Monday, December 31, 2007

Wiley makes you smiley!?

Some one was VERY bored over christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Open House

Now I understand its Christmas and we're already trying to think of excuses to get out of Christmas dinner/picking up the ripped up wrapping paper so we can slyly listen to the xmas radio specials. Although I understand some of you, YES YOU, are fed up of me blabbing my opinions about like I'm some topper top egotistic brat, so in edition to this which is just a ONE off Up and Coming slot I'm not sure yet),BUT at the end of every month I will be adding special grime freestyles from established emcee's to the guys who are just getting their foot in the door (I've been trying to set this up for ages but I'm long and so are artists). I'm not trying to start a revolution just something that keeps us a little occupied between radio and long awaited/delayed mixtapes/albums. So feel free to give your honest opinions, advice (like GIVE UP!) or just curse. The official December will be put up after Christmas.

Gracious K - Freestyle (DVA - Kill All A Dem)

Disclaimer: I do not have bats and gats.
Prancehall, Thank you for finding the best audio player/uploader

Crack open the water melon and pour the Shloer ~> Christmas Radio

Sunday 23rd December (Excited Season)
Westwood - BBC 1Xtra - 10pm till Midnight (Trim)
Maximum - Rinse FM - 9pm till 11pm
(Special Guests, Wiley? Skepta? JME? Meridian? Roll Deep?)

Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve)
Logan Sama - Kiss 100 - 11pm till 1am

Tuesday 25th December (Christmas Day)
Spyro Back to Back (no homo) with Mak 10 - Rinse FM - 7pm till 9pm

There's more on Rinse but it's all YET to be confirmed.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sometimes I spit fast but still breathing bars Chips on class, Don't flow like I'm on glass, class A never that mate

Guess who, can you tell who it is yet?

People are quick to jump on the I hate Lauren Mason bandwagon but don't flick an eye lid (Well they do) about Westwood back shotting grime and the other wasters clogging up my sink. Go and hassle 8T2, his stuff is like so cutting edge - cutting the edge of my ear off kind of business.

Anyone who hasn't listened to or bought these new Rinse mix sessions should jump infront of a train. Rinse 01 had a selection of dubstep & grime and was mixed by Geeneus. Rinse 02 has recently been released and is primarily a dubstep mix by Skream. I wouldn't say I know too much about Dubstep but it's definitely a nice introduction to the sound, well not exactly the whole sound since most of the productions are Skream's but it's got a nice vibe throughout. Coki - Triple 6 is some Industrial factory madness and don't forget Coki - Road Rage. Don't get me wrong Skream's stuff is good aswell but these beats shined through all the other same old beats.
I will see who the next installment is from but I hope it's Spyro, come on Rinse - hook him up.


I went to Tinchy's Live Islington show nearly a fortnight ago with supporting acts, The Real Heat (Big up Styleslut like a 9months ago for booking these girls) who didn't get too much crowd reaction until they started shouting 'Lick me out!' Fuda guy hyped up the crowd for Tinchy and I heard Spyro was drunk out of his face but still performed really well. The rest of Ruff Squad popped out for Xtra and all in all was a generous amount of fun. I will try and do a full review throughout Christmas because you missed a decent night. Especially missing me getting elbowed countless times by a huge crowd of white indie kids (I know I'm white but hey we'll ignore that for the minute).

I've also heard some gossip from the grapevine that Ruff Squad aren't that tight anymore, some what of a Roll Deep type crew, jealousy and road beef. I also heard that Slix is signed and has been for a while to a Swedish label!? Someone could of been itching my leg because it does seem too random to even ask him.
Did anyone hear me on Scratcha's Breakfast show the other day? Straight firing the old 80/90's tracks out. If you missed it imagine for a second Benga & Coki's Night mixed under Rednex - Cotton eye joe. Straight leng a man down.

Lee Brasco - Drastic Measures (Free Downloadable Mixtape)

lee brasco
Lee Brasco by Robin Bharaj

Download Here

To find out more about Brasco check out:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Skepta stands in a corner

l_e5540a367c02436725a66bca7bf8cf28 copy
Skepta & Logan 'Mannequin' Sama (Right) and one guy from Men In Black

Skepta has finished posing for his new video - In a Corner, which I wasn't invited to because apparently I would of stole the show or something? They didn't clear up the details but I'm sure the video goes along these lines:

All the artist's stand in a corner, screw face and have a bottle of champagne in their hand.

Anyone who doesn't like this track UNBLOCK your ears you probably use cocoa butter to paint walls and have Alvin & the Chipmunk's album on regular rotation.

Dirty Canvas/Audio Lab - Saturday 29th December


Nice little line up there with Ghetto, Wiley and Tempa T
but I wonder who Ice Kid will roll with, Ghetts or Will?

I may try and take two in one night (no hoe flexing YA C ME)

Lauren Mason1

Lauren Mason, Wiley, Tinchy and Scratcha which is a nice little line up, too bad about DJ 'Dirty cherryade pop' Cameo. Ear plugs at the ready.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm that girl that's why - Run up in a shop I'm something like Bushkin like that, that, that, that, that's mine

The most exciting thing ever happened this week, Logan forgot to turn off the mic through one track on his Kiss 100 slot ~( yes people, I know it was this year's highlight. We heard coughing and random grime banter. Shall I go on? no.

Enjoying the time with no uni are we Mr Adenuga? FINISH YOUR ALBUM.


