Monday, July 07, 2008

They used to diss my head now I'm the headlining act (catch up post)

Aza T - iGrime Episode 1

Make sure to hit up IGRIME to get a great digital set mixed by Logan Sama and vocalled by Durrty Goodz. (right click on download and press save target) - Great selection, big up Aza T for putting this together. Loads of sly sends.


Chipmunk - 64bar Statement Part2

Chipmunk - Guess Who Download (Rapidshare)

A great free selection of new freestyles, tracks and radio features to boost the hype for his forthcoming debut album. Highlights to check are Say What You Like featuring Skepta & Wiley, 64bar Statement Part2, A Milli freestyle and the previously heard Who Are You? remix, Fire Alie and Let's Change featuring Double S, Anisa and Maverick. I was a bit confused when I started hearing Madonna's 4minute beat but Chipmunk pretty much pulls it off.

Dot Rotten's RIP Young Dot is available from the 14th July from Uptown Records.

Dot Rotten - I'm not one of them

I got hold of this at the weekend and only got the chance to quickly run through it. I'm not one of them, Can't Test My Crew and My Guy's are definitely ones to check out. Some of his 'singing' has been getting negative feedback from some fans but I weirdly wanted to hear more and thought it complimented the tracks that he used to sing on. Don't get too worried whe nI talk about 'singing' it's just a little thing here and there on 2-3 tracks. I can't judge fully with listening to it once i'll have to give my full opinion in a later post. I'm a crazy chap guys say bo when they see me but I'm not from Bow E3 like Maniaccccc.

DJ Spyro Birthday Set along with Badness, Dizzle Kid, Killa P & Jamakabi - DOWNLOAD

Sir Spyro celebrated his birthday in style with his getting taken show over by a starter vocal set that with school a newly grime loving fans and then gave us a session with Badness, Dizzle Kid, Killa P & Jamakabi. Dizzle Kid's Ian Wright bar will make anyone skank to the limits, arms in the air and do the grime robot. Some deep instrumentals selected. I still say this is the song of 08.

02 Wireless Festival - Wearing My Rolex

02 Wireless Festival set

Glastonbury feat Hot Chip - Wearing My Rolex

Remember when all Wiley used to do was cuss kids on RWD Forum? Well this is what Wiley can do when he steps away from the internet and doesn't make grime. "I don't know why they stray?" Performing at Glastonbury with Hot Chip and at 02 Wireless Festival with Mark Ronson. Anyone clock in the second video, him singing to Dizzee's Number 1 single?


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I bought Dot Rotten's album the other day, At first I didn't think much to it. But after I listened to it a few times. It is a fantastic album without a doubt.


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