Thursday, March 20, 2008

Digital Outbreak - Random Impulse

Digital Outbreak
Random Impulse

Random Impulse Freestyling over General Tank's Conquest MP3 Download

Over the last couple of months the hype around you and several other members of your team has been growing at quite a strong rate. Are you surprised at the increasing interest around your name recently even though you have been around in the shadows for years now?
It's very surprising if I'm honest because it wasn't gradual, it seemed to just come out of no where. But saying that, I'm far from new to the scene. I released my first vinyl with sticky back in 2003 and before that I was the youngest MC on Freek FM, a station that people like EZ, Ms Dynamite and Heartless all came from and that was before Heat FM was even on air.

You've received a lot of radio play with tracks Masks and Suicide which will be out on your mixtape Full Metal Alchemist, when is this mixtape looking to be released and what have we got to look forward to?
The mixtape will be out early april and I'm really excited to see the response as it very different. I spent a lot of time on it and as a result every track has a very unique concept, and I mean every single track. Almost every song is produced by a different person, so there's a very big variation of sound. Although it's all heavily grime influenced, you can hear influences from a lot of other genres aswell. Producers range from Dexplicit, Maniac and Product to myself, Y.Wiz and Sem. As for features and concepts, well you're going have to wait and hear for yourself, I don't wanna ruin the surprises.

You've recently supported shows for an American artist called The secret handshake, how did all that get hooked up? and has that experience developed you, performance wise where uk grime couldn't of helped? What was it like performing to such a huge crowd that aren't your usual audience?
It was amazing man, there's nothing like performing with live instruments. My manager is actually from and lives in America and handed my stuff to Luis (from the secret handshake). It turned out that he loved it so much he invited me on tour with him and the rest is history. The secret handshake recently signed a UK deal as well to 679 so his stuff will be all over the radio in a hot second. If I'm honest, I'm really into the indie scene so it wasn't like a different audience at all, just I was on stage rather then in the crowd. Surprisingly enough, a lot of the units from my last mixtape was bought by people who were into indie/emo music and a lot of the crowd already knew who I was, which is very new for me. The experience taught me that good music can cross any boundary of class, genre, creed and background.

You are the concept king but I will give you 60 seconds to come up with an out of this world concept for a track.
Well I was thinking of a song about this guy that has these four masks yeah...

Random Impulse - Word On The Street Random Impulse - Full Metal Alchemist

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