Friday, March 21, 2008

Black's magic but not too explicit to rip you off

Black The Ripper - Black Magic

Black the Ripper - Wow (Production by Dexplicit)

Was talking to Dexplicit the other day and he got talking about a new project that in the next month should be out on the shelves. I haven't heard much of his grime or even hiphop beats for a while and I seemed to think he was purely making niche/bassline these days. I under estimated the fella. Black Magic is a mixtape from hard headed, real talking, Edmonton repper, weed loving Black the Ripper. Not just that but its solely produced by Dexplicit and his Production team which also includes Skilz and Black Prince. It's being put out by Dex's label DXP Recordings and is the first artist based mixtape to be released under the umbrella. Fingers crossed that this should be in our nearest record shops by the end of April. Wow, which is the track above this article, is one of the tracks featured on the mixtape and is there to give you a little tasteful insight into 'wagwan'. I've been hearing the production of this tune for so long now on sets and I'm glad some one has finally vocalled it. For all you grime purists though, I have been told that this project is a balanced project consisting of both grime & hip hop tracks, so no need to throw your barbies out your pram, you have been warned. Holla Black was a great mixtape, it embodied both genres and it felt more like hearing black's take on his influences rather than wasting time pin pointing what most of the music could be pigeon-holed into. Looking forward to seeing how he's developed and what he's come up concept wise.


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