Monday, March 17, 2008

Rise the temperature...


It was a week ago that Ghetto and the rest of the movement done a show on 1xtra for Westwood's rap show. The set involved not just spitting but a touch of sending from Scorcher, who hasn't been on radio for months, directed at P Money and Tinchy - Audio below.

Ghetto, Scorcher, Wretch 32 and P.Nero on Westwood (1xtra) - 09.03.08

In true sending style, just the sunday that has passed, P Money brought some of his pals into the 1xtra studios and sent straight back. Hear his bars for Ghetto and Scorcher below (Listen in from 8:00 till 11:05). Was a great show especially with Vectra's mixing and P Money's spitting, make sure if you haven't already to check out the show. For all the previous heads up on the indirects and directs between Ghetto and P Money go here.

Vectra, P Money, Blacks & Mega Montana on Westwood (1xtra) - 16.03.08


Although Ghetto's Who's Got? sent for all the Boy Better Know crew it seems like no one has replied. JME has released his cover for his Serious? album and it is possibly the funniest thing in the world. I don't think this is the original cover work he will use, I just don't think he's that stupid to publish this although I would like to see him release an exclusive special edition 100 copies of this cover. I don't know why but in a sad way it would be fun, for some reason that I can't think of. Skepta seems to of come back with a rawer garage style recently and re-working it in with his original grime sound. I didn't like Nokia Charger Wire at first but it's grown on me although Jammer's Oi yoii woii has possibly the most anoying chorus of all time, some body give the guy an award for that. Frisco is about to drop a video for Time is right taken from Back the Lab Vol2 and has also got a remix rotating.

Frisco featuring Bashy, JME and Black The Ripper - Time Is Right Remix

Not forgetting Wiley though, who is preparing to release Grime Wave on 5th May (approx unless delays). Will he be on the Mountain remix? only time will tell. Although from the interview I done with Ghetto last year, Wiley was the only guy that he thought should of been on the Top 3 Selected remix and wasn't. "How did you choose who went on the Top 3 Selected Remix? I'll tell you the truth, the only person who should of be on there and isn't on there is Wiley. Everyone else can shut up because you wasn't mean't to be on there." That is surely a good sign?


I was at Roundhouse in Chalk farm last night and caught Ghetto performing with a Live Band. From what I remember he slipped in a mix of tracks from both mixtapes Ghetto Gospel and Freedom Of Speech like Understand, Top 3 Selected and Mountain. The Final track, Mountain caused as much hype as I've seen it receive in most raves. It's such a different experience hearing a band full of bass and electric guitars, drums and keyboards recreate a track with their simple elements. I've only ever seen a couple of acts with a live band, would be nice to get some more on the go because it creates such a relaxing atmosphere. From what I hear aswell Bashy gave a great performance at the most recent I Luv Live aswell. Can grime cope with a Live band? I bloody well hope it can because I need my addiction to be fed and self reloads of any old bars are starting to take its tole on my hairline.



    I have some inside info from some people its not going to be the cover its a full on joke ting.

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