Sunday, September 30, 2007

What do you think of Wiley saying he's the godfather of grime? I ain't got a problem with that aslong as he knows im the KING right now


DSCF4173small DSCF4131small

Possibly one of the best interviews I've ever seen was when Peaches Geldof & Fred and Ghetto linked up in Old street a couple of weeks back and took it on themselves (Ghetto didn't take kindly to us trying to force him in a policeman's costume, any idea why?) to dress up in Star wars and Super hero costumes. Look out for the coverage of this in the newest RWD Magazine - Head to Head, thanks to Mr Raj 'Skanking' Kapone. Peaches and Fred certainly knew their stuff when it came to grime, Yes I know even I was shocked.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dubplate Drama - Season 2 - Episode 1

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

For all of you that missed it and care, here it is with features from JME, Ghetto, that guy who played the police man in Eastenders, D Double E, Footsie, that little boy from Ch-Ching my bad KERCHING, Marcie Phonix and Hyper Fen (as some kind of mc's who are security bouncers aswell !?) Anyone fancy a Chinese?

Monday, September 24, 2007

We hate racist people...

DSCF4208 copy
To Target: "Why isn't Trim on the line up?"

The Love Music Hate Racism Charity have come together with grime's Roll Deep Crew to produce a video for 'Racist People'. Although as many may know this isn't the original release that many of you may of heard which featured Wiley, Trim and Scratchy. The New version has verses added on by Breeze, Riko and Flow dan along with Scratchy. While at the video shoot a fellow pal and myself tried to clear up why they didn't stick with the original, although they diverted away from the question and said " They couldn't make it" or some rubbish like that. We all know why Trim isn't there and with Wiley well - who knows!? Although I personally prefer the original the new line ups still do a good job.

DSCF4203 copy DSCF4205 copy

Let me not get away from the positive stance that not only this song is setting but what Roll Deep continously keep doing, supporting real issues. For many of you who aren't aware of the charity Love Music Hate Racism, they regularly put on rave and gigs with a mixture of artists from various different genres from hiphop to grime and indie, all around the country. They most famously put on a memorial concert for the late Anthony Walker in Liverpool, which also showcased Roll Deep on the line up which were Anthony's favourite group. They also put on regular discussions on the topic of racism and politics in universitys and local town halls around the UK. They also tend to set up these sorts of fun showcases around the target areas like Barking which has notoriously had much support from the BNP (Bald Narrow -minded- Pricks). They also do a lot as you may see from my excessive addiction to the words 'They also'.

DSCF4217 copy
I heard Logan had been practising his pose all day by researching up on Calvin Klein advertisements.

While I was there the cousin of Anthony Walker came along to feature in a few of the final shots. It was then when he and his daughters (I think) held up the pictures of Anthony and I thought to myself, here's me moaning about how Trim should be on this track and wheres Wiley and all that nonsense when just alone if this song could make an impact on one person and stop them from being influenced by - sorry for my french - d*ckheads who think it's acceptable to discriminate/bully or even kill someone for the reason of race or any other petty thing, then LMHR, Roll Deep and all the others that stood for this picture have done an amazing thing.

- Looking forward to seeing this video on our screens, especially for Black History Month. I know this isn't exactly an awards show but I may aswell act like it is I'd like to thank Mo (Director) for inviting me along, all the people at LMHR (Please can I have a Tshirt) and Raj Kapone for taking the biggest bit of pizza ever and saying that Pizza hut is better than Dominos - he must be on crack.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I got to get that dollar, get that euro, get that yen, come back to England and flip that again...


Skepta's long awaited Greatest Hits is finally available on digital download through and Itunes for £7.99 . Although on the 24th September the physical copies of this album will be available to buy in HMV and most independent record shops but is available to pre-order from several websites. HMV , Boomkat, Ukrecordshop. Skepta, as many may know will be on Logan Sama's Kiss 100 grime show tonight from 11pm till 1am to promote this album project. Lock in through Those who have got their copies already, whats your favourite tracks? In a corner, I Spy and Blood, Sweat and Tears have been my favourite from when I first heard the album. At the end of the The Journey I'm p*ssed he never made a track out of the final interwhined ringtone beat.


Also look out for the Dirty Canvas launch party for Skepta's Greatest Hits on the 19th October at Cargo. For more information on who will playing at this night, check out Cargo and Dirty Canvas.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pyro Radio grabs some of the War Report

So Rinse banned Grime for a total of 4 days now so it's finally being allowed back on like some little kid who threw his toys out of his pram, hopefully we should be seeing some more reports. Last night saw Wiley, Ghetto, Tinchy, Frisco and a few others jump on Pyroradio. I've tried not to throw around the 'blah blah deaded who' so freely because you lot should decide for yourselves. Also hear a mini Tinchy Vs Ghetto and Blacks (I think at the end of the set) sending for Devlin. We want to hear directs, like I've said before it's boring to hear done out bait bars we hear so regularly.

