Saturday, February 02, 2008

The instrumental of Top 3 got played everyday and for the mc's coming up it was P Money who hit hard with What Did He Say?



Great 1Xtra takeover set by Durrty Goodz last night with Semtex - Download - Shouts to Make sure to listen to the whole show (freestyles/his favourite selection of music), the best part is his sly sending for me (Is it beef yeah Goodzy? It was gossip I know the truth now I shall never do that again - pinky) and the 07 grime breakdown freestyle (at 1hour 15mins) absolutely killed my pigeon, pancake. Don't stop though (1hour and 45min) has a great unplugged performance by Goodz called Marijuana, the squid even makes an appearance.

Born Blessed -----> On my wishlist


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    i wish goodz was banged up not 1 goodz is a pussy for gettin titch to do his work. no 2 titch was a decent mc n a joker. goodz is waste like his axion e.p

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    u wasteman.

  3. this set felt like history in the making...

  4. The Grimeolgist9:46 AM

    Goodz is a straight up murkers.
    He is by far the best lyrics and flow man in the UK.
    He duppied off the Soulja boy riddem and made BBK sound swag.

    The 07 wrap up was too much!!
    The man was switching styles like no-one else in the grime scene.

    Durrty Goodz>>>>>>>>>>>>________


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