Friday, February 29, 2008


Lauren Mason: Serial bagpod stealer, essex born compulsive leather bag feeler, Keeping it blonde leader, freemason member hyperfrank blog reader, loves it so much shes got it on her rss feeder.

I was going to blog a while back about the most amazing bag in the world, although I thought all the male readers would ambush my blog and kill me. I found the most amazing bag on this planet which is basically a normal bag (also available in hand bag and vinyl sizes) and has speakers attached and allows you to plug in your ipod/cd player. Great minds seem to think alike when I read one of Riz's blog's, us music ladies love a little mix of music and bags. Although you can't deny my bag is much better than the one pictured in the link. I ran into Lauren Mason at an Alwayz Recording shoot (Robin any news on this?) back in November and she tried to steal my bag, although it wasn't just my stuff she was stealing but Rhianna's bloody umbrella aswell. Come on Lauren, the carrier bags will have to do for now.

Available in a couple of shops down Carnaby street.
Those who put the time in to searching will be rewarded with a 1p shiny coin.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    that posts not my bag baby

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    struggling for post's on a friday. par

  3. its hard times... real hard times
    I'm thinking of stopping this blog and making a daily blog that documents my daily changing of socks. Should be very interesting.

  4. Anonymous4:36 PM

    i bet you dont change your socks daily

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