Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little man said that he's on cloud 9, reality check, let me ground him again and Williams like Peter Petrelli so I don't want to be around him again

Ghetto flyer
Are you ready?

Ghetto - Mountain (From FOS) Straight Download

They say grime won't give man a mortgage (wheeel up)
For all you readers that are unaware of this release, Freedom Of Speech is a CD solely produced by Lewi White and Smasher with a good few features, but not over board (big up Goldie Hawn - big film) on them this guy can actually spit for 3 minutes and entertain you in the process. Many have critised his last release, Ghetto Gospel, for being a bit to 'out there', soft and you wanted the real angry Ghetto back (even though you moaned because you said all he was, was an angry mc but yeah anyway). He is back and he has definitely found that stable balance between both Ghetto and Justin Clarke. "The CD has the raw energy of 2000 and Life and the mature lyricism of the Ghetto Gospel...", I've heard it myself and some of the stuff is rawer than than sushi. Soon I should be getting me information about pre-ordering but I promise you, you won't have to mess about with silly little recordshops who keep you waiting for weeks, even months, for your CD's to be delivered - straight HMV business (I think). Have a listen to Mountain and let me know what you guys think about it.


  1. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Ghettz is killing da UK music game, the quality of da vocals and beats alone is ALOT, 'Mountain' is crazy, so is 'When the things come out' but no doubt mountain is too much.. There can be no doubts about who's da king of Grime when this drops.. A lie??

  2. I Ain't Mastered The Craft Yet/ But The More Time In The Mountain The Better The Bars Get!

    Freedom Of Speech>>>>

  3. reload7:30 PM

    i swear ghetts neva shows his face for his album covers, still

  4. Anonymous8:41 PM

    ^^^^^would u show your face if u made shit albums?

  5. Anonymous10:53 PM

    mountains is jus fuckin fire!!!!!!! ghetto doing alot for uk grime, every record he delivers people in london can relate to, the sickest lyrics since 2pac!!

  6. Anonymous1:48 PM

    every cd release ghetto's ever had his face has been on the cover....

    but yh... tunes is good... a bit over-rated by sum but its still good.

    "it wont be long before there doubtin again..." REAL TALK

  7. Anonymous11:59 PM

    song is large stil

  8. ghetto is too much not sure mainstream heads will feel this though. those silly little record shops are the ones who give grime artists when places when hmv dont give them the time of day you id

  9. Anonymous4:42 PM

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