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Hyper Meets Jammer


He may resemble a relation of Bob Marley, but Jammer is certainly not sitting back and Jammin’. Former Nasty Crew member has come from turning tables to becoming a top producer & MC within the grime Scene. B&S meets the Murkle man to talk inspiration, Lord Of The Mic’s and find out just why he loves to make Grime music.

You DJ, Produce and MC, Where and how did this all start?
It started with a friend of mine called Super D, him and me hooked up from when I was 14, we started doing a music thing and from there it just progressed. He’s gone on to do funky house, I've gone on to the grime underground music scene. I was a DJ originally and then I got into the production side because I was working at a distribution company and that’s where I realized that production is the main part of the music industry. I started getting a bit of equipment until my studio gradually got bigger and at the same time I was still doing my djing. I started to write a few songs for myself and then everyone said that I had a good voice for it and I should carry on with it. To be honest I enjoy producing the most because when you’re behind the computer, you’re the main source of the whole product. Even if there is an artist working with you, you are the one directing them over the track and the way you want it all to go.

Who inspires you production wise?
A lot of reggae artists like Beenie man, Ninja man, Capleton, Sizzla, Timberland and even to go as far back as Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder. I listen to a broad range of music, even third world.

Many readers may remember you from your track Murkle man, tell them what you've been up to since?
I’ve done the Murkle Man video, I’ve done a few features on tracks with Skepta, Lady Sovereign and a few other people and from there I progressed on to working on the Top Producer Album. The project made me go quiet for a couple of months but things are coming along and the second single’s video should be ready in the next couple of months, it’s called Sweetie Pie. I’ve been working hard on getting promotion together for the second single and the album has been my main focus. While I’ve been working on this project obviously the streets needed to hear my material. I put the Neckle Camp Straight Necklin out, which done really well and everyone seemed to really like it. Then I went on to the Are You Dumb? Volume 1 which quite big and we started to do t-shirts off of the back of it and right now we’re at the stage of Are You Dumb!? Volume 2 which has just been released.

You were apart of the famous Nasty crew, how did you come about joining?
I was in a crew called 187 with D Double E and Hyper, at that time we were on Flava Fm and Marcus Nasty came up on our set and must of liked what he heard as we were playing a lot of what other DJ’s wouldn’t of been able to of get hold of. He asked us if we’d like to join Nasty Crew and at that time I was happy doing my production thing and D Double E and Hyper wanted to join because they thought it would be a good opportunity to get their lyrics out there, but I wasn't happy with just being the DJ, I want to elevate and see what else is out there. They went to Nasty Crew and I developed my Jah Mek The World production team, then D Double E must of rang me and said basically he’s doing the whole Nasty Crew thing but the problem is we haven’t got any producers or a studio to makes songs, and he asked if I could make some songs for them. We done a few tracks and it became very natural us all working together and gradually everyone started coming back to the studio laying down loads and loads of tracks.

You created the DVD series Lord of The Mic’s, how did it all come about?
I was in my basement with Crazy Titch and a few others and just as Titch was leaving he was cursing at me, it went on and gradually went into lyrics then we ended up clashing. I told my friend to grab the video camera on the side and start recording. We must have watched it back later on and knew we were on to something. I got the equipment together and called up a few MC’s like Wiley and Kano, and the clashing began…

Where did the nickname Jammer and Murkle man come from?
I’m the Murkle Man he’s my alter ego, I thought of it like the whole Grime scene was getting a bit boring and doing all the American thing and trying to get cars. We haven’t got the same cars as Americans, we haven’t got the same amount of financial distribution and circulation of money in this country to be flossing and wearing big diamond chains. I didn’t want my video to be like that so I thought to myself what can I do? It’s hard to express what I actually say in the tune so I might as well express the humorous side of things. Get the Urkel character, get my suit on, be the Murkle Man, circle the ends and look for the green and purple.

Your basement studio is probably the most memorable basement and studio in the scene, who was the first person ever to sign your walls?
WOW! I was the first person but one of the first person to tag the dungeon was Wiley.

Murkle man was released in 2005, and is marked as a Classic in the eyes of the underground how did it feel knowing you had such a hit on your hands?
Even up to know when the track is played in a club or I perform it, it’s still the amount of energy and feeling as when it first got released. A hit is a very special thing, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go into the international charts, and a classic track is a classic song.

You've performed all around Europe and in New York… What’s been your favorite show?
New York, because I’ve always wanted to go to New York and when you’ve got over 500 people singing the Murkle Man lyric all born and bred in there, is a crazy thing.

Why do you choice to make Grime music?
I enjoy doing it and I’m one of the creators of Grime, I never chose to make Grime music I just made it.

A version of this featured in Blues and Soul Magazine

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