Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Urban Nerd - 16.02.08

Yellow Eye shadow is doing very much a lot these days.

After a long hard day, attending a club night is probably the last thing on your mind. However I clocked P Money and Maximum on the flyer and my grime loving component of my brain screamed, "G-g-g-g-get down, G-g-g-g-get down there and spin around harder than Michael Jackson after just watching a Pampers advert". I got there around 11, which was the time I was told by my dear friend Hooks that grime would be on, it wasn't. I turned up half asleep in the middle of a crowd gang banging along to some bashment. It was fun to watch. 4 throw back cans of Red bull and 30mins later on the clock and I hear a DJ change. Excitement in the air, well I felt it don't know if anyone else did, I ran to the front like a paranoid psycho. People looked at me in amusement. I liked it.

Maximum turning them tables at Urban Nerd
BBK's DJ Maximum was officially wearing his own garms, check the tape.

DJ Maximum took to the decks and slapped us up into shape, Although I was that knackered that all I could remember was hearing Doctor Calm Down, sadly the girl next to me who repeatly kept stamping on my favourite nikes didn't take the hint. Maximum is very much underated it would be nice to him get more bookings just as a DJ rather than just someone to play backing beats for Boy Better Know. Although that said he is a vital component of BBK and compliments their stage show.

P Money at Urban Nerd

P Money at Urban Nerd
Tell me

Little Dee and P Money jumped on set along with Blacks and an un-identified man. I was excited to see P Money perform as I hadn't seen him Live let alone doing a set practically on his own. He held it up for a while and I was just tapping my foot till I would hear them What Did He Say bars. Maxi dropped Eskimo and the crowd were jumping off the floor like they were bare foot treddin on thin ice. Although the emcees lacked delivery, Little Dee didn't seem to cause any reason and P Money must of spat his hypest bar once if that. I was very disappointed, although Maximum's instrumental selection was hyping the whole room up which I think the mc's might of thought was the reaction created by their lyrics. With the classic Night bass line dropping in, Blacks took to the mic and the crowd really seemed to love him especially with his self explanatory 'Yeah I'm on a hype rudeboy' lyrics. Overall I'll give P Money and Little Dee the benefit of the doubt, but levels need to be made higher and through more performances and an understanding of exactly what your crowd wants this can be achieved. Check out the picture below when I got practically picked up by the crowd in the middle of taking a picture.

P Money at Urban Nerd
What did he say?


  1. Unfortunately 11pm Greenwich Mean Time seems to mean 11.40pm grime time. Some people never learn!

    Safe for the bloggage.

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