Did anyone catch JME & Skepta in New York? It was last week I think and to cut a long story short - Westwood is a Muppet. "Skepta have you got a question for LL?" - like he's a 4 year old girl with his mum, who's taking him to the Santa grotto and LL Cool J's there with nothing but a red and white hat on, all wetted up, licking his lips like Skepta came (no homo) all that way to ask LL a question - Total PAR. They done a freestyle over that terribly outdated Soulja Boy Crank Dat (Which if you look deeply has the words - DONT BUY - in there somewhere, coincidence? NEVER!) instrumental. I think Skepta was trying to really impress the yanks with his new lyrics from his new track (video here). Which in my view didn't really impress me much, same with JME his 1,2,3 bars are possibly the weakest I've ever heard. These guys usually come strong but we all have our bad days, I'll blame it on bush. President Bush that is, don't get it TWISTED. What was Westwood thinking getting 2 of our biggest grime artists to spit over some commercial hiphop? I wouldn't be surprised if Westwood thought Crank Dat was grime.

Download JME & Skepta in New York - Freestyle here

While we are talking about Mr Westwood download the freestyle of when he had Ghetto on his show. Note that Ghetto had to bring in his own beats. No Comment.

It's certainly nice for the BBC to give Westwood ANOTHER show, especially as most of the artists he throws on there are all grime and we all know that Westwood knows his grime knowledge.

- "Yeah Westwood Ghetto's on your show today"
Westwood- "Yo Baby we got a brother from my home town Compton, Crank Dat"

BBC 1xtra must of thought, Spyro? Vectra? Maximum? Skepta? Mak 10? Logan?
Nah, just give Westwood another show and give him another bomb. He's the best person to represent is he? Of course you may say, Hyper stop moaning!? I won't, EVER!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Way Back When - Chipmunk

Oh wow, wouldn't it be good to see Wiley spitting before his voice broke, Chipmunk sounds mad different. I have to agree with other people on this, he has obviously improved. Who on earth are BDK? Some kind of division of Burger King?

Check this terrible Quality video (damn you YOUTUBE with the mb limits) from this time last year before Chipmunk was a bandwagon.

Video: Tactics Featuring BMD & Skrillz - Ready For This

I've been a fan of Tactics for a while never expected a track like this from her though. We want some rawness back, whats with the basic bars? what's going on with all this flash flash money money - I've got a bottle of champagne business, We all know most of the grime scene can just about afford a bottle of coke cola. The fast lights through London shot are a very nice touch though. One more thing to add before I go, Skrillz just because you use an automatic tuner doesn't mean you can sing.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

One Love for the mothers cry... One love blah blah blah (Can't remember the rest)

Bashy with some little boys

This isn't the reconstruction of Mercston's underage shenanigans it's actually a shot from Bashy's Black Boys Remix. The Remix which will feature over 20 people and will run at over 22minutes long (not too long then). Along with the original UK Hiphop and Grime mc's verses that some of you may already have heard, Skinny man, No Lay and Skepta have wrote exclusive new verses for the track especially for the video.

Skepta & Bashy doing a duet of Blue's - One Love

The video will be dropping in early January on most video channels (although I'm not too sure what station will let a whole 22minute video run unless it's Michael Jackson - will the video have an edit?). Along with that apparently they will also be releasing a special edition Black Boys DVD box set released on 11th February 2008 featuring the full length video, exclusive pics, behind the scene’s footage, freestyles, all the remix’s and much, much more (apparently).

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The queen looks pretty in pink...

Isn't that outside the Krispy Kreme's Near the Mc Donalds in Enfield?
The slow mo on the Video 'He ain't got one bottle of Champagne - he's got two' is some back in the day Dr Dre/Snoop video effect - Jammer is one funny guy - he should do stand up he practically owns half of Def Jam anyway.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Over proof, I'm the truth, my bars are so cold that my tongue gets stuck to my tooth. So I take off my ice and rock chinchila in the booth...

Tinchy laughing at the fact his album sales came out better than the boy behind him's tooth surgery. It looks like more than his tongue got stuck to his tooth. (>insert more bad dental care jokes<) Don't forget to book your tickets for next wednesday's Tinchy Stryder Live at the Islington Academy over here.

No Lay & Ghetto (*falls asleep till Freedom of Speech is released*)

Hows life people? mines busy busy busy like a rat in a trumpet I'm doing some weekly news slot (only 20mins) every week on Pyro Radio just giving the updates of the scene, raves, videos, interviews, new up and coming music/mixtapes and some of my favourite music of that week. If anyone's bothered i'll post up the times when it airs - I think it's possibly before Mac 10's slot on friday which is 7 till 9.

7th December - 93 Feet East

Come along chaps and chapettes, anything Urban Nerd is always brapalicious.

Jammer, C Gritz, Badness & Double o - Its Alot

Now I've had issues with Badness and a good few other artists publicly on this blog. However I'm not one to give recognition to someone who doesn't deserve it especially to one or two people who save a track from completely flopping. Jammer & Badness easily shine in this track (especially as theres no homophobia in sight *puts a fake grin on with a big thumbs up*) even when the production sounds so basic and poor. From this video another thing is proven - Double O's flow is certainly not Alot. I heard there is also a launch party for It's Alot Tshirts at Stratford Rex. Yes people! they are now using any excuse for a party. Next it will be - Switching on a light Launch Party @ the Bulb next to the lamp shade station.

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