Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hyper Meets Goldielocks


From Starbucks to bucking up underground stars over her Electro-synthised beats, we
take a look at the new heroin from the latest inner-city fairytale. Who’s more likely to be spitting raw sewage and giving you the dirtiest beatings, than eating another mans porridge. Words by Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan

Trading in make believe folk stories, for smiley faces and Logic. This 21 year old blonde bomb shell is one of the newest British Rappers to be taking the UK Underground music scene by the balls, and she isn’t about to let go, just yet. Performing sets all over the world, from Shoreditch to New York and collaborating with the likes of grime’s Frisco, Tinchy Stryder and producing for Kate Nash and Blackstorm Blemish. Who knows, next it could be Jay-z knocking down her door.
“The rapping only came about when I had to hand in a project for college and all the tracks had to have vocals” says the young beat maker, who grew up playing random instruments like the flute and drums. Then after her project finished with the full support of teachers, she uploaded it to her addictive-space and was overwhelmed by the amount of interest in not only her productions but rapping too. “It was never like ‘I’m going to be a rapper! Production was always my main focus and the rapping just came about, half as a bit of a joke, half just messing about”.

Her direct humorous tongue in cheek manor has had many pigeon holing her as Nu Rave act but she knows better. “It’s predominately Electro, very synth based, but then with Hip hop and grime influences. Some of it is pretty commercial, some of it is quite underground, it’s a nice little mix rolled into me”. The main aim for all her lyrics is for people to think ‘What is she talking about?’, “then it makes them listen properly”. With tracks ranging from political verses over ‘Stereotypes’ and ‘Kids’ to ‘Dust of your classics’, which sounds like something scrapped out of the early 90’s party rave scene. It’s hard to imagine the inspiration behind the multitalented golden locked music machine. “‘Waste man’ was about some guy who messed my sister about, to try and make her feel better; I thought I’d write a stupid song for the idiot”. Although growing up listening to TLC and Hiphop lyricist Tupac weren’t her only rapping influences. “I’ve always really liked The Streets, The Game, and a lot of UK artists like Dizzee Rascal. Wiley for me is just like, the best producer to come out of England in a long time”.

With an upwards spiralling career at her finger tips, there’s bound to be negative blows made at her, but does being a young, white blonde female increase the hate? “I’ve had countless people say oh I don’t believe you made them beats or asking if it was through a collaboration, not believing that its all down to me”. Little Goldie locks who broke into all them bear’s houses wouldn’t have let that bring her down.

What’s next for Sarah Akwisombe? “Focus on getting my album finished... I’ve done a couple of tracks with Future Cut who worked on Lily Allen’s album and tracks with Dizzee Rascal. I’ll be rapping on most of it and will feature a hand full of collaborations”. RWD couldn’t go without asking the most essential question, will there be a feature with Bearman on the Album? “It might be a bit too obvious…”


A version of this featured in RWD MAGAZINE

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