Pyro Radio 11.09.07

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Skepta Vs Ghetto - Re-Re-visited

Enjoy last night? That's only the beginning so don 't get too excited just yet. Those who missed Logan's Show last night (HOW COULD YOU?) you can listen back on and scroll down to click Logan Sama or
download some of the set here. Kano flops out as the guest so Skepta, Ghetts, Wiley and JME turn up to entertain. Listening to this on the motorway was mad I nearly crashed 10times from me skanking and flipping out my gunfingers.

"I like your mixtape cover, but I ain't feeling your mixtape brother"
Big up Scribbler.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Inside secret on the war report

Although my lips are tightly sealed I have managed to find a gap to let you all in on a little secret. Basically I can't tell you what but soon, very soon there will be something off a ground breaking moment between several parties. As soon as I get the 'good to go' you'll be the first people to know about it. Just so you know, it might feel you're waiting for A LONG time although it will be around the corner faster than you can say ICEBERG TOOTH.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Skepta Vs Ghetto - Re-visited


Last night saw on Rinse it wasn't just Griminal Vs Chipmunk (and him sending back to some any south mc mems or something) but Skepta dropping in on Ghetto's set. Skepta did get him a couple of times and it was hard to hear Ghetts most of the time but like the picture says DUB FOR DUB would be grand as a pound. Why does Wiley always try and get involved in all these wars? Oh yeah Maniac is sending for some producers check the link for the war report.

Audio (Big up RWD forum)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Skepta Vs Ghetto - Indirects are just fabulous


The indirects were there from a few months ago, then it went quiet. Now the public have heard one of the new tracks from Skepta's soon to drop album Greatest Hits. Skepta - I'm Here, take a listen and hear what comes after the 'There's no introduction needed' bar.
Is the hype back on? will there be dubs waiting on Logan's Kiss show on Monday the 10th or is this some clever tactics to gain album sales? either way hyperfrank loves the hype, it's her middle name (well kind of).

Oh yeah the show also had a little track showing us just what Ghetto's Freedom of Speech will be like and I like... Ghetto - Commandments

Friday, September 07, 2007

Now I'm getting older my heart is getting colder test me and its overrrrr

So I've been quiet, why? many may ask. Hiding from Badness? I'm more scared of my nan's sausage rolls (Nan I love them, I swear). Been to a load of music video shoots, caught Ghetto out in Old Street with a fruity young blonde and I've been trying to keep track of all the sly sending going on.


Before I show you anything make sure if you haven't got it already to get hold of Tinchy Stryder's new album. Available at HMV, Play, Amazon and just about every independant record store you can think of. It's a really well put together album make sure its in your collection. ( My blogs been playing up so it's been really hard to post that's why this is so late, sorry Takeover)

Been through a mad amount of mixtapes these last couple of weeks let me just point out some of the best.

Axiom EP

Just don't ask any questions buy this now! 'why?' well why wouldn't you want one of the biggest releases of this year in your collection. Switching Songs Part 2 easily compares to all 6 tunnel visions and thats just one track. One thing is though is how clever he's come across. Not just in how he comes across but the way he's come out of the shadows from a long absense and given us exactly what we wanted. Someone who's proud to say they are 'grime', using that basey grimey dubstep edge in his productions and not just chating the bait gun/knife lyrics, very refreshing. Although one thing is will it last or is he just using us for a fanbase until he releases his album, so we buy it aint then find out its full of hiphop. Only time will tell.


Got hold of this the other day and skipped through it once, he has definitely developed from his previous releases, when I've had a real listen I'll let you lot know the full review. Although last year it was obvious that this young mc had the skill to be seen and heard up there with the rest of the talent in Grime even before Wiley got his hands on him and people started to take notice.


The Ghetto 'Jus begin' is by far the best track on there.


Had this laying around for a couple of months but picked it up a couple of weeks back
and I literally can't put it down. Especially when Geeneus mixes Stage Show Riddim into Rusko's Cockney Thug, some crazy reloads on that one. I don't even know if this is available but if it i'll make sure to drop a link in the near future.


I stupidly never turned up to the Dirty Canvas a few weeks back but most of you may of heard about Ghetto turning up and a little one on one clash happened. Although I wouldn't say as many have that Wiley won, how could you win a clash by spitting some any run out bars from your album? Look for yourself Part 1 (Starts at the end), Part2 and Part3.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bashy - Black Boys Video Shoot


I was at the video shoot for Bashy's Black Boys and a mad amount of people turned out for the video. A whole bunch of So Solid, Akala, Wretch, Scorcher, one guy from Kidulthood and that's just off the top of my head. The whole aim of the track is to inspire young black boys and to show them just how many rolemodels there are around them who don't get much of the limelight. " Obviously in a lot of communities it's a bit mad at the moment and theres not enough positive rolemodels seen out there for the youngers to see. I decided to do a song to highlight the ones that are here so that they could possibly aspire to them." This track is among many that will feature on Bashy's new concept album, "This track is the first one, it's a little experiment of material that I don't usually make, there's a tune called Daddy's little girl where I talk about a little girl being molested, theres one where I meet God..." The album won't be a nationwide release but a higher level version of a mixtape. "We're going to try get this video up on all the stations, U, Base, Kiss, Box the whole lot for Black History Month."
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