, while
Plastician attempted to KillofOwly. Big up the ambulance crew that gave
Owly (Real name : Bobstickle Bamboozle) a stomach pump.


Luckily he is here to live another day.
Also Big up Footsie, after months of arguing, cussing and insults he finally
gave in and listed Owly as a better emcee than himself. It's the most
truthful thing he's said in years. He also confirmed the rumours that
his mother is Katie Price, keep it on a low tho.


I hardly see Owly these days, he's always driving about
with Logan (No homo - well not that I know of) flapping
his wings to the latest exclusives in Logan's CD changer.
I hear he's on Kiss 100 tonight, hosting the show with
Essex's finest DJ. Hope you two are very happy together,
not like i'm jealous or anything, But you never heard this from
me ok, but Owly sucked on a peanut and he enjoyed it.


No Lay was ON THIS TING.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

Deadout? Nahhhhh Not Grime

So I won't deny that I also thought February was going to be dead for
Grime nights. I was proved wrong at the start of the month when a
rush of gun fingers was penetrated into my ear.

Saturday 3rd February - After shock Launch party
(ICA, London)

Wednesday 7th February - Lady Sovereign with Special Guests
(Scala, London) Catch me bussing a horizontal side pony, bopping
it to the cheesy squeaky noises of the S.O.V and throwing
up all kinds of none existent gang signs.

Friday 9th February - Boy Better Know + Plastician
(The Warehouse, Leeds)


Saturday 10th February - JME added to Stylesluts Party Line up
(93 Feet East, London)


Sunday 18th February - Boy Better Know
(Albert Hall, Nottingham)

Thats what i've got in my calender for this month so far.
Hopefully they'll be more to update you with.
No excuses.
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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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