Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chantelle Fiddy gets frank

Chantelle gets honest and questions Target and Tinchy Stryder, on the hard couple of years that grime has suffered with bad media attention. Great feature and hey fiddy looks hot on the little screen, more! more! more!


  1. stryder - ppl that try say wat grime is DONT LIVE DA LIFE STLYE ..

    good look bare good points - well dun chantelle .....

  2. Jesus8:22 PM

    chantelle fiddy is bun blad

  3. Anonymous6:48 PM


  4. Anonymous4:29 PM

    to be fair, she looks a terrible presenter, cringeworthy stuff

  5. I am so damn proud of Fiddy. From the blog to writing in magazines and the regular feature in the paper to this? She gives a blogger like me hope since I've been reading her since the early days of World Of Grime/Whatever.

    Plus she looks damn good with the black hair.



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