Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Halloween grime edition

It's Halloween, the day that spoilt little brats go out and ask for more sweets and treats packed full of enough sugar and E numbers to confuse their mind state into thinking its fireworks night. They throw around fireworks like its peanuts, just as I'm typing this 5 boys are standing outside my flat throwing fireworks into my local shop. E numbers! Now as it is Halloween, where people seem to dress up in fancy dress I thought why not use that is a stupid excuse to mess about with my long over due photoshop skills. So if you're popping out tonight and haven't got a clue of what to dress up as, eyy become an emcee.

Now many who don't know better would chuck on a New Era hat, a baggy tracksuit and a fake chain and think the look would be complete. However here at HYPERFRANK (not that this is a place/brand, but hey just go with me in this) we understand that being/acting like an emcee takes more than the obvious especially if you want to dress up like a specific artist. Now I could be boring and list the trademarks of every emcee but instead let me report to you what other artists have told me they are doing for their own fancy dress parties.


I caught up with Big Narstie who says he loves JME, he's even taking on his style. Tracksuit bottoms/ Jeans with Boy Better Know top. Now let this be a lesson to everyone including you Mr Narstie, make sure the Tshirt fits you. If you're a 2XXL get a 3XXL, rather than Narstie being a 3XXL and wearing XS. Another thing is the puffs, JME seems to get away with it but with Narstie with the huge pub/chicken burger belly is like walking into a cupboard and finding a huge pink elephant playing musical chairs with a peacock, it's just too much eye candy. We all know he can't fit on a bmx, because it's impossible to eat while riding however it's clear the mobility scooter was a better option. The durag is an also possibility although this takes extensive dedication as some people (I myself included although will never admit to wearing one) look like total idiots.


I found Logan's diary in a pile of chicken boxes outside my flat, he was possibly taking a walk with Narstie and found that he not only enjoys dressing up as a mannequin but also his favourite mc, Lady Sovereign. Apparently while popping on tunes on Monday nights he secretly listens to Public Warning to block out all of that hiphop I mean grime he plays. Now the Sovereign look is established in several simple steps. 1) Think drag queen make up. 2) Sizing of tracksuit is eagerly the opposite of Mc Narstie's tshirt sizing. 3) Side pony is compulsory! Anyone willing to successfully complete this look (lord why would you!?). While accessing the right destination for side pony make sure hair is fully greased up with Wilkinsons economy gel and damn you better grease them hair follicles up b*tch till someone slaps you in the face and says "OHHH DEAR HIGH TOPS YOU ARE ONE SLICK-A-DI-SLICK-A-MONEY-D*CK". The angle of the SP (Keyword unless the MI5 are listening in -side pony) should be parallel to your eyebrows and 90 degrees from the rear of your head. Make sure a Sovereign ring or necklace is attached to your body throughout otherwise people might actually think you're some any crack head pushing a trolley.


Now Ghetto likes to spice things up a bit, he didn't want to just go as one artist. He thought I'll bring as many people as possible. 1) Durag - JME ("If someone touches my durag, I'll tap you on the back you old chap"or something) 2) Glasses - Lethal B (See Prancehall) 3) Earings - Bashy (Them earrings really get on my ear tips, huge B's hanging off of your ear's why!?) 4) Chain - Tinchy Stryder is reliable to turn up regularly wearing jewellery from the Woman's department of Topshop even more than my friend, who can't be named for frightened reasons, stick to your side of the topman. 5) Unique (Big H's hair) - No Comment. 6) Smack DVD - Scorcher, don't get hypnotised Scorch come back to grime. 7) Crack pipe - Wiley - It makes you do stupid things doesn't it will - I hear you enjoy dressing up but not just on special occasions. 8) Baseball Bat - Tempa T - It's not a D*ckhead ting but where's your mixtape?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Video Exclusive: Roll Deep - Racist People (Vocal Remix)

Falling off was just made visual.

Dizzee left, Wiley left, Trim left, we should just leave them guys in ladbrokes.

I saw Riko wearing the same tracksuit in HMV last week, coping Phil Colin's Greatest hits.

Alex Mills best watch herself, trying to rub up on logan (IT'S BEEF... MY WAR DUB SOON DROP) Check behind the scenes of this video here. One more thing, anyone noticed that this is really slow. Like they slowed it down so NME's readership could understand.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

BLUD! What you know about thin black socks?

Check Jammer's cameo, not too keen on this song but the videos seems to be looking crisp. I guess I should stop praying for another Stop Dat from Dizz.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Video: Wretch 32 - Punctuation

Yes before anyone comments I'm the girl crawling out the tub.
Although Wretch promised me it wasn't being filmed.
That's the last time I paint myself black and write random words
on my body for a video, didn't even get paid.

(Disclaimer - It's not actually me so don't call me shouting, father).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dubplate Drama - Season 2 - Episode 5

Dubplate Drama - Season 2 - Episode 4

A night in the life of Rinse FM - CARGO


Also don't forget Skepta and guests tonight at Cargo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There's no introduction needed... I'm discusting and I'm even schooling Justin

This is from Westwood's new show on 1xtra, will the 'There's no introduction needed...' war ever conclude? I predict ... probaly never until someone says 'There's no introduction needed it's boring, make dubs or stop the fu*king 2bar indirect waring' - My albums coming out soon. Oh yeah before you log off check out the second part of this video where frisco even digs at Ghetto OVER HERE (2.19).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Does he make Eskimo dance?


