Tuesday, February 26, 2008

King of grime?

king of grime

Skepta - King Of Grime

Last quarter he released his debut album Greatest Hits which was critised for not being dark enough. However Skepta Microphone Champion is looking to be released in the next couple of months and from tracks like Cricket Bat and King Of Grime it is clear that Junior is on the right path. Although it wouldn't be controversial to say that Skepta has put the work in, especially in perfecting his live stage shows, but some may argue that the crown of king shouldn't/should be on his head. It's received much debate on forums, late night discussion phone calls and Pro & Con lists but do you think that Skepta is the King of Grime? and if he is then where does that leave talent like Ghetto and Wiley? Do you think that all this debating is pointless and there can be several top talents up there sharing the seat together? or do you think Skepta has more to prove and you're waiting on developments of his projects this year as well as from others to make up your decision.


  1. jestor2:19 PM

    skepta is king of nothin he became big off gun lyrics n now hes tryin 2 jump on the positive music bandwagon he sounds bear stupid though jus spittin the same lines in every song

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    he cant be the king of grime. 'the 2nd line never sounds like the 1st line' .. if u listen 2 kano - p's n q's u will here a line just like that .. if anyone is the king of grime i wouls say talent wise its debateabl between kano and ghetto BUT work rate wise you cnt kick wiley hes been writin bars for nearly 10 years lool but the funny thing is he hasnt blown
    personally i say kano is the king of grime .. he just doesnt go aaround saying it because he has nothing to prove nobody can doubt him .. skepta clearly feels he has something to prove .. what king needs to prove themeselves PAAAAAAAAAR

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    as long as ghetto is doing what hes doing skepta cant every say and or will ever be the king of grime.
    he still a good artist, but ghetto is just authentic.
    too lyrical, with next level delivery.
    plus im feeling the j. clarke/ ghettz multi persona hes a complete artist man, cant wait for freedom of speech

    skepta keep upping your levels , it all good music at the end of the day.

  4. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Wiley is The Godfather of the Grime Scene, but Ghetto is definately King of Grime at the moment. He is untouchable, straight Fire!!! Skepta is just another average mc that needs to get off his high horse!

  5. Track is heavy though, King or not, letting the side down with the Rolex remix though.

  6. Skepta is a show(a)man, can't deny it!
    I prefer his style than ghetts, Wiley is the king tho!

  7. wow bare hype, ghetto is an incredible mc, wiley, skepta, and kano are as well...no matter what he says this is deffo helping the scene. wil's "rolex" signing is so deep for the scene and imma yankee man, so act like ya kno!

  8. Anonymous9:12 PM

    "he cant be the king of grime. 'the 2nd line never sounds like the 1st line' .. if u listen 2 kano - p's n q's u will here a line just like that .."

    how dumb can u get, hes cattin that lyric on purpose cos the beats r similar. check the first line 'Some manners dont like me...'

  9. Anonymous9:14 PM

    ... and black the ripper blazes evry1 wen he spits on grime


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