Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patricks Day

To all my fellow Irish brothers and sisters, I put up a glass of our country's finest, with a little hint of Blackcurrent, and salute every last one of you. Whether you are in the Republic or Northern Ireland, cheers on St Patrick's Day.

P.S I miss you Irish Club.


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Guiness n BC.. Ur a don!!!

  2. hang on, you DISS me for the G&B, but then you drank that yourself? Next time I see you Franky, it's ON!!

    What you know about the G&B? And of course the G&Champers - lick off your head-top like wiiiiiiiine!

  3. Erm, yeah I have a problem with actually reading sometimes. Beef over and done. BUT! I was in the pub with my aunty mary and uncle trevor (who's real name is michael but that's another story)at 7!!! What do you know about going the off license to buy bacardi and 20jps for your aunty when you're 8! And getting yourself 'a little something' while you're there. And I ain't talking ice cream youknowdemwayzdere!! Blad, no one in my fam drank/ drinks less than two 2litres bottles of white lightning A DAY!! Beer bellies is US! Bingo is US! Aldi is US!!!! PANDI IS US (do you even KNOW about pandi?!?! That ish is deeeeeep!)
    *brushes shoulders off*

  4. Ahh just noticed this post now haha! Maybe I've only just recovered from St Patrick's Day, but I had a wonderful time over here in Belfast, I would have drunk a pint of Guinness in honour of HyperFrank had I noticed this post before! Take it easy!


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