Young Dot aka Dot Rotton aka Peggy Mitchel aka the Launderette dub for Wiley.
Exclusive aswell apparently - DOWNLOAD

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sign the petition to convince the BBC to take on a grime show.
Hey, if all they like is nu rave and fancy heroin addicts in skinny
jeans (disclaimer: I wear them but hey I'm allowed - I think!?)
shouting random crazed love songs about rehabs and all that jazz.
Then they might aswell give grime a nice little look in. I mean we
don't even want an amazing slot even 4am will do us fine, possibly I
mean if they take to the idea kick chris ' moley' Moyles or Jo Whiley
(take out the H (heroin) and you practically have Wiley anyway) and
chuck on Spyro. That would definitely get the listeners out of bed in
the mornings. Anyway just an idea...

Petition Petition Petition

Dirty Canvas this friday.


Skepta's Greatest Hits tour next friday (19th October) at Cargo.
Free before 9 and £10 after. Also Check out Skepta, Flow Dan,
Wiley and DJ Maximum on Rinse from 9 -11 tonight.

Friday, October 12, 2007

There's no introduction needed... I'm a nuisance and I'm even schooling Juniors.


Just like to thank everyone who voted for this 'Hyper About Grime' blog
in the 2007 BT Digital Awards. Last Year I came 24th, this year 14th.
Pretty good for a little grime blog, so thanks again to the people that took
time out to vote.

Ghetto done too much on his birthday set (46.23 - 51.05) was possibly some
of the best minutes I've heard in a long time. Griminal 'When is this mixtape
coming out?' it's your time. Little Dee taking hits at Chipmunk caught Chippy
off guard it's bait.

Big up Jaxor and Terra Kid and his guys picking up a junior spesh outside my chicken shop, it's waving season!! big up 255! Oi these guys tried to get my friend in this video, I'm glad it never happened.

Who would of thought it eyy!? Dizzee in skinny jeans -
A behind the scenes shot from Dizzee Rascal's newest
single 'Flex', with Diz taken the p*ss out of Simon Cowell.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

F*cking f*ck off you pathetic speng head of a radio

Here's Ghetto's Birthday set for you all to download:

F*ck Radio - (Sendspace) (Rapidshare)

The video footage of this will be available on the re-release of Ghetto Gospel when it hits HMV with it's bonus dvd.

Monday, October 08, 2007

a cup of cocoa and pack of digestives.

So while everyone, their mother and their next door neighbour's dog is making blogs, i've been getting back to the swing of things at university. I've been listening and popping cds in my cd player like pills and theres so much crap out. Scorcher's Thunder Power was all thunder and no lights camera action. Except for Revolver's Rest In Peace which is the only thing on there that isn't beggin uk hiphop or what we've already heard before. Even though Revolver is a total wank stain it still is an addictive song in the strangest way.

Remember what I was talking about here well I was told by a certain manager that there would be a BBK Vs Movement Clash tonight (8th October) but as I hear a certain 2 mcs weren't exactly on it because of some issues of scaredom or something or other. But instead I was informed by a source (big up National Enquirer) that Ghetto will be holding a birthday set tomorow (bloody better be now im bloggin this) with a few special guests. As soon as I get the details i'll get blogalicious.

I've heard some news about Freedom of Speech, that it will be released late december or early january and Devlin's will be dropped near enough a week after. Bud, Sweat and Beers is looking good, I've heard some new material it's dark and angry (just the way we like him).

My 27 year old sister called me up the other week and asked me did I know of someone called Kano, she got so excited she tried to tell me about how much she loves 'Ps & Qs'. Life couldn't be more f*cking random. Next ill pop round my nans and she'll be rocking a Boy Better Know Tshirt rolling in her new BMW asking me If I can shot crack for her. The only rock my nan will ever be moving is rock cakes (or scones from flo - big up flo with the purple hair)

I've got some new free free freeeestyles that I'm going to start adding to the site in a hot minute for the franky readers, from unknowns to the high rollers i'll keep it dandy.

Rattus Rattus that cd/mixtape you gave me that looked like a cd vinyl, well I just literally listened to it - I love - I love - get back to me and let me know if I can upload it for the people.

and before I go....

Prancehall you're one funny guy...
I'll stick with my kung fu style and nose ring.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

grime swings for wikipedia.


Thanks to Hij, a dedicated supporter of the scene, who has produced a wikipedia type website which will source everything and anything you need to know about GRIME. So if you're thinking how many mixtapes has Tinchy released? What colour car did Wiley sell all his white labels from the car boot? and just where can I find out where and how to get the latest releases, profiles and information about artists... then bloody press the link already.
Please note it is tightly monitored so don't try it, plus it is still under construction and needs people who know what they are talking about to add information. The final site should be hot and ready in a month or two.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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I'm tired of them rap neeks walking round in their akademik suits, Yankee hats with the flat peeks.
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