Thursday, July 24, 2008

Digital Outbreak - Scorcher and Wretch 32

Digital Outbreak
Scorcher & Wretch 32

Scorcher & Wretch 32 freestyling over Silencer's World War 4 - MP3 Download

Wretch 32:
How is your debut album Wretchospective coming along?
Right now the whole CD's finished and I'm looking to get it out there for mid September but I just need to make sure that everything is in place. I've given out a little street banger for the roads quickly just toget some general feedback and to let them know what direction I'm coming with. If Inna di Ghetto has a demand I will be looking to put that out as my first single and then do a video, but if the demand isn't that high then I'll be pushing a single that I have planned. Wretchospective means exibition of an artists life work, so what I'm trying to do is take you through the best of Wretch. So if you know what I'm like with Learn From My Mixtape and Teachers Training Day then you'll know what to expect from the quality of the music. For the features I have kept it really in house, I've worked with a few producers like J-Flows, Scorcher and Y.WIZZ and JD (from So Solid). Spitting wise I have Chipmunk, Combination Camp, Ghetto and Scorcher. I'm just trying to bring back good quality music, the grime on there is good grime and grime you could play to your mum, the rap on there is good aswell so it's just good music.

What's the deal with "Cocaa Colaaaa", what does it actually mean?
I say like my lines are very strong so I'm like the Coca Cola boy. When I'm writing my lines are very strong.

Boy Better Know are releasing their joint VIP album in July are The Movement looking to do the same thing at some point?
Course we are, although it's not ready yet because everyone's kind of got on to their own projects but it's definitely coming. We have a couple of tunes done but we really need to sit down in the next week or so and discuss exactly what we want to achieve from it. We're definitely doing a joint album, I'm hoping to push it for a christmas vibe time. I think that would be a good present because we all have a gift, we're are the present and we're the future

How is your debut album Concrete Jungle progressing?
It's coming along pretty good actually, I made one track the other day that I produced myself and it's a bad boy grime one. At the moment there's know one on the features but I will be keeping it down to a minimum because I want to get my creative side of things out of the way first. It's like other people build their album around people like I need to get this person on, I need to get that person on. I'm not really making my album like that, my albums about me. I've started making a lot more beats for my own album now, it's got my own little twist on it, there's some thunder on there still. Producer wise I'm working with J-Flows, Keamo Beats, Black Jacks, God Son. I'm all about the music, I don't want a beat off a bait person just because he made it, I just want the best music that's literally all I care about it.

What's been your reaction to some of the in directs and sending from other MCs towards you in the last several months?
I haven't really cared but it just made me think that they must rate me quite highly. They must rate me because I'm on there brain, I totally don't even know you and I'm on your brain so I must be doing something right. Anyone that may have had some sort of problem with me, I've seen them in person and they seem pretty cool, so I don't know what to make of them lyrics.

You've been consistent with mixtape quality releases with Simply the best vol1 & Leader of the New School, although Simply the Best Vol2 seemed like a very rushed mixtape. Are you looking to release another LOTNS or STB to show the real levels?
It wasn't in my plan to make a mixtape (before the album) but I started making some music that wasn't suitable for my album but it was definitely suitable for a mixtape. So the prospect of a mixtape coming out before my album is very likely, I just want to make it while I'm making Concrete Jungle, so I don't want to focus on making a mixtape. More or less everytime I go to the studio and I'm doing something for the album I'll do something else just for fun. I don't want to say yes something will come out before because I don't know that but I'm putting the work in for sure. As for Simply The Best vol2, I was trying to get something together before I went jail and I was in a mad situation and I just wanted to get some music out there to hold the people until I got released. I really can't explain much about that mixtape.

Wretch 32's Discography:
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Scorcher's Discography:
thunder power

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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    The Coca Cola thing still makes no sense. What the fuck? I think it's just a reference I don't get.

    Grime is full of that though. ZOOP ZOOP! SCOOM! SELENKI!

  2. im sure its something to do with cocaine

  3. Anonymous5:52 PM

    'I say like my lines are very strong so I'm like the Coca Cola boy. When I'm writing my lines are very strong.'

    His lines/bars are strong/good, you do cocaine via lines, Cola is a street name for cocaine.

    Crystal yet blud?

  4. Topproducer6:09 PM

    nah its not u div,

    its about sellin coke, why he says when you end up in the can for coke ...thaats cooooooca coolllllllaaa

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